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Lidongben "hit" cold air and this may in addition to the dumplings a few things worthy of oh

2016-11-07 08:58 network TF008

Today marks the beginning of winter, the winter is coming. To keep warm in winter at the same time, regular rest, diet should also pay attention to eat more, such as the amount, should not be too heavy to just perfect taste.


It is the beginning of winter

I will pay attention to some of the diet regimen principle, one is focusing on the "winter nourishing salt into the kidney tonifying Yin and blood", and should therefore be appropriate to eat some delicious food, such as kelp, seaweed, jellyfish etc.; two is much less cold warm winter diet, increase the amount of intake of protein, fat and vitamins and minerals. Help to resist the low temperature, such as chestnut, walnut, jujube, longan, pumpkin, soybean, beef and mutton, belong to the warm nature of the food.

In addition, after the beginning of winter, but also increase the intake of vitamin A, vitamin C, can enhance the cold resistance ability, also has a good protective effect on blood vessels. Vitamin A mainly from animal liver, dark green vegetables, vitamin C is mainly from fresh fruit. (reporter Gong Shengnan)

Original title: Lidongben you need some good food


Source: City Express

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