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"Uncle Vanya" and "love" is a tribute to Chekhov Chekhov.

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January 17, 2015 - 2015 is the birth of Chekhov 155th anniversary. In January, Beijing has two units to pay tribute to Chekhov play: in January 20th, the Beijing people's Art Theatre debut "Uncle Vanya"; in January 29th, Chinese National Theatre Premiere "love Chekhov". The two play all relate to me -- I was one of the translators "Uncle Vanya", "love Chekhov" is my new script, so, want to write an article about the two play.


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In 1899 the Moscow Art Theatre "Uncle Vanya". Mrs. Chekhov Yelena from his bier decoration, Astor Stanislavski by Ralph doctor.


Russia is of course very much "Uncle Vanya". 1954 Ba Jin to attend the memorial ceremony 50 anniversary of the death of Chekhov to Moscow, watch to commemorate the show is "Uncle Vanya". Also in 1954, China Youth Art Theatre was directed by Sun Weishi and starring Jinshan "Uncle Vanya". But after 60 years, have never played the William hekhov in beijing. Of course, the heart about "China director uncle Vanya" is not in the minority. The Beijing people's art Li Liuyi had said, he in 2006 "Beijing" is to prepare for the day after the director of "Uncle Vanya".

The earliest highly "Uncle Vanya" is the famous Golgi. He wrote to Chekhov in December 18, 1898, said: "Uncle Vanya" and "Seagull" is a new drama here, realism to the symbol of exciting and thoughtful. Listen to your script, I think the sacrifice for the idol life, think of the poor in the world the beauty of life's initiation, and many other important issues. Other people will not lead to the script from real life philosophy, and you can do the same script." Since the Russian scholar in the interpretation of "Uncle Vanya", almost all taken over Golgi's statement: "sacrifice for the idol life." But Golgi has pointed out that "in the poor world of beauty in life, few people will initiate" strong concern. I think the director Li Liuyi is concerned about the potential beauty initiation theme. He particularly valued played by Kong Wei Sonia the image of spiritual value; Lu Fang plays Yelena certainly will release new more warm colors. For the first five times to create the characters in Chekhov's dramas of Pu Cunxin, people will naturally have higher expectations.

Is in urge six B Director, ten years ago I translated "Uncle Vanya". The translation of "Uncle Vanya" sometimes words quite carefully, it is because the script lines so wonderful. The translation of "Uncle Vanya" also prompted me to write an article entitled "a spirit called" rich prose. I borrowed his poetry method into a sentence metaphor says that life is the "three state", the "Uncle Vanya" in a monologue carry out, as the "third noble spirit": "when I walked through those I rescued from logging axe rural forest, or when I I hear a wonderful sound by planted forest, I realised that the climate seems to have somewhat by my command, and so after one thousand years people will be happy, then this happiness also have a small contribution." This is Chekhov "Uncle Vanya" in a line. In this speech, Chekhov for the lofty spirit of the pursuit of the most poetic expression. Beyond the self, the ego, I am confident of his own life existence and creation, into the historical context and the creator's creation. I had a "translation of Uncle Vanya" play three years ago. When translated into this speech, I feel heart filled with warmth.


Chekhov's life passionately loved two women, one is his first lover Rika Mizzinova; his wife is a bear. My "Aran hekhov", with Chekhov and Rika Mizzinova's relationship as the main. The main reason is that I want to take this drama and literature get closer.

Chekhov and Rika Mizzinova's relationship lasted 8 years. In the later works of Chekhov, there are many left traces, "the Seagull" life prototype heroine Nina is Erica Mitzi Nova.

So, I will consciously put the "Seagull" Lyric passages into the structure of the play to. I also realized that Chekhov's love Tchaikovsky's music, lyrics and Tchaikovsky his "sea gull" the romance will constitute the "Aran hekhov" emotional background.

Mr. Zhang Huaxiang read the script, it captures the poetic atmosphere of it, he made the stage design can arouse the audience aesthetic imagination, will soon be in hospital leaders affirmed. The drama director Yang Shen familiar with Chekhov's works, he is the first to play my great interest in the director, he also put Zong Ping, Yichun the main characters creation enthusiasm aroused.

A lot of inspiration in my mind what Mr. Feng Zhi said, in his "Du Fu" he said: "with a modern people's devotion and piety hand, depict a Tang Dynasty Du Fu." I want to work with a sincere heart and hand modern Chinese, depicts a Russian Chekhov in nineteenth Century. I hope that the audience must pay attention to the lines to Chekhov in the play said: "fortunately or unfortunately, in our life, no one thing is not to end sooner or later...... People do not have a lifetime health and happiness, there is always what bad things waiting for him. Should all be ready for everything, for everything, can become inevitable...... You need to do is, according to their own strength, complete their mission." This speech is not my story, but Chekhov himself first said.

Chekhov in the script that the last line is: "hope over 110 years, I can wake up from the grave, at least to see the future of the world with one eye, see if people still remember in 110 years ago, lived a man named An Dong Chekhov who." This line is my "fiction", but also not totally rely on. Chekhov's novel "does not mean" the story of the old professor, who wants to die after one hundred years to wake up from the grave, at least to see the future of the world with one eye, look at the science has developed into what look like." If Chekhov underground has the knowledge, will bear with me for "devotion" romantic.


Just read a book published in 2012. The author is Professor Ferri J Zschinsky of Petersburg School of drama. The professor is a famous director, rehearsal most is Chekhov's "Uncle Vanya". As of 2011 years a total row four times, the first time was 1982 years in Leningrad, the four is 2009 years in Poland, Warsaw. There is a section titled "first class", very interesting, is very short, I according to the translation of text:

September 1st. This lesson well, although I was very nervous before the spirit. Whether it is to maintain emotional heat or control the course of rhythm, very successful. "What is art director?" I asked the students. We discussed for a long time, then I make a conclusion: Director of Art -- this is the desire of life, the desire by the director to convey to the audience by the actor actor."

Read here, I know why the director of "Uncle Vanya" has a special liking. Because in all of Chekhov's, "Uncle Vanya" is indeed the most fit his optimism about the concept of art director. The last part of the play lines is Sonia's lyric monologue, the angel kind girl believe: "we will see that all the world evil, all our pain will be submerged in the world of love......"

I thought of Chekhov's optimism when writing the script. I love the "Chekhov" at the end of a theatrical scene occurred in 1897 years 7 months. I try to search in 1897 Chekhov said most of my heart the words of optimism. I am in his 1897 novel "found in hometown", put this sentence into Chekhov's lines:

Chekhov: I have just written a novel called "at home", published this fall. I put a novel read out, for you and your friends: "will all contribute to a cause, so as to let oneself become a fun person, also can become a fun person to love people."

I love this sentence, I believe many people will love this sentence, but also love saying that Chekhov. Dao Ming Tong


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