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Trade war, dense cloud, how intellectual property rights fulfill the new mission of infrastructure

2019-05-22 19:47. beijing evening news TF021

On the afternoon of May 21st, the media conference held by Hui Ju network was held in Beijing. Xie Xuhui, chairman and CEO of Hui Ju network, together with many media reporters, discussed the current situation and future development trend of the intellectual property industry.

In recent years, the United States has brandished a tariff rod and has repeatedly attacked the Sino US trade, which has brought great risks to Chinese and American enterprises and even the global economy. In order to contain China's development, the United States tried to suppress the core technology and high-tech industries of China's future development from the economic, technological, policy, institutional and legal levels, and continue to maintain the monopoly position of the United States in technology. "Google's suspension of service HUAWEI" is the product of this high pressure policy, and the next batch of companies listed on the containment list are Dajiang and other technology companies. For a time, the trade war was thick and dense, and Chinese technology enterprises became the priority target of the US government.

In response to the ban on Google, Ren Zhengfei said in an interview with reporters that Google and HUAWEI are actively solving problems. While Yu Chengdong is making the announcement, the B plan is ready, and HUAWEI OS will be on the road this autumn, using its own R & D system to tide over the difficulties. No matter what the final result is, the resumption of trade disputes in the United States makes many domestic enterprises have a sense of crisis, and also makes domestic enterprises' demand for intellectual property rights become more urgent.

Nowadays, "big domestic enterprises hope to build their own trade barriers through intellectual property rights, and enhance their market share. Small and medium-sized enterprises also want to hold some intellectual property rights, so that they can have certain initiative in the face of competition in the industry." Xie Xuhui said, "but intellectual property is like a double-edged sword. In the face of a strong opponent, it can play a positive or negative role, the key lies in how people operate."

"The biggest problem for Chinese enterprises is: lack of corresponding channels to acquire intellectual property rights." Xie Xuhui said, "as intellectual property rights and science and technology services unicorn, Hui orange network has now served hundreds of thousands of enterprises. Last year, the amount of intellectual property and science and technology services (GMV) reached 22 billion 300 million yuan.

"Four modernizations" innovation of Hui Ju network

In fact, since its inception, Hui Jie has been committed to the commercialization, industrialization, financial and life change of intellectual property, hoping that through the joint efforts of the whole society, the creativity of the world can be realized.

Commercialization of intellectual property rights. Intellectual property transactions have been relatively stable abroad. Universities and research institutions sell their research results to (or equivalently occupy) commercial companies, and commercial companies are responsible for transforming them into commercial value applications. As a result, research institutions can get a steady stream of R & D funds, and innovative enterprises can also acquire new technologies for commercialization.

At the same time, with the intensification of economic globalization, the transnational circulation of intellectual property rights has also become a possibility. It has established strategic cooperation with 37 countries, more than 300 technology transfer agencies, more than 500 universities and research institutes in the world, and its technology source may come from the US Silicon Valley, Israel or Germany, so that intellectual property rights can be circulated on a global scale, so that knowledge resources can be shared and realized all day long.

Industrialization of intellectual property rights. As we all know, a scientific and technological achievement or a IP landing is not only required for intellectual property protection or intellectual property services, but also for innovation and entrepreneurship, such as registration of enterprises, fiscal and taxation services, legal services, Internet development services, human resources services and so on. As a platform, Hui can provide corresponding supporting services for enterprises by accelerating the development of various related service providers.

Intellectual property finance. Intellectual property is a core asset in itself. Enterprises can use it to pledge and loan to financial institutions. For example, Beijing Wen voted in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued the ABS intellectual property securitization products with copyright and copyright as its core. This is the so-called intellectual property listing. As for start-ups, the pledge of intellectual property rights can provide important financial support for project operation and scale rapidly. In the past 3 years, we have accumulated a total of more than 4 billion yuan in intellectual property pledge financing.

Intellectual property is becoming daily life. When the commercialization, industrialization and finance of intellectual property reach a certain level, intellectual property rights will be deeply involved in people's lives. For example, when intellectual property becomes an important reference for entrepreneurship or not, entrepreneurs will measure their own intellectual property before setting up an enterprise. In addition, everyone will not consciously generate intellectual property rights, for example, all music copyright will be paid, all pictures will be respected, protected, and encouraged later generations to innovate.

Technology is an important driving force for the development of the intellectual property industry.

As an intellectual property and science innovation cloud platform, Hui Jie first moved the intellectual property service to the Internet. From 2018, it became the upper cloud, and technology has been the key to promoting the development of the intellectual property industry.

The core product of Hui Ju network is Hui Ying Yun, a leading SaaS cloud platform in the industry. It integrates massive data in the intellectual property industry to provide strong data support for enterprises, and helps solve and solve problems such as intellectual property maintenance, operation and management.

According to the characteristics of the enterprises, the company will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the intellectual property rights of enterprises, such as what level of patent technology is at home and abroad, whether they infringe on the rights of others, or whether others infringe on the rights of the enterprises themselves.

In addition, intellectual property management is a very complex project. Every country and even every enterprise has its own set of standards. The expiration and survival of intellectual property rights may change at any time. This requires a specialized platform to help enterprises manage. Hui can not only help enterprises manage intellectual property rights, but also predict the patent technology that enterprises need based on the industrial layout of enterprises, and recommend enterprises by intelligent algorithm, which greatly saves the time of intellectual property rights layout.

At present, Hui orange cloud has the functions of intelligent physical examination, high and new technology projects, knowledge and production cloud trusteeship, knowledge and production risk early warning, patent value report, enterprise radar, knowledge production insurance box, patent renewal, trademark registration risk detection and so on. It converged 120 million enterprise business data, 38 million trademark data, 75 million patent data, 20 million domain name data, 7 million copyright data, 30 million technology project policy and 30 million referee documents, which can help the vast scientific and technological and innovative enterprises to solve the problems of intellectual property maintenance, operation, management and so on.

At the same time, Hui network also applies block chaining technology to IP protection and transaction links, through the deep accumulation of big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies, to provide enterprises with one-stop copyright services such as copyright detection, copyright protection and expert rights protection. For example, the digital copyright of Tencent music is based on the application of the Hui digital intellectual property application platform - IP chain. Through block chain technology, Hui Jie has sung the trilogy of "digital rights affirming, using rights and safeguarding rights", so that people who truly have creative and innovative achievements have gained more diversified means to display themselves and gradually realized the life of intellectual property.

Through digitalization, online and intellectualization of intellectual property rights, Hui Ying network has led the transformation of commercialization, industrialization, finance and life of intellectual property, and promoted the development of China's innovative society.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Zhao Xibin

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