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When he signed a $114 million contract, he became a data producer for the 2020 census.

2019-05-22 15:46. China net Wen Wen

Taking advantage of data analysis, security and control and privacy protection, the company helps escort large scale integrated communications programs.

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The world's leading supplier of multi-channel business communication services and marketing solutions, the company, recently announced the signing of a contract with the US government publications authority for a total amount of US $114 million and will be responsible for the integration and production of its printing materials and mail services in 2020. He will use his leading data, logistics, printing and operation platform to manage this project, one of the largest and most complex communication activities in the world. The project will cover more than 600 million documents, which will be sent to over 1.3 million American families by mail.

"When the 2020 census comes, we are honored to be the material and service provider of the event," said Dan Knotts, President and chief executive of the company. "We will take advantage of the leading data analysis capabilities and consistent professional knowledge to implement this critical communication activity in the most stringent data and safety requirements of the industry. Every day we provide our customers with the best service and products, which is very exciting. We expect to accomplish this important work with the same standard and quality. "

From 2019 to 2020, she will be responsible for the production and integration of 2020 census data. It includes questionnaires, letters, inserts, postcards and envelopes. This work will be done by the printing and production base of the company in the United States. As part of the project, he plans to make additional investments in binding, printing and other equipment in early 2019. At present, part of the work is estimated to be completed in 2019, and most of the products are expected to be shipped in 2020.

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The company is the world's leading supplier of multi-channel business communication services and marketing solutions, with 43000 employees in 34 countries and over 5 customers. He can provide the most complete solution portfolio to enterprises of different sizes to help them optimize their interaction with customers and simplify business operations in the entire user journey. With the ability, excellence and experience, the company can develop, manage, deliver and optimize its marketing and business communication strategies for all kinds of enterprises around the world.

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