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The price of white rabbit sugar and sugar changed 9 times.

2016-03-16 16:05. network Liang Liang

As an old brand candy brand loved by Shanghai people, the white rabbit milk candy goes hand in hand with the French fashion brand "AGN sb". Limited edition collection: blue and pink two kinds of rabbit shaped iron box milk candy, blue box (milk flavor) 128 grams, each box 65 yuan, pink box (red bean flavor) price per box 3 yuan, which is 10 times the traditional packaging of white rabbit sugar.

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In the ordinary people's impression, the candy is the essential holiday product, although the candy is not valuable, but eats also appears under the festive atmosphere is exceptionally delicious. Now, with the 80's growing up, the white rabbit milk candy has also taken the high-end route, the packaging is more and more compact, and the price is more and more expensive.

"The traditional packaged Rabbit candy sells at a price of about 25 yuan per 500 grams, and the price of the new coat is about 10 times that of the original one." In the face of the expensive white rabbit milk candy, we can not help but wonder: does the candy itself really taste good? Is it still the taste of nostalgia in our hearts?

The traditional White Rabbit candy has changed from "soil fertilizer circle" to "tall", and has taken a high-end line. Indeed, high-end candy is more likely to be favored by some young people who care about the quality of life. From a marketing point of view, the proper packaging and publicity of businesses can also enhance their popularity and influence. But when the annual consumer rights day comes, the problem is coming. After the new rabbit has changed its packaging, the price has increased 10 times. Is there any suspicion of deceiving consumers?

In fact, in the market, it is not uncommon to change the price of a coat. For example, the cost of medicines has gone down dozens of times a year, and the average price of alternatives has doubled. However, in good packaging, there is no change in the composition of drugs. Like milk powder, the price of some brands of milk powder should be mentioned as soon as new packaging is changed. The quality of the products has not been substantially improved. It can be seen that increasing the price of "changing a coat" has become a means of profit-making for some businesses to get nothing but a deceptive selling way.

No matter how to explain or disguise the price rises simply by changing the packaging, it is hard to escape the suspicion of fooling consumers. Businessmen like to compare customers to their parents. If they always cheat on their parents, how many people will trust you? Business is based on honesty, and it is better to improve quality and service better than to spend its mind on nothingness. Even if prices rise, there must be enough reasons for consumers to accept them calmly.


Source: East China Online

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