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Travel and home: fifty years of Zhu Xiaomei piano

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1 2015 3 - 2014, Chinese classical music the most light character, non pianist Zhu Xiaomei. In November 15th, a cold evening, Beijing Concert Hall All seats are occupied. In addition to the first half hour documentary play the tracks, only one of Bach's "Goteborg variations". A theme of thirty variations, as a symbol of Zhu Xiaomei calm life journey. Her friends say, this song is good. But there are few the There are plenty of people who like Zhu Xiaomei, so touching.


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See a lot of the pianist's hands, are slim and slender, stretch to people, look pretty: that is a good training and maintenance, to fly freely in the black and white keys, light dial ring slowly. With this hand, not bombs, Chopin, Schuhmann seems to level there. There are like Russian or German pianist, palm wide thick, where can cover up enough, the piano is small in front of them, their hands seemed able to extract power from the keyboard, then he back to the piano. This hand, Rachmaninoff's Second Piano Concerto, Beethoven Sonata will be nothing difficult.

Zhu Xiaomei has a pair of hand labor, compared to other pianists too small. Very humble in the elegant or power player. And her age people know this by hands suffering: baskets, pruning, weeding, harvesting wheat, perhaps also did more work hard. Is this, but also in their spare time to secretly go to play the piano. This suffering hand and mind together on the road. That day an evil is Bach opern, clearly someone handed him a lantern light, refers to a need to pay a lifetime pilgrimage.

At the age of 14 before his first recital, Zhu Xiaomei suffered a head of a storm of life: as a joke, she became dissatisfied with present circumstances typical errors, one after another pidouhui, once the students stand to stay together morning and night opposite her. More sinister things behind the piano, from the ideal into evidence, and her mother was forced to the piano was put on a piece of paper, the above words wrote: "the piano is to exploit people's blood and sweat to get, and we'll take it back to the people." At the age of 17, she witnessed the history of mankind some deep personal ugly arouse in a body, the soul of inter residue in melee. When I read the sixth grade primary school of Central Conservatory of Music, class has stopped, with high-class students with slogans in disorderly fashion, India, tabloid leaflets. Listen to the hospital's high school classmate told Gu Shengying, in 43 Baojia street, the yard saw Liu Shikun, Yin Chengzong, Bao Huiqiao. Chinese piano elite, when storm comes facing the unavoidable choice: after a long talk with Yin Chengzong one day, Gu Shengying took personal warmth back to Shanghai, but eventually because the environment is dangerous to himself the uprising. Small a few years old Yin Chengzong full of passion and impulse of exploring new piano Road, and Liu Shikun has been political chariots of bondage, and ruin their artistic life.

In the late 2014 Beijing concert hall the moment the curtain call, Zhu Xiaomei mentioned the name of Gu Shengying: this memorable 1964, she heard Gu Shengying Chopin's scherzo "". Like in the Shanghai music hall, she again said "can not forget the old artist for us open", "she (Gu El Nino) did not walk the road I to go for her". To 1967 at the beginning of winter, China pianists somehow completed an art fire of the transfer and transfer, in the attack over the long darkness, a hand of Bach music like a quietly buried the seeds, at the crossroads of history has been given the mission.

Ten years later, the ideal was a generation of broken dreams and broken more people in order to survive. Zhu Xiaomei's career in the United States to go Paris and then settled in the Senna river. Less talk and more action Zhu Xiaomei after listening to a lot of "Goteborg variations" version, determined to record that one of their own. In the pilgrimage, the superior experience is full, but she needs her own "Heart Sutra" to express reverence, as with broken dreams that stumbling through the tough times a generation. In 1999, Zhu Xiaomei made the first "Goteborg variations" published by American music critic Bradley Lehman will be more this album and Canada Gould playing devil called "and Zhi Shuangfeng".

If you must make a comparison between the two, I think they are in Bach's pilgrimage road "Enlightenment", just like in different ways. Try to twenty-fifth variations for example. Gould said, he in the minor variations of "idle atmosphere meditation", Zhu Xiaomei seems to find it deserted. You know, this song she has played thirty years, become a part of her life. "All my life experiences can be found in it" (French version of "autobiography" secrets of the river is in accordance with the variations in structure of Goteborg). The man sat playing on the stage of the same generation I, I can't shield Lenovo's ideas, so I heard the suffering, grief, collapse, and even on the edge of despair. At that moment, I couldn't help crying. The next day, a reporter asked, she said her try again is to witness the hardship of our generation.

Zhu Xiaomei Chinese tour, where almost every ticket sold out. Just like a myth, legend everywhere before the show. Some of the black market prices as high as several thousand. But after the show is full of moral kidnapping, the Public opinions are divergent., wrong tone, deeply touched, a variety of claims. Zhu Xiaomei most people say her love story, I hope you only pay attention to the music itself. She love the "Goteborg variations" at the beginning of the recurring theme in the end, if everything can start again. For decades, she played the song not hundreds of times, but they are demanding that with only a few field. Her pilgrimage is from the beginning, her fruition by the daily puja, life practice. The world average heating law "which one can rely on a pianist playing Bach in the icehouse general room", the energy gathered in my fingers and divergent to the body? How to collect and focus, to get physical and mental almost frozen recovery? The theme is her destiny, while the thirty variation is the life of the wind and rain. No wonder her Bach touched people, that is the summit, after trudging through the vicissitudes.

Seven or eight years ago, when the foreign media asked Zhu Xiaomei how to arrange performances and recording plan, Zhu Xiaomei said, all these works are connected with personal memories. This sentence sounds a lot. Because of a family from illness and funeral, she appreciate the helpless and not to retain the Enlightenment of life. She looked to the late works of composers. As a pianist, Zhu Xiaomei thought of Beethoven and Schubert on the death of the two works. "Sonata in B flat major" is Schubert's last major works, like a wanderer in the taste of life. In music, Zhu Xiaomei read Schubert's resignation and be in a brown study: "I don't think Schubert is very quiet in the face of death. The two movement is mysterious and moment of rebellion through passages. Death is a painful experience for Schubert." As a wanderer, Schubert sensitive and quiet the feelings of loneliness, in the voice and emotional level by Zhu Xiao Mei was living for many years to let her The tune lingered in the room., perhaps in this game.

In Beethoven's thirty-second Piano Sonatas, Zhu Xiaomei heard Beethoven's declaration of death. "It started with weak. We slowly rises gradually from the world. We walked through the clouds around the earth, reaching a bright and colorful sky elsewhere. No one before Beethoven wrote the music." As to the world of praise, Beethoven conveyed a relief, a kind of Supreme wisdom. As a female pianist, Zhu Xiaomei grasped Beethoven anticipated the heavenly realm in the phrase weimang in contrast.

From Beijing, Hongkong to the United States, from Paris to Leipzig and then back to the Chinese, half a century's footsteps, Zhu Xiaomei completed his journey home and the art of the road, the journey of life. After Bach's tomb in Goteborg play, the way of the future, she has finally a dream, she will find a quiet, clean and clean remote place, back hand to teach children to play Bach. For her, the pilgrim heart are always on the road. Home is temporary, and the starting time is.

"You come back to teach Bach, I give you volunteer." Prior to departure, hands together, silent farewell. Bach waited for her new recording, waiting for her to come back and find descendants of the spirit of music. (Cao Liqun)

Source: Beijing Evening News - North night vision network

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