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Qatar Airways launches a new advertising film to preheat the official partner of the 2019 French women's World Cup.

2019-05-22 20:57. beijing evening news TF021

FIFA official partner and official airline Qatar Airways (hereinafter referred to as "Qatar Airways") announced its new advertising film for the upcoming 2019 French women's football World Cup. The exciting event of women's sports will be held in France from June 7th to July 7th.

This new advertising film is based on a mother who tells her bedtime story for her daughter. With the description of the mother, the advertising lens switched to the popular destination of women's football. Many players sweat here, fans from all over the world cheer for them. Neymar, the top player in Brazil, also appeared in the commercials and assembled with fans.

The scene was then switched back to reality. The two mothers and daughters were on the journey to Qatar Airways flying to their dream destinations. Here, the little girl's dream became reality, which became a popular place for women's football. The advertising film shows the close relationship between football players and fans. This relationship also affects the joys and sorrows and optimism of the green arena. In 2019, the French women's football World Cup as a heavyweight women's team event is the link between all the people this summer. The Qatar air new advertising film shows the illusion of the cinema level. The story is magnificent, atmosphere and expressive. It shows the common dream of the players and fans.

Akbar Al Baker, chief executive of Qatar aviation group, said: "the influence of women's football is stronger than ever before, and the 2019 women's soccer World Cup in France is the highlight of many fans and supporters. The Qatar air new advertising film shows the excitement of fans around the world, and thousands of fans will go to France to cheer for their national team. As an airline, we believe that sports can unite people. We look forward to joining the fans in France this summer through our global airline network to witness the most exciting women's sporting event so far.

"In the summer of 2019, the French women's soccer World Cup is doomed to become one of the most exciting sports events in the world," said Salam Al Shawa, a senior vice president of aviation marketing and Corporate Communications in Qatar. In June 7th, the opening ceremony of the women's World Cup will be held in France, and our publicity campaign will appropriately convey the expectations of the global fans. We are very proud to be the official partner and official airline of FIFA. We are also looking forward to enjoying the charm of competitive sports in France in the summer.

This summer, the 24 national teams in the finals will compete in 9 cities in France, including Paris, the host of the opening event, the semifinal and final Lyons, and Lance, Valencia, Le Havre, Ryan, Grenoble, Montpelier and nice.

In May 2017, Qatar Airways announced a breakthrough sponsorship agreement with FIFA, announcing that the award-winning Qatar airforce has become the official partner and official airline of FIFA, and will cooperate until 2022. According to the agreement, Qatar air will also become the official aviation partner of the FIFA World Cup 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022, FIFA World Cup U-20, FIFA World Cup U-17, FIFA World Cup U-20 women's football World Cup, FIFA U-17 women's football World Cup, FIFA World Beach Soccer World Cup, FIFA FIFA World Cup, FIFA World Cup and FIFA World Cup women's football World Cup.

Prior to its cooperation with FIFA, Qatar aviation has established a long-term and stable sponsorship partnership with top sports clubs around the world, which laid the foundation for its cooperation with FIFA. In 2018, Qatar Airlines signed a five year cooperation agreement with the top German football club, Munich, Bayern. Qatar air became a platinum sponsor of Bayern Munich football club, and the cooperation period will be June 2023. Qatar Airlines recently signed a multi-year sponsorship agreement with the Italy Rome football club to become its official jerseys sponsor and co operation until the 2020-21 season. In addition, Qatar air will also become the official jerseys sponsor of the Boka youth football club in Argentina, and will cooperate until the 2021-22 season.

Qatar Airways is a award-winning airline. It was awarded the "best business class in the world" by the international air transport rating agency Skytrax in the 2018 World Aviation awards. In this election, Qatar aviation also won the "best business class seat award in the world", "the best airline award in the Middle East" and "the world's best first-class cabin lounge" and other awards.

Qatar Airways operates a modern fleet consisting of more than 250 aircraft and flies to more than 160 destinations through its hub, haha madad International Airport (HIA). In 2019, Qatar air will also add some new shipping points to its airline network, including Izmir (Turkey), Labatt (Morocco), Malta, Dave (Philippines), Lisbon (Portugal), Muqdisho (Somalia) and Langkawi Island (Malaysia).

Viewers can visit to watch Qatar's new 2019 French women's football World Cup.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Meng Huan

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