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The capital for a time-honored Lidongben APEC express classic dishes warm winter easy folk

2014-11-05 11:14 network Liangshuang

November 5, 2014 - the beginning of winter, in accordance with the Convention, as the capital of the people to pinch a meal, rinse meat barbecue or treat yourself to a dumpling. This year the beginning of winter, the time-honored shops also have to prepare in advance, take the classic warm dishes, to meet people relaxed folk.


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Lidongben mix APEC


Lidongben Shabu as the protagonist of this year, a time-honored brand for winter love to eat Shabu Shabu customers prepared all kinds of boiled more than 1000 pounds of meat. During the winter coincides with the APEC meeting, and Shun also launched a special "Australia snow beef" ShabuShabu varieties.

With the "old Beijing halal snacks at APEC table" news, as the capital of the largest halal snack chain store Gokokuji snack chain, traditional snacks such as soybean flour cake rice cake also ushered in the hot. Gokokuji snack chain store manager Wang told reporters: "we are about the statistics, Gokokuji snack chain store sales rose rice cake, soybean flour cake is expected to reach 15%, daily sales in the APEC period will be more than 10000 copies."




The head led nourishing dish


"Winter eat eat, summer, winter eat fish tail" is a lot of Beijing people Lidongben preferred. This year, a hundred years of Hunan dish shop tune garden restaurant for winter prepared under the 100 tea duojiaoyutou. According to past experience, the beginning of winter this day is twice the normal sales." Song Restaurant Manager Xu told reporters: "the South fish special attention, different parts of each season to eat fish, especially at the end of the season. Now a lot of capital in accordance with this particular product of fish, eat fish."

The reporter learned from the song garden restaurant, this tea Duojiaoyutou, each is 3, 4 pounds of weight, and must be on the morning of the goods, and the fresh degree". In addition, this song also launched a winter garden restaurant for frying with pickled cabbage "Hunan taste Kung Pao Chicken" and "Millennium famous" Dongan chicken stuffing "Dongan chicken Boiled dumplings", particularly attractive.

"South North season barbecue Wan Wan," Barbecue Season Two "national heritage" old Beijing barbecue, the barbecue is expected to start sales will reach 1500 pounds. Xi'an old restaurant for Lidongben prepared 1000 bowls of steamed beef and mutton bubble and mushroom bun. This year, many time-honored capital have launched a new taste for the beginning of winter, to meet people in the winter to add new table. Xiangcai brand Ma Kai restaurant for winter radish launched this classic colorful chops taste; hongbinlou launched flagship, this delicious casserole sirloin sheep in winter tonic taste; casserole launched Red-Cooked Pork with Abalone, matsutake and other new nourishing food Braised pork in brown sauce.




The traditional stone lantern Lidongben.


"City, shake the lantern" is the consistent tradition of time-honored Beijing village. The reporter learned from the Beijing Daoxiang village, this year Beijing daoxiaochun has done all the preparation work of the winter shake. Authentic traditional stone lantern will be the beginning of winter day (11 7) and consumers meet on time.

It is reported that Beijing daoxiaochun lantern adopts traditional storage techniques, to maximize the retention of nutrients and natural aroma of glutinous rice, tastes soft and chewy dumplings. Five varieties of black hemp, seed, hawthorn, cocoa four classic taste, the price is 24 yuan /20 grain /500g. Beijing daoxiangcun deputy general manager Sun Peng to remind consumers, the best is bought to eat shoulds not be long.

It is worth noting that Beijing daoxiaochun lantern products are only sold in Beijing daoxiaochun stores, and Glutinous Rice Balls products in stores and supermarkets for sale.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Yu Jian

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