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"Due to salt the Chinese nation"?

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January 23, 2015 - now, with the TV series "the Qing Dynasty merchants" hit, many viewers of "salt" a lot of attention. Said Water is the Source of Life, in fact, "salt" in our life is also essential. Moreover, the process of formation in the whole Chinese civilization and development, may play an important role, and gradually formed a rich and diverse "salt culture". In the eyes of the ancients, salt was considered equal to anything "day Tibet objects", "the birth and formation of all the children of the Yellow Emperor" and "Chinese nation" even closely related with salt......


 The ancient salt production scene


The ancient salt production scene (source "tiangongwu - Lake")


"Salt for" cause with Chinese

Five thousand years of Chinese history "" think: "yellow is phlogistic, bloody, and salt"

Salt has a "taste king" reputation. As early as in ancient times, salt is also valuable than gold "hidden object", it can be said that "who in the world of salt". "This, all the children of the Yellow Emperor" Chinese specific name is because of salt salt -- for the cause with the emergence of the "Chinese, the Chinese nation on the basis of".

Yan and Huang Di this is the two original tribal leaders. According to "historical records Wudi" records, they are in the "battle of banquan" after he came together. Next, Huang Di and Yan together, through the "battle of Zhuolu", defeated the Dongyi leader Chi You Li 9. Since the size of earth China tribe to United to form a "Chinese nation", and "Chinese".

Why in the battle of Zhuolu, battle? "Historical records" is the reason given by the princes, Chi You, Yan bullying neighbors not obedient due to insurrection. In fact, the two battle dtarted salt, but salt "battle"!

This view, due to war sites. "Banquan" and "Zhuolu" where? Now, the textbooks that published in the territory of Hebei, Fan Wenlan wrote the "Chinese history" also hold this view. But many scholars and historians authority not to regard it as right. During the period of the Republic of the historian Qian Muwei through research, put forward in the last century in 40s published the "Outline History" in the book: "banquan in Shanxi County in the source solution, similar to Chi Youcheng, Chi Cun and turbidity Ze, a Zhuo Ze, namely Zhuolu".

The solution of the county is the earliest discovered one of Yanchi China natural salt and use, referred to as the "solution pool", also called "Hedong Salt lake". In the subsequent publication of "Chinese Cultural History Introduction", Qian Muwei put forward the solution of the county ", Yanchi became a target of ancient Central Plains tribes together for China. Therefore, he said he accounted for Yanchi qualified tribal leaders together."

This battle of Zhuolu and battle of "salt war" point of view, another historian Zhang Qiyun. Zhang Qiyun in Taiwan in 1981 published "history" five thousand years of Chinese said: "the Yellow Emperor Yan g in Banquan, a Chi You in Zhuolu, both are one thing", and "yellow is phlogistic, bloody, and salt".

"The salt war" view is still in doubt, but for scholars in the history of salt Chinese recognized and accepted.


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