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Tencent video Wang Juan: stick to the source, essence, and heart, and convey the positive culture of the country.

2019-05-22 19:48. network Wen Wen

In May 22nd, the ACG global digital ecology conference held in Kunming was held in Kunming. Wang Juan, editor in chief of Tencent video, attended and delivered the keynote speech entitled "origin, essence, and the source of the power of our country." In his speech, Wang Juan cut through the overall development of the animation, reviewed the development process of Tencent video in the national diffuse field, and shared the three key elements of manufacturing the power of the ecological source, and conveyed the vision of the Tencent video on the animation layout to the outside world.

The Tencent video has been officially laid out since 2015. In 2017, it has launched a series of exploding works, such as "breaking the sky" and "full time expert". It has been a series of vertical products, such as "take my brother away quickly" as well as a series of breakthrough animated circles and praises. Looking back on past achievements, Wang Juan said that the market environment of the national development market has experienced the firmness from "chaos Interference Item" to "tracing the source". When entering the animation industry, a series of market "interference" items such as traffic volume, commercial realisation and minority theme are placed before Tencent video. Based on Market Research and user insight into big data, through continuous trial and error exploration, Tencent video finally summed up the three key elements of animation development: origin, essence, and original intention.

In the interpretation of the source, Wang Juan said that user oriented, focusing on the new generation and creating positive user value is the first experience summed up by Tencent video in the field of animation. Tencent video has created a "burning culture" through the deepening of hot blood content, passing forward the positive values of bravely pursuing dreams. Through the enhancement of substitution, the user preferences have been deeply matched; through the upgrading of technology and content, high quality works have been created to achieve user oriented goals.

On the interpretation of the essence, Wang Juan said that focusing on good quality and setting up a complete content matrix is the essence of the source power of manufacturing the national diffuse ecology. Tencent video currently has two main models: "head classic mode" and "category benchmarking mode", which will open up the IP of the head for a long time, and deepen the deep ploughing of vertical users. Take the "continent of the continent" as an example, Tencent video has made "the continent" become the first ever more prosperous country, and has launched the products such as the VR world and the virtual role live of "the continent", so that the content of fine arts can be integrated into the lives of young people and grow together with them. For the layout of category benchmarking, Wang Juan introduced the Tencent video's "seed plan", and further improved the planning ability of original projects by further upgrading the original content.

In the interpretation of the original, Wang Juan expressed deep expectations for the industry, hoping to join hands with the industry partners. At present, Tencent's video cooperation or support has more than 30 enterprises, and has more than 18 commercial customers. Wang Juan said that Tencent video will continue to develop with the industry in the process of continuous exploration.

In recent years, although more and more works have emerged in the market, Wang Juan said that the supply and demand of the market is still unbalanced. Users need more products of quality innovation instead of homogenization. National culture is a kind of culture, and practitioners need more long-term development vision to convey positive values to more young people. When it comes to the future vision of Tencent animation layout, Wang Juan said that Tencent video will continue to explore in terms of users, business models and other aspects, and through project investment, broadcast and other levels of cooperation, to share the industry insight experience, to open up a win-win mentality, to create a positive energy trend, with the positive culture of the country to influence generations of new Chinese youth.

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