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Alec: Interview with a pen and a piece of paper "mauro"

2015-11-26 12:00 network TF006

November 26, 2015 - the day Alec sent a state in the circle of friends, is probably the original supply of paper "big boss" strike, he suspected of waste paper, eyes staring Xuan Duandun, he can only "painting easy paper", so in the circle of friends sent messages for help. This is by chance, and chatted with him for a column, I also didn't hesitate, and arranged a two month mission. According to the thought of theme sum up good, did not expect the figure to the sentence: "good...... Difficult."

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Since the assignment, every day at eight or nine, Alec's circle of friends will appear under the new work, I like a joke to the sentence "writing!" Not long after, he would reply to me: "this is not for you?" He carefully, of course I have to seriously.

Alec said when he painted with is a pen, a piece of paper, but also have a few words with each of the N, he also specially hired a "Mauro": the mighty middle-aged man, bearded, constantly receding hairline, quite characteristic. Alec loved painting old man, and his image is not serious, but actually feel quite in tune with his own. Remember, he also wrote an article "thick head clothes to conceal its true", said that although mingzan's paintings, a look at the title, how to see how to feel like he wrote.

Alec one family are drawing. With his lover Zhang Xiaoying Alec also teaches at the Nanjing Arts Institute, a study of the history, one specializing in landscape painting, Alec's daughter six years old, a little love show, the painting with innocence, and a little beyond their peers calm. Such a family environment, let Alec painting has a different tone, though the old man is not so ferocious, "visual beauty", but it is the feelings, the temperature.

But to say the painting special mention gas, or that is to let people from one end of the water fog is undoubtedly tihuashi click into place. For example, he recently painted "needle map": "thick head clothes lion’s roar, ink immortal three shakequot. The old man had a needle pulling thread, not by heart by hand." Squinting big needle, coarse Chinese dry fine work, did not expect their concentration. Another example of this "son of fish" (right eye): the old man stared at the aquarium, watching the goldfish joy, regardless of how to fish; the goldfish in the water happily swim freely, regardless of the outside, the old man wants to do. A very logical "know the fish is happy", changes in Alec clever turn you le you, I am happy for me, we do not interfere with each other, on the surface of a roll, inside with that little bit of banter and thinking.

Often when the painting is not the main industry, there are many unexpected wonderful. Now we are talking about the literati painting, must have knowledge and ideas, can the Alec in having substance in speech, revealed that it is such a feature, but also with a strong personal style. Then another point of view, with a common heart to draw, regard it as a life, in fact it is not so much the rules, even if it is a meal, one family together, can draw interesting painting.

A few remaining, handed over to the alec.


Source: Beijing Evening News - North night vision network

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