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Extra Dmall: go to the wheat field music festival to listen to Jay Chou's food and drink strategy.

2019-05-22 16:01. network Wen Wen

What do you want for a music festival? Drinks, chocolate, ice cream, cookies and chips? What you want is "more". On May 25th and 26, the 2019 wheat field music festival will be held at the Changyang music theme park in Beijing. The most popular digital retail platform in China is "multi-point Dmall", which will open the supermarket to the scene.

This wheat field Music Festival is the first large-scale outdoor music festival in Beijing this year, and has a strong lineup of Jay Chou, Jolin and Faith Yang. Multi point Dmall is the official supplier of exclusive water and snack. We will work together with our partners in the supermarket to set up an integrated supermarket on the offline line.

Multi point Dmall has a total of 5 sales outlets at the site, which are distributed at the entrance and three main stages such as Do, Re, Me, etc., and can replenish water and energy at any time and place. Special attention should be paid to the small partners who buy PLUS tickets for the music festival: the PLUS ticket exclusive benefits include 1 drinks redemption vouchers, which can be exchanged for 1 drinks in the special area, and the location of the exchange is in the Re stage area.

The fans will also experience the convenience of intelligent cash register. They can avoid the trouble of paying long queues through multi-point APP in the cell phone and on-site self-service purchase equipment. At the scene of tens of thousands of people, they are more free to enjoy food as soon as possible. It also sets up the face recognition experience area of the black technology, and the brush face can see the recommendation of the product. In the multi-point interactive exhibition area, we can also participate in the prize giving activities. Besides the free coke, the prizes will sweep away the robot, reduce the housework, and make it more relaxed and free.

Multi point Dmall is a large supermarket with abundant snacks and snacks and a safe and reliable supply chain, so that fans can keep their energy supply in the wheat field while they are restless. At the same time, the site will be digitally selected according to the site restrictions. As a digital retail platform, multipoint has abundant data for people, commodities, etc. Choosing the corresponding conditions in the system, we can select the most suitable music festival scenes and cater for the young people.

Music Festival participants have expanded from small fans to wider white-collar workers and students. This time, Jay Chou played the role of Music Festival. Multi point cooperation with the wheat fields, collision, the supermarket into the music festival. Let the traditional retailers that have nothing to do with the new music festivals in the past produce more vivid and interesting interactions with younger people in more dynamic situations.

Multi point Dmall is digitalized to help retailers improve efficiency and improve consumer experience. Multi points provide a comprehensive and systematic digital solution for businesses, and optimize the integration of store to home and whole scene services. These include delivery to home service. At APP, consumers can enjoy high quality, low price and hours of quality service. Category covers daily consumer goods, such as fresh day, 100, etc., all from the local large business super stores, quality after-sales guarantee.

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