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During the Anti Japanese War, Qi Baishi refused to write the letter of appointment "puppet Qi Baishi resigned after dead."

2015-08-13 12:00 network Liangshuang

August 13, 2015 - 1937, "77 incident", the Japanese occupation of Peking (Beijing), then as long as eight years into the period of Anti Japanese war. Threats in the capital of the puppet art masters fear in different ways, join the war, awe-inspiring righteousness in the face of the enemy, showing the unyielding national integrity and strong patriotic feelings.



Qi Baishi is the 20 century famous "Chinese painting master", Beijing fall, old grief. When he was 73 years old, part-time at Peking University School of art college, to teach painting skills. Beiping was occupied by the Japanese after school by Japanese management, and with the Japanese teacher, Dean Xu Beihong angrily left the school, Japanese invited Qi Baishi presided over the school affairs, also sent a letter to. Qi Baishi took the letter with the pen in a big envelope, write "Qi Baishi is dead" five characters, then the letter unopened, soon resigned.

The Japanese authorities to conceal aggression face to ask a few celebrities and the sage to whitewash, to show "Japan goodwill", "Greater East Asia Co prosperity". Their phase of Qi Baishi, sent several times to invite him out, Bai Shi elderly have been refused. But the Japanese leader who did not give up, some invited him to dinner, he sent some gifts, please take pictures of him, or ask him to participate in the festival, Mr. Qi Baishi has been refused. He is not out of the door step, not easily see the stranger. The Japanese invaders, the protagonist banyuan dohihara had personally used to draw, lure, coercion means to Qi Baishi for their service and joined the Japanese nationality or to go to Japan. In the face of the Japanese, Qi Baishi said firmly: "Qi Huang (Master name), Chinese also, not to go to japan. You can put on Qi Huang, Huang Qi head to!"

Qi Baishi and Maria, shrimp, crab, chicken is painting the most exquisite, is recognized as the "Sanjue", his works are popular. The Japanese leader who also love painting by Qi Baishi, are trying to figure two to hang in the living room to show the elegant, is actually to keep up appearances. But Mr. Qi Baishi and puppet exchanges, often to buy a painting for Japanese name to harass. Then, he posted on the door of Bai Shi elderly heart disease complex, stop seeing off or not to draw the government, I notice fear ominous "and the like, to refuse to sell the work" the size of the puppet leader".

In September 1942, the Japanese Government Affairs Committee of North China is China students studying in Japan will set up "Chinese students studying in Japan:", and asked Qi Baishi to paint, Mr. Qi Baishi shirk but drew a "crab". The picture is only four crooked crab, was published in the top 1 directory page, signed "Bai Shi claus". How to draw Japanese publications crab? He turned out to be four crab symbol of Japan land consists of four islands (Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu, Japan) to cold view ", when you run into! ! "so vividly the nature of irony and expose the puppet art, and repeatedly in the magazine published three times, the influence of later traitors as can be imagined, I feel wrong, to fourth, will change the directory page text above the illustrations for the Japanese artist at the end of a chariot" Tian Li map ".

Mr. Qi Baishi wrote in the "readme": "I see the enemy's feet deeper, be in front, so take the mouse and the crab to satirize them. Someone advised me not so blatantly worldly-wise and play safe, irony. I think: the year was chaotic, Zuxi death, put together an old life, and what terrible? Master? "Showed the lofty national integrity and ingenious art of struggle. (Hu Liping)


Source: Beijing Evening News

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