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The "iron hat king" and "Dan book ticket" in history

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On January 23, 2015, with the deepening of anti-corruption and the collapse of "big tiger", "iron hat king" and "Dan Shu tie" became the two hot words at present. Why does corruption mean that there is no "king of iron hat"? How did anti corruption do not exist?


 Prince Chun Mansion

Prince Chun Mansion

"Iron hat king" is the imperial system of the Qing Dynasty.
There are many historical records of the Duke.

The so-called "iron hat king" refers to the king of kings, which is inherited from the throne. It originated from the imperial system of the Qing Dynasty. Compared with other princes, the iron hat King enjoys the greatest privilege of "hereditary substitution", and no descendant from generation to generation. Two, the salary is excellent, the annual salary is 1 million, and the 10 thousand is Lu MI; three is the hereditary attack instead of the Royal Palace, or the iron hat Wang Fu. It was the royal clan in the early days of the Qing Dynasty: the prince of the royal family, the prince of the royal family, the prince of Zi M Ha Ron, the prince of duer, the king of Yu, the king of Haug, the king of the land, the king of yueto, the king of leech, and the king of the Shuncheng county. Because of their outstanding feats, they were granted the hereditary and permanent sacrifices; the other four belonged to the Eun Feng, who had been meritorious in the middle and later Qing Dynasty. In the Qing Dynasty, there were 12 "iron hat kings" who inherited the title of nobility without having to be demeanor, eight of them.

In the Qing Dynasty, the Royal knighthood was divided into twelve equal forms, namely, Gong, Feng, Xun and Feng. Among them, there were two kinds of generals in the auxiliary state. Under normal circumstances, because the title of the king is mostly hereditary, that is, the "king of iron hat" as the saying goes, and because the title of the title is more descendant, but it is no longer degraded when it is reduced to the title of assistant general. The royal clan, such as princes, princes, Beller, and Bei Zi, can not be descended from heredity, and will be degraded one after another. The royal family without a title is called "the scattered clan room", wearing four products. Only the 12 "iron hat kings" were given a hereditary victory without their descendant due to their great achievements. If a "king of iron hat" is captured by a crime, it will be attacked by its collateral.


The prince of the first ceremony is the second son of Nur Ha Che.

Dai is the second son of emperor Nur Ha Che of Qing Dynasty. He was one of the "four great Beller" in the early Qing Dynasty. He fought bravely with the Qing Dynasty, and was called "ancient British Ba Lu". After the death of emperor Taizu, Dai and his son took the throne of emperor Tai Chi, and Emperor Feng Heshuo of the Qing Emperor Taizong in the first year of emperor Chong (1636). After the death of Emperor Huang Tai, he was presided over by Li Dun, the prince of Rui. He was good at Shunzhi for five years and died in Qianlong forty-three years. The prince of rites was handed down 10 times, 12 were attacked, and 2 were captured.
The first king Zheng is Nur Ha Che's nephew, Zi M Ha Ron.

Zi M Ha Ron is the nephew of Qing emperor Tai Zu (the six son of Nur Ha Che's brother Schur Hatch) and the only non emperor's descendant. In the early years of Shunzhi and duer, he was regent, Shunzhi died in twelve years, and Emperor Qianlong enjoyed the temple of forty-three in the early years. The 10 spears of King Cheng and 17 kings. 5 of them were captured.
The first Rui Prince is Nur Ha Che's 14 son, Dorgan.

Duer gang was awarded the title of "melgen Dai Qing" (wise commander in chief) because of his intelligence and courage. After the death of Emperor Huang Tai, the prince and the prince of the prince of Taizong took the throne. He was called "Uncle Regent", "Prince Regent" and "Regent King Regent" by Shunzhi. In the seven year of Shunzhi, he died in Khara city (Lulong County of Hebei province) in. He was only 39 years old. In the forty-three years of Qianlong, he was posthumously named Prince Ruizhong, enjoying the imperial temple. The prince of Prince Rui has been handed down 11 times and 8 kings have been removed.
The first Prince of Yu is Nur Ha Che's 15 son, dodo.

