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Li Dong is not a meal. "Four Li" was regarded as an important festival in ancient times.

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It will soon be winter. From the beginning of spring to the beginning of summer and then to the beginning of autumn, it finally came to the beginning of winter. Although it was the first season of the four seasons, it was irreversible to represent the end of the year. When the year is about to end, I suddenly want to talk about this "standing". In fact, there is no boundary in the transition period. From spring to autumn, people often feel that they are suddenly cold and suddenly hot. But the ancients felt that this change was not natural. There must be a rule in the surface that drove the replacement, and artificially added a mark to it.

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At four hours, it had four hours of Qi, and the spring Qi passed the summer gas.

The interpretation of the sign of "seventy-two orders of the moon" is interpreted as: "standing up, Jianshi, and the five elements of Qi," Here, and the beginning of spring wood Qi, it is said that the establishment of the same summer, autumn and winter. The so-called "go to the past, continue to come," is said to have four hours of four hours of the gas, spring gas took the summer gas up, autumn gas exhausted winter gas. And the next two gas juncture is "standing". Once "standing", the style of the four seasons changed.

Of course, there is no scientific basis for this statement, but it seems very convincing. Therefore, the ancient people clearly marked "the beginning of spring, the beginning of summer, the beginning of autumn and the beginning of winter", and called it the "four Li", and thought that "four Li" is "the beginning of the growth and collection of all things", and regarded them as an important festival in ancient times. In the book of later Han Dynasty, it was recorded that "the four sons of heaven" On the occasion, we welcome the five emperors in the suburbs, thus leading to the spirit and blessing of the rich. It can be seen that in the Han Dynasty and even earlier, whenever the four day was established, the emperor would hold a ceremonial Spring Festival (summer, autumn and winter). Officials all attach importance to this, and of course, there will be corresponding ceremonies for the folk. Therefore, people will send "spring cows", "Chun Chun streamers" and "Chun Chun Sheng" in the spring. In the winter, people will fry Tang Muyu with all kinds of vanilla, chrysanthemum, honeysuckle and other fragrant flowers, and call it "scabies sweeping".

It is not like the "sighing" of the "winter so soon" and so on. "Four Li" is absolutely a matter which has been valued by the ancients.

The word "Li" belongs to pictographic characters that were created and had a lot of origin. Oracle's "standing" image stands on the ground very much. In Shen Shen's "Shuo Wen Jie Zi", he talks about this word: "standing, living, from big to upright," is very similar to the shape of oracle bone. In the name of Shiming, a metaphor is made, which makes it interesting. "Stand, Lin is also like trees, and where they live." stands like trees. Later, along this meaning extension, not only refers to the standing of the form, but extends to the existence of the individual as the life in the universe. Therefore, "Li" is often used as a symbol of a person's commitment to social responsibility. For example, one to thirty years old is the "beginning of the year", which means that one person has officially bid farewell to the "spring" of life, and you are "beginning of summer". So we have to get married and build our own small world. For example, "a gentleman is not able to make a difference". It means that a gentleman should have a stand and be firm. This is how you behave and behave.

Also the great scholar of Song Dynasty, Zhang Zai, the famous four sentence of "Heng Qu": "set the heart for heaven and earth, set the life for the people, continue to learn for the Holy One, and open peace for all ages". This is a profound and ambitious vision. The so-called "set the heart" for the heaven and earth is because the universe is full of Biochemistry, but the world is unintentional. It needs to be abstracted through the heart of people like Zhang Zai, so that the heart of heaven and earth can be revealed. The word "Li Sheng" came from the pre Qin period, and Meng Zi and Mo-tse of the Mohist school both discussed this problem. Meng Zi said, "life is not the end, but to cultivate oneself is to wait for it." He believed that human life and fortune were determined by fate. Therefore, people should cultivate themselves, study hard and listen to their destiny. That is what Confucianism advocates "settling down". Compared with the Confucian attitude of letting go, Mo-tse has to take the initiative.

Mo-tse felt that advocating "man's destiny" is a nonsense. It is a common belief that people do not want to accept. It is a slip of the world and a moral imperative. This negative concept will make the top managers do not manage the country well and the civilians do not work well. As time passes, the state will be chaotic and people's lives can not be self-contained. Zhang Zai is obviously in favor of Mo-tse's positive view. "To make a living for the people" is to guide people through their own efforts to actively choose and guide their own destiny. This is very similar to the viewpoint advocated by modern society, and is also the meaning of "standing".

It will take a long time to go back to the big circle, and it will be winter in three days. One winter, there are few days left in this year.


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