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The weather temperature rise of cold weather in Beijing today to meet the next winter

2014-11-07 14:28 network Admin

The autumn of November 7th to retain a lady in the picture, ginkgo avenue.

11 2014 7, today is 24 solar term in the winter, winter is that the onset of winter, all things, to avoid the coldness. Although the city has yet to meet the winter conditions, but in recent days the temperature gradually decreased, the weather is getting cold. Today, the city cloudy weather, the temperature continues to drop, is expected today will be cloudy and cold day, friends go out remember to add warm clothing.

According to the Municipal Meteorological Observatory latest information today, the city cloudy to cloudy, most of the time. During the day light conditions deteriorate, solar energy, expected maximum temperature of 10 degrees, the minimum temperature of 2 degrees, the weather is getting cold. At the same time, because the cloud has increased, today is not suitable for friends to go outdoors in the sun.

Today, the city is not the wind, north to south 2, level 3, weather conditions are more conducive to the spread of pollutants in the air and clear, today's air quality index of 80 micrograms / cubic meter of air quality rating of good level, suitable for outdoor activities of friends.

The next two days, the city continued to return to Shaoyun sunny weather, temperatures rise again. Because the city temperature higher than the same period last year, although the winter has been to, but the winter climatology will have to wait a few days.


A: 17:06 today.

Flag: 6:50 tomorrow.

* tomorrow weather: cloudy to sunny, north to south 2, 3, 2 to 12 DEG C.

The day after tomorrow. The weather: sunny to cloudy, north to south 2, 3, 1 to 14 DEG C.


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