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Walking into the Beijing botanical garden and experiencing the extraordinary experience of greenhouses

2016-02-17 10:48. network Liang Liang

On February 17, 2016, the "flying" to the Beijing Hu Hu flower, the "baobab" back of the baobab tree, the flesh of the grape vine can support a large living...... into the Beijing botanical garden greenhouse, like the exotic flower of the United Nations, touch the grass and trees have a remarkable experience. "Seeing scenery is better than listening to scenery. Seeing flowers is better than listening to flowers." Listen to the stories of these rare flowers and plants, and even move the country trees and flowers around them, and life will become more colorful.

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Anecdotes between flowers

Singapore national flower enters Beijing by cabin

Walking into a large greenhouse in North China, Phalaenopsis is covered on a rockery. In the middle of all kinds of Phalaenopsis, two big pink flowers attract a large group of tourists.

"This is Singapore's national flower Hu Ji Hua. In Beijing and even in the national botanical garden, there are only two basins in the north." Speaking of Hu Ji Hua, Wei Yu, director of the Department of landscape architecture in Beijing, said.

According to Wei Yu, Hu Ji is also known as Zhuoman Wan Dai LAN, which is everywhere in Singapore. In early November of last year, during the visit of President Xi Jinping to Singapore, Singapore named the new pink flower variety "Xi Jinping Peng Liyuan orchid". After receiving the news, he contacted the Singapore National Botanical Garden colleagues in the afternoon and expressed the hope to introduce samples. Soon, the Singapore National Botanical Garden responded that it could provide two basins of "Xi Jinping Peng Liyuan orchid" through communication.

Flowers are found. How do we bring them back to China? Hot and Cold Chilling flowers can not withstand the low temperature of the cargo compartment of the aircraft, and they must not be checked. In the end, the friends of North China commissioned in Singapore put two pots of flowers in a carton and went through the relevant formalities. Thus, at the beginning of February this year, two potted flowers arrived in Beijing as a guest of honor in an airplane cabin and exhibited successfully during the Spring Festival.

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"Baobab" came back from the baobab tree.

In the two largest plant of the Northern Greenhouse, the largest plant is the baobab tree. The largest one is more than 6 meters tall.

"In Madagascar, Africa, baobab is the most complete, and it is the national tree of Senegal in West Africa". When it comes to this tree, senior engineer Cheng Ya Jing sighed, "the largest bread tree was introduced in 1999, when it was only more than 50 centimeters tall, now it is 6 meters tall, and in Africa, the highest can reach more than 30 meters, which is a giant in the tree." Then, Cheng Ya Jing pointed at several small trees under the big tree: "these are the ones I eat."

Cheng Yajing recalls that in 2004, when he visited Namibia on the way to millennium, he saw a baobab tree near OMAVANDA mountain. Fortunately, a palm sized fruit fell on the ground. Cheng Ya Jing was so successful that he picked it up and shared the bread with his companion, not to supplement vitamin C, but mainly to seed it. The result was more than 200 full seeds.

After returning home, Cheng Ya Jing sowed the seeds to the production workshop. There were 5 seeds sprouting in the first year, and 5 seeds sprouting in second years. Cheng Yajing said that in the wild, the baobab is eaten by animals, and is quickly germinated through the treatment of animals' intestines and stomach, and with suitable climate.

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More than 130 pounds of big people sitting on grapevine.

There are many succulent plants in North China, and purple vines are the representatives of African plants.

Cheng Yajing said that the first time he saw the grape vine was in 1999, when he was planning to build a large greenhouse and introduce it to Africa. In Madagascar, the local plant experts accompanied us to field investigation in the original protected area. When climbing a mountain, the experts stopped suddenly and told us that a big tree in front was the grape vine. This scared us, not succulent plants. Why so high!

At that time, my colleague wanted to climb up the tree, but he had more than 130 Jin. We did not recommend him to go up, but he did not crush the vines. But African experts said, "Okay, go up!" My colleagues climbed up, and the tree was strong and tremble, and it was all right.
In the North plant, there is also a green grape vine, also a specialty of Madagascar, but it is small and grows in rock crevice. It's powerful. You can't break the rocks if you pick it up.

Exotic flowers and rare herbs

Aloe vera L.

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Beijing people are not strangers to aloe vera, but it is not unusual to plant aloe vera in a large greenhouse. It is originally produced in Lesotho, South Africa, also known as Solomon jade crown. It is known as the most beautiful aloe vera in the industry. It's called aloe. It's an endangered plant. It's the world's red list. It's the giant panda in the name of the flower.

Cheng Yajing introduced, in 2011, at a symposium in Cape Town, South Africa, we learned that the sponsor had this variety, so he introduced 4 basins. They say that it is a giant panda. It's not too much. Besides precious, it is hard to raise. It can heat up to 40 degrees, but also likes high temperature difference. At night, it needs about 20 degrees. With the best soil, it can still kill 3 plants. It is good to keep 1 plants, and it is very beautiful. More than 40 leaves have spiral plates together, and the pink flowers are more attractive. "At ordinary times, we hide it in the production workshop and take care of it only when we go to the exhibition," said Cheng Jing. When we introduced it, there were very few domestic markets. Occasionally, we could see it in the market in two years. As a top grade flower, we also entered the common people's home.

Arsene Dance, the golden monkey in the tree

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On the two floor of the Northern Greenhouse, there are several tall trees with 3 meters tall and mace like the side of the baobab tree. They are all spines, with leaves between their thorns, and the leaves are peach shaped. Cheng Yajing said that this is also a treasure of North planting, called ASEN Das tree, produced in Madagascar, Africa. Although it is not a national tree, it is a national treasure. It is included in the list of endangered plants.

The trees were introduced from the United States in 1999, when they were only 10 centimeters tall. This tree is not only strange but also very interesting to grow. It is not good to raise, like chopsticks. Although it is a succulent plant, its roots are basically lignification. Every other year or so, it would grow a bud from its stump and droop softly. We straighten the bud with a rope, and harden over a bud, but no longer grow tall, but grow thick and long until it is as thick as the stumps below.

At present, ASEN Das tree has also entered the domestic market, which belongs to high-grade flowers and has a high price.

Greenhouse flower watching

Look at flowers and not flowers.

Cheng Yajing, a senior engineer in North plant, said: "the flowers and flowers in the big greenhouse need more care." The phenomenon of injure flowers and plants has occurred all the time.

Cheng Yajing recalls that the only turtle in the greenhouse has been shown for many years and is more than 40 centimetres in diameter. But during the May 1 year, when we visited, we found it suddenly withered, and found that its main path was cut off. We will immediately carry it to the production area to protect it. Many days later, it resumed, but now we dare not show it again.

Moreover, a few years ago, the North plant once held a meat and vegetable exhibition. In order to let tourists directly see the effect of the stone flower, a stone paved ornamental road was built, and the stone flowers were among the stones. But the tourists were looking for flowers to step on. At the end of the exhibition, the stone flowers had been trampled and rotted. There are also ASEN Das trees, which have been repeatedly broken off by individual tourists.

The botanical garden prompts everybody: the park is everybody's Park, needs everybody to cherish, do not harms one plant and one tree.


Source: Beijing evening news, North late new vision network reporter: Dragon dew

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