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Beijing botanical garden rose makes you a second millennium tour Miaofeng Mountain anthomaniac Rose Valley the flowers

2016-05-20 10:22 network Liangshuang

2016 5 20 April hearing, may Beijing, Mancheng rose colored flowers, bloom, become the most beautiful scenery in the city. The ancient Tiantan and rose boutique Park pavilions, botanical garden thousands of varieties of dazzling. Next Monday, the world conference to rose intercontinental in Daxing opening, people admire it as if not too far, can also go to Miaofeng Mountain to enjoy the mountain mining rose, Daxing rose flowers, twelve large area rose conference each have a wonderful and romantic all the.

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Beijing Botanical Garden

There is a rare green, black, Lan Yueji

(reporter Meng Huan) on vacation in J147, Ms. Chen and his family made a special trip to Beijing botanical garden ornamental roses. Go home after she bursts of two micro letter circle of friends, each with a full nine rich multicolored decorations pictures, what turned anthomaniac.

Beijing botanical garden rose garden botanical garden is located in the southern tip of the eastern area, a total area of 7 hectares, the exhibition shows the ancient tea rose, rose, rose, Fujimoto Tsukiki, tree roses, miniature roses, rose by more than 1500 rose varieties more than 10 strains, the theme of this year's Beijing red rose will spend special exhibition. Extremely rich rose cultivars is one of the outstanding characteristics of Beijing botanical garden rose garden. Here is our common rose, tea rose, Fujimoto Tsukiki, there are tree roses, rare miniature roses; both modern rose, a large number of ancient Chinese rose special exhibition area; at the same time, where the rose is rich in color, not only the common red, pink and white, yellow and other colors, and a rare green rose "green", "orange rose with double black rose", "black lady" and blue rose "midnight blues" etc..

Special activities

Visitors can take the family as a unit, for paper flowers rose in the science museum in the classroom Handmade.

GO tips

Beijing botanical garden rose garden is open at the beginning of May, flowering in mid May to celebrate the season time from mid May to late June, and experts in science activities including rose flower walk, learn to recognize rose, rose to understand maintenance knowledge.

Adult fare: 10 yuan, 5 yuan

Miaofeng Mountain Rose Valley

The sea has thousands of years

(reporter Yin Chengyue) people love rose too much love roses. These two plants English are "Rose", belong to Rosaceae, the appearance is very similar, can be said to be a mixed "sisters flower".

Speaking of a rose, famous Miaofeng Mountain Rose Valley will not be missed. According to historical records, the Miaofeng Mountain area in the Liao Dynasty began planting roses, has been a thousand years of history. The roses have two characteristics in ornamental value, a color is mostly single purple red, don't see no red powder color jump, when an area of 5000 acres of hillside and the valleys were all beautiful purple red embellishment, the spectacular and beautiful hauntingly. Another feature is the large flowers, petals, breeze layering is more abundant, so here is called "Mountain Rose Rose", also known as the "double purple roses".

Miaofeng Mountain relevant responsible person Mr. Gao introduced to me, the annual flowering season Rose Valley is about 5 between the end of the month to 6 the end of the month, "do not be delayed, missed this season, can not see the scene here All flowers bloom together."

Special activities

A major feature of Rose Valley is picking, visitors can come here to pick a few lines with dew mountain rose home, can also be in accordance with the Raiders online production rose sauce and wild rose rose cake, but also beauty beauty, regulating qi and blood, frost injury, is the perfect gift for your relatives and friends. Of course, whether to open the project according to the annual harvest of roses in the valley is lush and open, the price is 30 yuan per catty picking.

In addition, visitors can also eat roses delicacy watching at the same time. The local farmers will sell Rose Honey and other food, in the ticket office next to the visitor center, but also rose tea rose sauce, and rose cake sale. One of the most popular rose cake, two five will be able to buy a piece of.

GO tips

Miaofeng Mountain is located in the Rose Valley Miao Feng Shan Zhen Jian Gou Village in Mentougou district. Drive: Fushilu (Lin) - Road - tunnel - Li Dan stone bear State Road 109 - Jinding Miaofeng Mountain gate - Jian Gou Village to. Get off the bus: from the apple orchard subway station, ride to Miaofeng Mountain / Jian Gou Cun direction 892 bus station to the end point, Miaofeng Mountain scenic door; but from the entrance to the Rose Valley to walk 8 kilometers.

Fare: 20 yuan


Source: Beijing evening news North late New Vision Network

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