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The ancient female winter how fitness "Xiao Han": "snow ice play draw away cold figure"

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January 30, 2015 - today is the twelfth lunar month eleven, now the winter is near the end. With Beijing, Zhangjiakou's bid for the Winter Olympics countdown this winter, people in various snow sports enthusiasm unprecedented upsurge. In fact, in ancient Chinese, skiing, ice skating, sit Cha, sledding, hockey and so on is the ancients called "ice sports fitness activities" is very popular. In addition, shangxue poetry, painting Xiao Han figure is more ancient women every winter essential "winter"......



"99 Xiao Han figure" (text version)

Shangxue, ancient women the most romantic winter activities

"Jin Shu" records: "Xu Yong only" Xie Daoyun "or the LiuXu because of the wind"

Look from the nature, is the most common way of ancient women's leisure, which in ancient times called "seasonal activities". Spring and autumn and winter, the scenery, the play.

Snow of winter, snow is often regarded as the most ancient female romantic thing. In the left shangxue good, most notably Zhang Dai written in "" in the "free development": "only to see the snow on the snow. Rime hang Dang, the sky and the clouds and mountains, and water, the next white. The shadow on the lake, but make a mark, a pavilion, with more than a mustard boat, the boat in the two or three grain." This section is the description of "Snow" in the text, but also on the modern Chinese textbooks. Mentioned shangxue sentences, and Zhang Dai's "Snow" has good different approaches but equally satisfactory results is the Tang Dynasty poet Liu Zongyuan's "Snow", his "Tang Shixue": "Qianshan bird flew away, nobody trail. In Li Weng, fishing alone in snow "as popular.

Ancient shangxue, women left good and inferior to Zhang Dai and Liu Zongyuan these men, such as the same in Hangzhou (called "Ling'an"), Southern Song Dynasty "martial arts" old "careful shangxue" wrote: "the ban shangxue, many royal Mingyuan (Ban said Nan wood). After the court into the size of the snow lion, and the bell for the decoration and color wisp, such as snow, snow, snow and light, crisp flowers and drop events, and the gold bowl, for pleasure." "No" is the official of the emperor, the snow man, natural beauty is the imperial concubines.

The most ancient women in shangxue understand women, Wang Ningzhi's wife Xie Daoyun, she is the niece of Xie An I. According to "Jin Shu" of "Wang Ning wife Xie" records, have a family gathering, just under the snow, Xie said what have snow like? His nephew Xie Lang replied, "the salt air can be bad". But in the eyes of Xie Daoyun, is "not as good as LiuXu because of the wind", since the birth of a new word to describe a talented woman: "only Xu yong".

However, the deprivation of the poor women, winter is not so much, but the snowman, debauch "snowball fights winter fun is not uncommon. The poor girl won't say "or LiuXu because of the wind," but that "mega Ruixue year".

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