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Beijing botanical garden, the Peach Blossom Festival today kicked off the map list highlights the flowers

2016-03-23 10:23 network Liangshuang

March 23, 2016 - the Beijing botanical garden once a year peach blossom festival kicked off today, peach, plum, tulip, Begonia, peony and hundreds of varieties of more than 150 strains of flowers will be open. In order to facilitate the public flowers, Beijing botanical garden, this year also specially prepared peach blossom festival flowers map, visitors can understand the flowers open according to the map, making their own plans to enjoy the spring flowers, the garden of different flowers in different time.

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In order to facilitate the public botanical garden of spring, this year specially prepared peach blossom festival flowers map.

Compared with previous years, this year's mountain peach opened early next week, essentially flat with 2015 flowering. Park m.biondii and saffron, and even some tulips, hyacinths have begun to reveal the colors, flowers open on the whole are earlier than in previous years. North plant staff, sustained high temperature in recent times is the main cause of this year ahead of the opening of flowers. Affected by this, the Cao Xueqin Memorial Hall on the west side of the mountain peach blossom river scenic area will enter the best view of the beginning of this week, hundreds of plants blooming peach mountains silhouetted in a mountain stream between the green mountains and rivers, stone rushes, the flowers of the people it seems to have entered a beautiful picture of spring.

Spring variety has been a major feature of the Beijing botanical garden spring flowers. From early spring to mid winter jasmine, peach, plum, flowering plum, peach, lilac and tulip Begonia, 51 peony, nearly a hundred kinds of flowers can enjoy during the peach blossom festival. In order to facilitate the public botanical garden of spring, this year specially prepared peach blossom festival flowers map, the public can according to the time of flowers marked on the map, making their own spring flowers plan. Peach Blossom Festival, botanical garden science center will organize the "sprout grass", "spring", "experts say spring" series of science activities.

Peach Blossom Festival highlights

World famous flowers Exhibition: in mid April, with tulips, hyacinths and other bulb flowers dominated world famous flower exhibition will be opened in the park, there will be millions of flower bulbs and more than 180 varieties, to meet the tourists.

Daiyu performance: Tomb-sweeping Day during the Beijing botanical garden surrounding the memorial will carry out Daiyu performances in Cao Xueqin, actors dressed in costume reproduction Daiyu scene.

Experts take you knowledge of plants: the Peach Blossom Festival during the botanical garden will be held many experts take you knowledge of plant activities, free for visitors to science knowledge of plants, and bring visitors to the field of cognition of plant.

Dai plants show: Tomb-sweeping Day during the exhibition will be held in the greenhouse of tropical Dai culture exhibition, and show the water splashing festival.

"Fairyland" open from the beginning of Tomb-sweeping Day, Cherry Valley botanical garden landscape spray to start again.


Source: Beijing evening news network reporter North night vision dragon correspondent Lu Chen Yu

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