Dodd is a prince of the prince of duer, a prince in the first year of emperor Chong de Yu. After the Qing army entered the customs, he led the army to conquer Nanjing and Nanming Hongguang emperor came down. Shunzhi six years because of smallpox died, Qianlong forty-three years to enjoy the temple. The king of Yu, the 9 king of the 13 kings, 2 of them were captured.
The first Prince of the Soviet Union is Haug, the eldest son of emperor Taiji.

Haug died in the first year of emperor Chong de prince, and after the death of Huang Tai Chi, the dispute between the throne and duer was discontinued. In the first year of Shunzhi, he was arrested and died in prison in five years. In the eight years of Shunzhi, the regime of the ancestors of the ancestors restored the original Prince of the king of the Soviet Union. Qianlong forty-three years to enjoy the temple. The king of Prince Xu passed 9 kings and 10 kings.
The first Prince of Zhuang is Zi Shuo, the fifth emperor Taiji.

Shuo is the fifth son of emperor Tai Chi, who attacked Li Zicheng with dodo in Henan, and broke through Nanjing with the army. Fu Luming, Emperor Zhu Guang of emperor Guang Guang. In the eleven year of Shunzhi, he was killed by his son. A total of 8 kings, 11 kings, 2 of them were captured.
The first king of Ke Qin is the son of yueto.

Yueto is the eldest son of the prince of mercy, who fought with his father at his childhood. Prince Taizong became a prince in the first year, but his personality was arrogant and arrogant. He was twice reduced to a shell. Taizong made his two death sentence free. Chong de three years, yueto died in the army. Imperial edict of King Kam, Emperor Qianlong forty-three years. The king of kings of kqin County passed 13 kings and 17 kings, 3 of whom were captured.
The first Shun Shun Jun Wang is sun Luke de Hun, who is good for the good.

Luke de Hun's father is the third son of sahha, Saha and the three characters of Tong Han, Mongolia and Han, and he has repeatedly built military exploits. He died of illness during the period of Chung De, and he was the third son. In the five year of Shunzhi, Feng Shun died in nine years. Shun Shi Jun Wang Shi Shi handed down 10 kings and 15 kings, 3 of whom were captured.
The first Prince of Yi is the thirteenth son of emperor Kangxi.

Yun Xiang is the thirteenth son of emperor Zu Xuan Ye. After the accession to the throne, Emperor Yonghe was named Prince of peace, and Yong Zheng died in eight years. In the Qianlong years, the prince of Ding Yue inherited the throne. The 8 kings of the king of Yue and 9 kings.
The first Prince of Prince Gong is the sixth son of the emperor of Daoguang.

Yi Xin was the sixth son of Daoguang. After Xianfeng's accession to the throne, he became a prince. The Empress Dowager Ci Xi launched the Xin you coup and got the support of Yi Xin. The two palace made a curtain call for him to be the king of political affairs. After that, he gave him a double salary and a king's hereditary inheritance. After seven years of Tongzhi, he was no longer involved in the affairs of the state. In the twenty-four year of Guangxu, Yi Xin died. The king of Prince Gong has 3 generations and 2 Kings.
The first Prince of alcohol is the seventh son of Emperor Daoguang.

Yi is the seventh son of Daoguang. In Xianfeng County, he was called king of alcohol. His blessing was Ci Xi's younger sister. In the eleven years of Tongzhi, Jin became a prince of alcohol. After the death of Tongzhi, there was no successor. His son took the throne, and changed his throne to Emperor Guangxu. In the sixteen year of Guangxu, Yi died, and his son carried the wind.
The first Qing Prince is Emperor Qianlong's 17 son Sun Yikuang.

Yi is the descendant of the seventeen sons of Emperor Qianlong and is the last prince to be hereditary. In the ten year of Guangxu, he was named king of the Qing Dynasty. Ci Xi was named prince at the 60 birthday. After Ci Xi died, he took charge of the government. When he died in 1918, he had only one generation of kings.


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