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The history of the "iron hat king" and "token granted by the emperor"

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January 23, 2015, with the deepening of corruption and "tiger" have been sacked, "iron hat king" and "token granted by the emperor" became immediate two hot words very high frequency. Why not corrupt iron hat king? Corruption is no absolution token granted by the emperor "is how to?


 Prince Chun Mansion

Prince Chun Mansion

"Iron hat king" is the title system in Qing Dynasty
The later are taken grand historical records

The so-called "iron hat king", refers to the hereditary indiscriminately for the king, it originates from the Qing Dynasty Title system. Iron hat king and other than the privilege of the prince, the biggest one is the "hereditary indiscriminately for" grandparents did not fall peerage; the second is generous salary, salary of 1 million years old, rice 1 Wan Hu; third is given for the hereditary Wang palace, also called the iron hat palace. The Qing Dynasty, a total of 12 inherited the title without other iron hat king, eight of whom are in the Qing Dynasty at the beginning of the founding of the royal clan exploits: Prince Li, Zheng Rui, Zi M Ha Ron Daian Prince Prince, Prince dodo, Henan duoergun Prince Su Haug, Wang Yue, Shuosai Ke Chuang Prince Prince asked, Shun Cheng county Wang Le de muddy, because they are unsurpassed, so get the hereditary indiscriminately for permanent title; the other four are well sealed, they are in the late Qing Dynasty in the stable landscape in crime was, the prince Yi Yunxiang, Prince Gong, Prince Yi Xuan, celebrate Prince yikuang.

The Qing Dynasty feudal royal title total active sealing, sealing, and four en Xifeng forms twelve rank, the auxiliary generals also divided indiscriminately for hereditary and hereditary two stages. In general, because the power king Prince who belong to the hereditary indiscriminately for, hence the saying "iron hat king"; and because grace knighthood but much is hereditary descent, but in descending to the auxiliary generals of the title is no longer falling. The prince, Prince Beller, won the title of nobility and the imperial clan, very not hereditary, each descending a world. No title of imperial clan called "scattered clan", with four goods dingdai. Only 12 "iron hat king" because of its large ancestral exploits, was given the hereditary down letter code. If the iron hat King sin wins Jue, with its side xijue, but later also taken such historical records.


The first is the second son of Nur Ha Che - Prince Li Daian

Similar is the second son of Nur Ha Che as one of the Qing Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty "four Beller", he followed the Qing Dynasty Quartet fighting bravely called "the Old English barotto". After the death of the Qing Dynasty, and his son Huangtaiji Yong Yue Daian supporting the first year of the Qing emperor ascended the throne, Zonta (1636) Feng Heshuo Prince Li jin. He died, and the wise Prince Dorgon Daian Li Fulin presided over the emperor. Good at generation five years Shunzhi died, Qianlong forty-three years to enjoy the Imperial Ancestral temple. Prince Li Spyker a total of 10 people, 12 xijue, 2 people were seized.
- the first Prince Zheng's nephew Zi M Ha Ron Nur Ha Che

Zi M Ha Ron is the nephew of the Qing Dynasty (Nur Ha Che's younger brother Schur Hatch 6), is the only non lineal descendants of emperors. With the early years of Shunzhi and Regent duoergun, Shunzhi died twelve years, forty-three years of Qianlong to enjoy the Imperial Ancestral temple. Prince Zheng Spyker propagated 10 world, 17 wang. The 5 people were from duke.
- the first wise Prince Nur Ha Che 14 son Dorgon

Duoergun for combat both intelligent and courageous give number "root Melbourne, the generation of green" (the wise leader), the first letter to Prince Rui chong. He died, and ascended the throne Prince Li Daian Kyoritsu son of Emperor Taizong Fulin, was called "Uncle Shunzhi Regent", "Huang Shufu Regent", "Royal father Regent", died in Cameroon perversing City Shunzhi seven years when hunting (now in Lulong County of Hebei province), only 39 years old. Qianlong forty-three years as Zhong Rui posthumous prince, enjoy the Imperial Ancestral temple. A total of 11 world wise Prince Spyker, made a total of 8 king removed.
The first Prince Nur Ha Che Henan - 15 son of dodo

