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Shuijingfang dialogue Bao Chunlai: all the success stems from the courage to start.

2019-05-22 16:14. network Wen Wen

Introduction: Hunan, a province full of individuality, has been written in the history of China by the spirit of "eating bitterly, being patient and tyrant". The children of Hunan have written a sad chapter in Chinese history. Since modern times, Hunan people have been forging ahead in various fields and created achievements that the world can see for all. Recently, the famous high-end liquor brand Shuijingfang, combined with the local culture of Hunan, has launched a new product -- Shuijingfang, Jingtai (Silk Road version Hunan) and the local media launched the "strong, my Hunan" topic discussion, salute Hunan (tea horse road), salute the Silk Road spirit of inheritance and development, and pay tribute to everyone who constantly develops in life. Around this topic, we interviewed the badminton world champion and actor Bao Chunlai from Hunan.

"Cross border" Bao Chunlai: from world badminton to the stage of film and television: in August 2006, on the stage of the final of the Badminton Open in South Korea, Chinese athlete Bao Chunlai met Roslin, the famous Malaysia player. After fierce competition, Bao Chunlai finally lifted his first trophy in his career career. After that, he fought more and more, and won numerous titles in individual and group events. Not long ago, many audiences found Bao Chunlai's figure in the movie "attack". In fact, this is not the first time he has struck the screen. After his retirement in 2011, the handsome Hunan child has entered the entertainment circle starting from the stage of drama, and has a good performance in hosting, fashion and movies. From the badminton arena emphasizing strength and skill to the stage of performing arts that emphasizes performing skills and emotional expression, Bao Chunlai can interpret the "crossover" to the extreme, and his "double faced" life has also made many people curious.

Looking back and growing up: I am grateful for the cultivation of a piece of land. "The humanistic spirit of Hunan has nurtured me, and this land has given me a lot of things." Speaking of the many honors that have been achieved in the badminton arena and some achievements after the transformation, Bao Chunlai humbly attributed all this to the edification of the culture of his hometown in Hunan. Bao Chunlai became a young athlete and looked back on his career for more than 20 years. From ignorance to maturity, and then to harvest, he belonged to his infinite glory. He was considered to be under the guidance of Hunan's courage to fight and dare to play, "through constant competition." In the end, after the retirement, there was a strong interest in literature and art and to the stage of performing arts. Perhaps, Bao Chunlai was more or less influenced by the cultural undertakings that flourished in Hunan in recent years. Through Bao Chunlai's "summary", combined with our understanding of Hunan and his experience of growing up, it is easy to see that his "multifaceted" life is actually a miniature of Hunan's multiculturalism. Hunan is not only a person who can eat spicy, drink, be carefree and carefree. At the same time, Hunan's endless cultural transmission since ancient times is equally shocking. In the new era, Hunan people are more active in keeping pace with the times, boldly innovating and innovating, taking Hunan satellite TV as the representative of the cultural industry, and truly "entertaining and entertaining" the concept of being deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. With a series of excellent literary and artistic works, the cultural heritage of Hunan is simultaneously shown to the world. Therefore, only Hunan's diverse land can breed Hunan pride like "multi faceted" Bao Chunlai.

No combination of Hunan and Hunan: the combination of inheritance and development is in the interview, and Bao Chunlai's most widely quoted phrase is "no Xiang without army." Indeed, whether in the Chinese history, the famous "Xiang army", or the great people who have stepped out of the history of China since the modern times, the spirit of "eating bitterly, being patient and tyrant" has gone through thousands of years of inheritance in Hunan. It has become a kind of indomitable persistence and death, and accompanied by the pioneering spirit of Hunan children, it shows the strong influence of "Xiang army" in more fields of peace in the. Speaking of this year's Hunan badminton team won the team championship, Bao Chunlai think this is "no Xiang no army" concept, and Hunan people's solidarity spirit of a show. In the team match, "everyone can twist a rope and stand well in his post, playing better than usual playing single item". In these sports athletes who can concentrate on their hearts, we can see the continuation of their predecessors' spirit and also see a new era of Hunan developing brilliance. "The genes of badminton flowing in my blood, like I eat and drink, have no way to separate them." Just like in the performing arts circle, still concerned about the home badminton team competition, retired Bao Chunlai did not conceal his passion for badminton, but for today's "crossover", he even thought it was his heart to choose from his past applause and honor. Even if this is a new start and needs to learn, there will be more challenges. Bao Chunlai is not afraid or hesitant. "Choose one thing, do it well, do it well", and feel the courage to develop again in plain language. Just like he once waved his racket to win over a strong opponent. This time, the Hunan kid, who is not afraid of it, is going to conquer himself.

Xiang Chu pride: strong, my Hunan recently, the famous high-end liquor brand Shuijingfang joined hands with Hunan media to launch a topic discussion activity named Hunan, which is very strong, and many people mentioned the spiritual characteristics of Hunan's "bitter eating, patience and tyrant", and the multiple Hunan character with both blood and elegance. In Bao Chunlai's view, he is only one of the most common representatives of millions of Hunan children affected by the land of Hunan. Compared with his contribution to his hometown, he is more grateful for the "gene" that Hunan has injected into his life.

At the end of the interview, Bao Chunlai received a special gift from Shuijingfang, Shuijingfang's well site (Silk Road version of Hunan), which just appeared soon. Shuijingfang said that this product that integrates Shaoshan, Yuelu Academy and Zhangjiajie and belongs exclusively to Hunan is to pay tribute to Hunan and salute the Silk Road spirit of inheritance and development. "The people of Hunan have a special feeling for Shaoshan. The spirit of pioneering spirit it represents represents a force that needs to be deeply understood and especially inspiring." At the bottom of the wine bottle, the few Shaoshan sketches of Bao Chunlai's picture seem to have returned to his growing memory, and this wine has become a kind of sustenance for his emotion and memory at this moment.

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