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The extraordinary experience into the Beijing Botanical Garden Greenhouse touch every tree and bush.

2016-02-17 10:48 network Liangshuang

February 17, 2016 - the name of "flying" Beijing Hu Zhenhua "to eat" back the baobab tree, fleshy grape Weng on holding up a man...... into the Beijing botanical garden greenhouse, as the United Nations into the touch of exotic flowers and rare herbs, with a remarkable experience every tree and bush. "As to view scene, see not listen to flowers." Listen to the story of rare flowers and trees, can even move around a tree flower pot, life will become more colorful.

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Among the flowers anecdotes

Singapore national flower sit cabin Beijing

Into the North planting greenhouse, a rockery covered with Phalaenopsis, in the middle of the two kinds of butterfly orchid, pink flower pots attracted a crowd of tourists.

"This is the national flower of Singapore orchid, even in Beijing, the botanical garden, the only North sik two pots." Speaking of orchid garden, North plant director Wei Yu said.

According to Wei Yu introduction, Hu Chihua also called Zhuo Mian - wandailan, are ubiquitous in singapore. At the beginning of last November, during President Xi Jinping's visit to Singapore, Singapore to pink orchid varieties named "Xi Jinping - Peng Liyuan orchid". North plant get news, contact the Singapore National Botanical Garden counterparts in the afternoon, expressed the hope that the introduction of sample display. Soon, the Singapore National Botanical Garden reply, can provide two pots of "Xi Jinping - Peng Liyuan orchid by means of communication".

Flowers are found, how to take home? Hu Zhenhua chills hi heat can not afford air cargo at low temperature, certainly can not be checked. Finally, the North plant commissioned in Singapore friends, two pots of orchid attached to the box and relevant formalities. So, at the beginning of February this year, two pots of flowers as a guest's identity, the plane cabin flew to Beijing, and successfully exhibited during the spring festival.

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Steal back the baobab tree

Planting greenhouse two layer in the north, the highest plant is the largest baobab tree, a tree 6 meters high.

"In Africa and Madagascar, the baobab tree up to the full, it is the national tree of Senegal in West Africa, speaking of this tree, North sik senior engineer into Yajing laments," it was the largest bread tree was introduced in 1999 to, was only more than 50 centimeters high, now has more than 6 meters high, while in Africa the highest, up to 30 meters, can be described as a giant in the tree." A Yajing said, pointing to a few trees under the tree: "these trees but I eat out."

Cheng Yajing recalled that in 2004, he went to Namibia on the way in the mountains near OMAVANDA tumboa, see the baobab tree, fortunately a palm sized fruit fell to the ground. A Yajing treasure, picked it up, and peer eating bread, not to add vitamin C, is mainly to its seeds. Results a total of more than 200 grains get full seeds.

After returning to Yajing put the seeds into production. The first year of 5 seed germination, second years and 5 seed germination, for several years, every year, there are a few grains germination. Cheng Yajing said, in the wild, the baobab tree is by the animal after eating, through animal stomach "process", coupled with climate, but I soon germinate, "these seeds, no special treatment, so each year only a few grains."

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More than 130 pounds of large living sit Weng grape

In the north there are many planting succulents, the purple grape Weng is on behalf of the African plant.

Cheng Yajing said that the first time see grapes Weng in 1999, was to build a large greenhouse, introduction to africa. In Madagascar, the local plant expert to accompany us to the field of original reserve, climb a mountain, experts suddenly stopped to tell us, in front of a "tree" is the grape weng. This startled us, not succulent? How high!

At that time, my colleagues tried to climb a tree to see, he has more than 130 pounds. We do not suggest that he go up, this is not the weight "Weng crushed grapes". African experts say, all right, go! Colleagues climbed up the tree, yichanyichan way quite strong, really.
In the North plant, and a green grape is Weng, Madagascar specialty, but was small, and with growth in rock crevices. It can be awkward, clinging to the rocks, you are breaking without breaking.

Exotic flowers and rare herbs

The "flower Panda" aloe leaf

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Beijing people are not strangers to be a little aloe planting in the greenhouse, north of aloe can not generally, it is native to South Africa in Lesotho, also known as Solomon jade crown, was known as the most beautiful aloe. It's called aloe, endangered plants, the protection of the world red list, is the flower of giant panda.

Cheng Yajing introduced, in 2011, a symposium on Cape Town in South Africa, we learned that the organizers have this species, so the introduction of 4 pots. It is said that the giant panda, a little too much, but also to keep precious. It is heat up to 40 degrees, but like temperature, night to 20 degrees, with the best soil, but died in 3 strains, 1 strains to keep, and so beautiful, the more than 40 leaf spiral plate together, pink flowers opened more people. "Usually, we hide it in the workshop alone to take care of, only willing to come to the exhibition", a Yajing said, when we introduced, especially small domestic market, the two are occasionally seen, as high-grade flowers into people's homes, generally thousands of yuan a basin.

"Golden Monkey Tree" Arsene Dance

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Planting greenhouse two layer in the north, the baobab tree edge of a tree 3 meters high, looks like a mace strange tree, prickly thorns, long leaves, the leaves are heart-shaped. Cheng Yajing said, this is the North sik baby, called Sam dans tree, native to Africa and Madagascar, although not a tree, it is a national treasure, was included in the protection list of an endangered plant, is a tree in the golden monkey.

The tree tree is Sam dans imported from the United States in 1999, was only 10 centimeters high. This tree not only looks strange, but growing up fun. It is not easy to keep, like chopsticks a. Although it is succulents, but basically lignified root. Every year or so, it will be from the stump of a bud, softly drooped. We use the rope to straighten out the bud, bud had a long hard, but not to high, but the thick long, until with the stump as thick, long before bud.

At present, Sen also entered the domestic market dance tree, high-grade flowers, expensive.

Greenhouse flowers

The flowers do not fold flowers

North sik senior engineer Cheng Yajing introduction: greenhouse flowers, flowers, but we need to take care of. Always hurt flowers have occurred.

Cheng Yajing recalled, in a greenhouse only a basin of turtle Ankylosaurus shows a lot of years long, to more than 40 cm in diameter, are rare. But before "51" during our inspection, found it suddenly fade, it found its main path was broke. We'll carry it to the production area protected. Many days later, it was restored, but we did not dare to show up to now.

Also, a few years ago North and held a succulent Exhibition for visitors to watch more direct effect of quasi birth and stone flowers, the paved road section of ornamental stones, stone flower in the stone, but visitors did seek flower to step on, until the end of the exhibition, the whole flower trampled stones a great loss. There has also been Sen dans tree, individual tourists repeatedly breaking leaves.

The botanical garden to remind you: the park is everyone's Park, need your love, do not hurt every tree and bush.


Source: Beijing evening news network reporter: a new vision of the late dragon dew

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