Dodo is the wise Prince Dorgon fellow young brother, Prince Chongde first year letter of henan. Qingjunruguan, he led the army to capture Nanjing, Nanming Hongguang emperor down. Shunzhi six years died with smallpox, Qianlong forty-three years to enjoy the Imperial Ancestral temple. The prince of Henan Spyker a total of 9 13 king, 2 of whom were from duke.
- the first Prince Su Huangtaiji as the eldest son of Haug

In the first year of work for the Haug Zonta letter Prince Su, after Huangtaiji after the death of the throne dispute and duoergun discord, the first year of Shunzhi was seized Jue, Shunzhi five years detained in jail. Shunzhi eight years Khan T'ung, for brother to restore intact Su Wu Shi prince. Qianlong forty-three years to enjoy the Imperial Ancestral temple. Prince Su total world 9 10 Wang spyker.
In the first fifth Zi Shuo plug for Huangtaiji Prince Zhuang

Master Huang is a plug fifth, worked with dodo together in Henan against Li Zicheng, and the army against Nanjing, Fu Luming Hongguang Emperor Zhu Yousong. Shunzhi eleven years master plug die, the change number xijue Prince zhuang. A total of 8 Prince Zhuang Shi Wang 11, of which 2 were from jazz.
The first is the eldest son of Prince Li Keqin Daian Yue support

Yue Torres is the eldest son of Prince Li Daian, his father in the first year of Emperor Taizong Zu, Zonta seal into the prince, but the character of hubris, twice was reduced to two times from the Kaiko, his death. Chong three years, supporting the army Yue died. Zhao Keqin seal prince, forty-three years of Qianlong Imperial Ancestral Temple. A total of 13 world Keqin Prince Spyker 17 kings, 3 of whom were from duke.
In the first the prince for the standards of the sun leuc de Hun

Lekede muddy father similar third Louis Saha and Lin, Lin Han, Mongolia, with three kinds of characters, merits, Zonta years died, Prince Ying made, Lekede Hun is the third child. The prince Feng Shun Shunzhi five years, nine years Shunzhi died. The prince Spyker total of 10 world 15 king, 3 of whom were from duke.
- the first Prince Yi as the thirteenth son of emperor Kangxi Yunxiang

The thirteen is the patriarch Xuanye yunxiang. The Yong Prince emperor ascended the throne after the letter of the Heshuo Prince Yi, Yong Zheng died in eight years. Qianlong, Prince Yi Jue indiscriminately for hereditary set. A total of 8 world Spyker Prince Yi, Wang 9.
- the first Prince Gong as emperor sixth son yeup

Yeup to light sixth, Xianfeng enthronement after sealing the prince gong. The Empress Dowager Ci Xi launched the 1861 coup has been yeup vigorously support. A government appointed him as the two house of Wang, after given the food double salary, Prince King hereditary, Tongzhi seven years later was jealous is no longer involved in the court. Twenty-four years Guangxu yeup died. Prince Gong Spyker a total of 3, 2 wang.
- the first prince as emperor seventh son Yi Xuan

Yi Xuan is light seventh, Xianfeng years has been called the Fujin alcohol prince, Ci Xi is the sister of yehenala. Tongzhi eleven years promoted to the prince. Childless Tongzhi died, his son Zaitian (yehenala son) ascended the throne, Gaiyuan Emperor Guangxu, Prince alcohol food double salary, King hereditary prince. Sixteen years Guangxu Yi Xuan died, his son Feng xijue.
The first Prince Qing Qianlong - 17 son of emperor di Sun Yikuang

Yikuang is the grandson of Emperor Qianlong seventeen permanent Lin, is the last one was called hereditary indiscriminately for the prince. Guangxu years, sealed Qing governor. Ci Xi 60 birthday letter for the prince, after the death of Ci Xi Feng gainpower, to ease the qingui dispute given its hereditary king. The king died in 1918, only a generation.


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