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It is not a meal. "Four" in ancient times but is regarded as an important festival

2016-11-04 11:21 network TF008

Immediately to the beginning of winter. From spring to summer to autumn, finally to the beginning of winter, though are the initial holiday seasons, but this round down, irreversibly represents a year end. A year is about to end, I suddenly want to talk about this "". In fact, in the transition season is no boundaries, from spring to autumn, people often have a suddenly cold suddenly hot feeling. But the ancients think this change is not just the representation of a rule in what drives the change, and artificially add a logo for it.

Author Yan Li


Four of the four owned gas, gas spring go summer gas connected, autumn winter as gas and gas.

"On the seventy-two Hou Ji Jie" explains this sign: "Li, Jianshi, five lines of gas, to those who, who continued. In the spring and beginning to the wood of the gas, so that the vertical, summer autumn and winter with." The so-called "to those who, who continued", that is four of the four owned gas, gas spring go summer gas connected, autumn winter as gas and gas. And the adjacent 2 gas at the junction of the occasion, is "". A "set", the four style changed.

Of course, there is no scientific basis for this argument, but it looks very convincing. So the ancients will "spring, summer, autumn, winter day" clear landmark, and known as the "four", and that "4" is "(all) the beginning of growth", regard them as important as the ancient festival. "Houhanshu" records: "the emperor in four...... The day, the attack in the suburban, resulting in air, for the harvest." Visible when the Han Dynasty or even earlier, when the four day, the emperor would rate people held a grand ceremony of spring (summer and winter). Officials have so much, of course, will also have the corresponding folk ceremony to keep up with the spring so people would "send" spring cow "streamers" "cut spring wins", and to the beginning of winter, people will use a variety of herbs and chrysanthemum, honeysuckle and other fragrant fried Tang Muyu, called "Saul".

Not like "oh so fast Lidongben like" the understatement of the exclamation will take over, "four" is definitely much thing the importance, do not pay attention to will not use "Li" such a word as they identify.

"Li" is the word belongs to the early creation, has the origin Oracle pictograph, "" like a man is standing on the ground, the word about Xu Shen "Shuowen Jiezi": "live, Li, from the larger, Li", and the morphology of bones very similar. "Release" as a metaphor, is so interesting, "Li, Lin also, such as trees in which each Senran," is like the trees stand erect. Then along this means expansion, not only refers to the body of the stand, but extended to the life of the individual in the world exists. So, "Li" is often used as a symbol of a person to undertake the social responsibility. For example, a 30 is thirty years of age ", means a person officially bid farewell to the life of the" spring "," summer "you. So I want to get married to businesses, to their own small world architecture. Another example is the gentleman not parties ", is said to have a position, be firm, this is how to do require you to act.

The Song Dynasty scholar Zhang Zai and the famous "Hengqu 4": "for the world heart, for Shengmin destiny, to go to San following Juexue, open for eternal peace". This knowledge is profound, but also great ambition. The so-called "heart" for the world, because the world although biochemical things, but the world needs such as the mood, by Zhang Zai's people to try to speak, the world's heart can appear. "Life" is a word derived from the pre Qin Dynasty, Confucianism and Mohism Mencius Mo-tse have discussed this issue. Mencius said "hell not two, for the life of self-cultivation, so also." He believes that people are the life of blessing and destiny to decide, so people to self-cultivation, study hard, to follow their fate, which is advocated by the Confucian "". Compared with the Confucian resignation, Mo-tse is much more active, "covering the world of justice, life is also, people have to".

Mo-tse felt that "heaven" is groundless statement, is unwilling to accept the people, is the biggest joke in the world, is to subvert the moral. The negative thoughts will not let the good country, people don't work in the course of time, countries will be chaos, people cannot live self-sufficient. Zhang Zai is obviously in favor of Mo-tse positive, "Shengmin destiny", is to guide people through their own efforts, and actively to choose, to guide their own destiny. This and the modern society advocates point of view is very similar, but also the meaning of "Li".

A great circle is to come back, there are three days of winter. A winter, this year is not only a few days, to life.


Source: Beijing evening news North late New Vision Network

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