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Probiotics refreshing force, Dr. 0+ added another toothpaste.

2019-05-22 17:17. Central Broadcasting Network Wen Wen

Under the new consumption trend, people pay more and more attention to oral health, and oral health care demands are becoming more diverse. In the choice of toothpaste, while pursuing the promotion of external image, the demand of consumers for the protection and repair function of moth proofing, solid teeth, sensitive and antibacterial is also increasing day by day, and the efficacy of whitening and refreshing breath is still the main responsibility.

As a member of the Chinese Stomatological Association and a chain of ecological enterprises, Dr. Beck has always adhered to the quasi medical attitude as an oral care product, integrating innovation, research and development, and production as a whole. He is committed to achieving breakthroughs in products and services in the dental field and meeting the diverse needs of different populations. Since its establishment, Dr. Beckham has continuously developed research and innovation, and has launched 0+ series toothpaste with whitening, gingival protection and moth proofing. The product matrix has been gradually formed. Recently, Dr. Beckham added a new member, officially released 0+ probiotics toothpaste, leading to fresh breath of revolution.

GMLP probiotics unique formula, from the root to solve the problem of breath.

Studies show that 80% of oral problems are caused by bacteria. Oral uncleanliness, plaque, dental calculus and dental plaque accumulation can cause imbalance of oral flora. When harmful bacteria are greater than beneficial bacteria, they will bring continuous breath and even worse breath. Dr. 0+'s toothpaste is an original antibacterial formula, specially adding GMLP probiotics, effectively regulating oral flora, inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria, preventing the bad odour produced by bacterial metabolism, and solving oral problems such as halitosis from the root cause.

Through the authority's verification, Beckham 0+ probiotics fresh toothpaste, most of the oral pathogenic bacteria inhibition rate up to 99%, can effectively inhibit pathogenic bacteria, reduce plaque production, strength to protect the health of the teeth, long and refreshing breath.

Sweet peppermint, double refreshing barrier

Peppermint is not only a commonly used raw material for gum, but also an effective ingredient in the treatment of various diseases. Oral care products containing peppermint essential oil have the effect of improving breath and treating gingival inflammation. Peppermint mixed with probiotics is just like creating a double clean barrier for the mouth, keeping the mouth fresh and refreshing, and making you fall in love with every breath.

Dr. 0+, the probiotic fresh toothpaste, has a fragrant and fragrant entrance, and a new flavour of probiotics + peppermint. It gives the breath a long and cool taste and a rich taste. After the invitation of 24 experienced officials, the experience officers were unanimously recommended and loved.

Zero added saccharin free, healthy upgrade

Pigments and preservatives have always been controversial in various kinds of food, skin care products and other additives. For toothpaste products, zero addition is also very necessary. Doctor 0+ series of toothpaste has always insisted on adding pigment and preservative without adding any harmful chemicals such as hormones, fluorescent agents, bleaching agents, and so on.

The doctor's health coefficient is upgraded again. 0+ probiotics toothpaste is used. Green chlorinated galactose is used instead of saccharin. The freshness of peppermint and the sweet taste of peppermint will bring fresh refreshing oral experience to people. Three.

It has been officially sold on the sale of millet products at a price of only 14.9 yuan.

About Dr. bell

Founded in 2016, Dr. Beck, as a new eco chain enterprise, focuses on providing users with high-quality oral care products. In the future, Dr. Beck will also expand more Internet based oral health services to create a comfortable oral health experience for users.

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