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How to find objects in the APP of werewolves?

2019-05-22 18:14. network Wen Wen

For 96 years, Cindy never thought that his boyfriend was quarrelling through quarrel.

"When a werewolf killed APP, a boy and I jumped at the hunter. I did not quarrel with him. But the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to be angry. I added his friend and wanted to curse him. But in the course of his speech, he found the boy was very interesting and his character was very good, and then slowly developed." Cindy said.

As a 95, Cindy is very keen on all kinds of social activities during college, whether it is with friends to sing a song to KTV, or to go to a nightclub occasionally, is a more daily content. For her, social is an effective way to release pressure. But slowly, she was keen to relax socially on a app called the "Wolf Man". "The way we used to be socially simple is to sing and speak in a big way. Now it's a werewolf kill." She said, "now, people who are good friends are chatting."

Masquerade technology, werewolf killing

Cindy's mention of "werewolf killing APP" is not a new product, but a social software released in 2016 by mask technology. The social networking software registered more than 10 million users in just a few months, breaking 80 million in 2018, pushing the number of users to 100 million. Even climbed the top three in the Appstore social ranking list, behind WeChat and QQ, which triggered the national craze, and many other investors, including Zhu Xiaohu, the partner of Jinsha River venture, including the unicorn catcher.

It's such a social interaction software based on voice interaction, which allows Cindy to give up the colorful online dating gathering and turn to online voice chat. Her case is not an isolated case. It is not unusual for lovers to be friends or friends.

Wolves kill friends

The secret lies in content.

Content has become the most important tool for social networking. No matter online or offline, who can put forward the content that users are interested in, and be willing to communicate with others around it, we can firmly grasp the user's nerves. And werewolves kill precisely precisely this point.

In werewolf killing APP, users constantly speak, interact and reason around simple rules. In this process, a person's personality and personal ability are almost fully displayed. Some people are eloquent, but they may be impetuous and eager to explain. Some people are silent, but they may be careful. In this game of speech that requires logic and eloquence, each sound line may reveal your true character, and this is the most necessary way to achieve social relationships.

In interpersonal relationships, the most desirable thing is to have a thorough understanding of each other. In addition to objective conditions such as age and height, personality and ability basically determine whether two people can call. For Cindy, her natural activity is not good for her brain. Her favorite is a more intelligent and tolerant person. By playing several games of Lycan, she falls down on her boyfriend's keen thinking and persuasion. "Later, we both sent pictures. Frankly speaking, his looks were quite ordinary. If I was in a friend's dinner or a bar, I would certainly not be interested in him, and had no desire to chat. But fortunately, I first realized the beauty of his heart, ha ha! "Cindy said.

Chat records of Cindy

Cindy is very frank about the evaluation of his boyfriend's appearance, but there are two totally different social routes. The first is the social experience she has experienced in the past: she looks the best and looks good enough to talk to others. The second is the social mode of werewolf killing: character supremacy, through a certain topic to thoroughly reveal a person's core characteristics. The first way is not just to know new friends, but rather to release hormones. The second way is to make friends, which is the core principle of things that require long-term vision.

It's precisely because of the core point of "using content to do social interaction" that the Lycan killing social software has gone wild for nearly 3 years. Around the social interaction, the product itself is constantly changing. In addition to constantly optimizing the social experience, it also joins the chat irrigation area and the association board, allowing users to choose the theme they like to join in and continue to socialize.

After the masquerade technology werewolf killed the market trend, Tencent, NetEase, unfamiliar street, YY and other Internet giants launched their own products one after another, but chose different market positioning. This may be decided by market positioning. Dachang often wants to transform the werewolf killing product into a competitive game, by increasing a large number of roles, playing and adding a tense tournament system to enhance the stimulation to users; from this perspective, they and masquerade technology "werewolf kill APP" have chosen a completely different development direction and product form.

On the other hand, the "Lycan kill game" based on competition, while the other side is the "Lycan killing social software" based on chat, and most of the users prefer a relaxed "closed eyes in the dark".

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