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Interview with Alice: a bald pen, a scrap of paper, and a "male model".

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In November 26, 2015, on the day, Alai made a state in the circle of friends, probably the original "big boss" who had supplied the paper. He was wasting his paper and watching the Xuan paper break. He could only "draw Yi paper", so he sent messages in the circle of friends to ask for help. It is by this accidental opportunity that I chat with him about a column, and I am not at all polite to arrange it for two months at a time. I thought it would be a good idea to conclude by topic, but I did not think of a good sentence. It's hard. "

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Since the mission was released, at eight or nine o'clock every day, there must be a new work in Alai's circle of friends. After a while, he replied to me, "isn't this for you?" He is serious. Of course, I have to be serious.

Ya Lei said that when he drew, he used a bald pen and a scrap of paper. Each time he was accompanied by a few twisted poems, yes, he also hired a special male model: a fierce middle-aged man, with a face and a beard, and constantly moving towards the back hairline. Alai's painting of an old man is not in conformity with his image, but his feelings are actually in tune with himself. I remember that he had also written an article "rough head and disguising his truth". He said that although it was Ming Zan's painting, he looked at the title and saw how it felt like he wrote it for himself.

The Alai family drew pictures. His lover Zhang Xiaoying, like Alai, also teaches at Nanjing Arts Institute, a research on history, a landscape painting, and Yalai's daughter, who was six years old. When he was young, he loved to dance and paint. Such a family environment has made a different tone in his paintings. The old man is hideous and not so visually beautiful, but he has feelings and temperature.

However, it is no doubt that the painting is particularly interesting, or that it can be seen suddenly from a foggy water. For example, he recently painted the "needle drawing": "coarse head confused lion roar, ink immortals shaking three shaking. The old man wears needles and leads, but never relies on his heart. " Squinting eyes, big hand needles, coarse Han dry thin work, did not expect to rely on the heart of determination. Another example is "Zi Fei Yu" (like the right picture): the old man gazed at the fish tank against his eyes and looked at the joy of the goldfish, no matter what the fish thought; the goldfish swam happily in the water, free and free, no matter what the old man wanted to do. A very logical "joy of knowing fish" has changed into "you are happy, I am happy, I do not interfere with each other".

Painting often presents many unexpected wonders when it is not the main business. Today we are talking about literati paintings, which must be educated, thought, and able to express things. It is such a feature that is revealed in the painting of Alai, and it also has a strong personal style. Another way of speaking is to draw a picture with a normal mind and regard it as a kind of life. Actually, there are not so many rules. Even if it is a meal or a family, you can draw interesting pictures.

The rest of the time is handed over to Alice.


Source: Beijing Evening News - North Night New Vision Network

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