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Return to the Qingping Bay, then Wen Shi

2015-01-03 09:34 network TF003

January 3, 2015 - December 31, 2010, Shi Tiesheng left us. He had his 60 years old birthday, but each to his birthday in January 4th, a lot of friends, readers will think of him. In his memory, including meeting he had to cut the distant Shaanxi hometown. In the late 2014, the inheritance and research of Shi Tiesheng's literature spirit "night writing" series editorial board, has invited many writers, scholars and Shi Tiesheng's friends had inserted a grand commemoration. To return to the place, is Yanchuan County in Northern Shaanxi Province of the Qing Chuan Guan Jia Zhuang, now known as Qingping Bay, all because Shi Tiesheng wrote "my remote qingpingwan".


 And students with iron _ resize Qingping Bay


This is a literary tour, but also a social investigation. In a dead person had to leave a mark, see how much emotion changes, confusion.


Source: Beijing Evening News - North night vision network

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