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Origin: what is the meaning of the word Officer

2015-01-30 10:21 network TF003

January 30, 2015, with the deepening of corruption, how the official topic has attracted more and more attention. For the "official" word, Xu Shen in "Shuowen Jiezi" the explanation is: "officer, officials do you." From the "official" word, from "Piao", from Fu, is knowing the word. Officer on top half "Piao", meaning the houses, houses, to cover all the wrong, there are many treatment means; the lower part is "Fu", the Oracle like hip Tajiri shape, for her to cease, said in a range of public management. From the extended meaning of "official" word, "Piao" said range; "Fu" is a multi Sheng, italy. "Fu", "Piao" in contrast, the formation of a "official" word, it contains profound philosophical connotation. This is an official who will make the area rich and populous......




Has a long history of ancient Chinese officials elected and management, the earliest official word can be traced back to the ancient "Book Week Lu Chuan" debate. For the official selection and appointment, evaluation, incentives and other dynasties, also has a variety of different forms of management and supervision system, such as "merit" and "accountability" and "probation"......

The meaning of "the officer is within the jurisdiction of the rich and populous"

In the "word", the official word explanation is: 1, formerly known as national or government jobs. "Easy copulative": "to cure all." 2, official. Han Yu "Tang Henan Fu Bi Wei Jun Wang Wu the epitaph": "Wen Jun Dusing to officer, please see the Department engaged in." The official also ordered. "Shu Te": "dare for sinners to tyranny, family, man in the world." In Xu Shen's "Shuowen Jiezi", the official interpretation of the word: "official, officials do you." The "official" for the official. If the structure of "official" word, Jiaguwen from "Piao", meaning the houses, houses, to cover all the wrong, is the meaning of public governance. "The lower part of the official word for" Fu ", like the shape of the Oracle Tun Kao said, sitting out. From the meaning, "Piao" said range; "Fu" is a multi Sheng, italy. "Fu", "Piao" in contrast, the formation of a "official", said the administration of the people in a certain range, for the management of state affairs related personnel and kings. "Fu" Oracle like cliff stone tic, meaning hill, meaning an official who will stand high and see far. "Fu" and "Fu soil", "Tu Fu" to the troops, the earliest system is one of the military officials. "Piao" and "Fu", "official", meaning an official who will make the area rich and populous......

China "official" history can be traced back to the Shang Dynasty, the earliest official word "Book Week Lu Chuan" debate: "Emperor Xuan said, officials class goods, not follow the conventional ways, random change." Since then, the historical records of the official word is repeated. Such as "book of Rites" record: "Yu Shiguan fifty, after the summer's official 100, 100 Yin two hundred, Wednesday." "Book of rites kingship": "the officer and the prince." "The book of Rites Ceremony": "from the strictly official point of view." The way China officials were generally hereditary, inclusive, military, recommendation, riches, and shadow Lang en of imperial examination system. There are three main stages and three kinds of systems, namely the caste system, pre Qin Qin and Han Dynasty to the Wei Jin Southern and Northern Dynasties and the Sui and Tang Dynasties to the Ming and Qing Dynasties recommendation system of imperial examination system.


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