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Tiger brand photography brand "fresh lemon" heavy attack, set off a new trend in the industry.

2019-05-22 15:43. network Wen Wen

2019 is the thirtieth anniversary of the completion of the Tiger color. In May 20th, the "new lemon", a new brand of photography, was launched in Shenzhen. At the press conference, fresh lemon first established a brand positioning for creating an open image vertical platform, and centered around meeting the needs of consumers in the whole life cycle, with story photography and scene home products, supplemented by a powerful industrial middle platform mode, and raised the image industry's ecological innovation. Fresh lemon this year will have the first batch of 40 "performing shop" to open in Shenzhen, plus Shandong Tai'an, Hainan Sanya, Guangdong Dongguan three places of Direct stores, once the advent of fresh lemon, will cover four cities in three provinces.

It is noteworthy that the famous actor Xu Haiqiao also officially announced the brand spokesperson of fresh lemon at the press conference.

Image industry seeks change, Tiger color creates "fresh lemon mode" to break through first.

At present, China's video market is booming, but there is always a shadow on the back of the sun. On the one hand, the problem of invisible consumption has been criticized by consumers. On the other hand, the improvement of operating costs and consumer demands has become the number one problem of traditional studio owners. Although many studios are actively seeking transformation, the transformation path is not smooth under the influence of many unfavorable factors.

(Chairman of Tiger color printing art: Chen Chengwen)

Chen Chengwen, chairman of the Tiger color printing industry, delivered a speech at the press conference, saying that with the rapid development of the Internet and the mobile Internet, the traditional industry is evolving to the industrial Internet. The so-called industrial Internet is the interconnection of human beings, people and objects, things and things. The tiger lemon eco imaging platform, which is being built, is based on the creation of tiger smart chemical plant, large platform and big data. The appearance of fresh lemon will be able to embody traditional photo studio merchants, help merchants to cope with the transformation and upgrading of the digital age of the Internet, and build a complete and convenient ecological circle by linking businesses, video industry practitioners and users, so as to reshape the new format of the image industry.

Therefore, the future Tiger color is no longer just a simple supplier, the product is not only the image, but through the fresh lemon brand to create a series of personalized customization services for customers.

Tiger carries fresh lemon to build online and offline channels, creating a new image lifestyle.

At the press conference, Zhang Yaozong, general manager of Tiger color image, first put forward a brand-new image business mode, "unilateral to multilateral, isolation to object alliance, product photography separation", through the answer to the five "impossible" industry problems, such as "impossible to sell from invisible to clear sales", "impossible to change from low efficiency to high efficiency", and "impossible to change from low frequency to high frequency".

(fresh lemon responsible person: Zhang Yaozong)

In addition to realizing the synchronization of online and offline sales, touting and serving more consumers, tiger brand made fresh lemon brand to take advantage of its own technological advantages and take the lead in the image industry to centrally manage the Zhongtai empowerment. Zhang Yaozong said that the Internet of things platform has an unparalleled leading position and advantage in the industry: platform intelligent deployment of production resources, intelligent image processing, AR technology, whole category customization, large capacity material library, fifteen year image cloud storage, intelligent distribution, and product reaching home quickly, all of which will greatly reduce the complicated process that consumers are facing in the process of purchasing image services.

Therefore, the fresh lemon has a distinct industrial Internet gene, extending from the production end to the industrial chain upstream, around the female users from love, marriage, pregnancy to parent-child and many other life scenes, through the channels to open up online and offline, to provide a thorough solution to the traditional studio photography service pit, tired, slow, expensive story story soft products and life scenario hard products. That is to say, through the fresh lemon, upstream industry practitioners and downstream image products suppliers can get more users to reach the platform traffic, and users can quickly and accurately select the products and services they need, and take stylistic, plot and differentiated photos in different scenes, thus experiencing a brand-new image lifestyle.

At the meeting, Zhang Yaozong also called the next store of the 40 lines of "fresh orange" as the "performance type" image shop, and served every user with a more convenient, close to the people and ground air service mode.

At the same time, the "fresh lemon mode" has truly realized the separation of production and photography, that is, the separation of photographic products and photographic services, and the sales mode of selling packages from the traditional photo studio, so that photography can return to the beginning. Consumers do not need to worry about the existence of invisible consumption.

US mission, telecommunications, HP Collective suggestions for fresh lemon

At the press conference, Li Peng, general manager of Greater China, HP Indigo/PWI digital printing division, Xu Yanpin, general manager of the wedding industry operation and Yao Li, deputy general manager of China Telecom Tianhe branch, Guangzhou, respectively, made comments and suggestions on the platform mode of fresh lemon, from intelligent manufacturing, offline operation, 5G and so on.

(American group review Xu Yanpin, China Telecom Yao Li, HP Li Peng, lemon Zhang Yaozong)

Xu Yanpin said that fresh lemon should pay attention to the service points under the rapid expansion line, while ensuring the same level of service and quality. "Maybe fresh lemon is not just a good online platform, but how to do well online and offline is more important."

According to Yao Li evaluation, in the early stage of cooperation, China Telecom combined with its own advantages and technology, provided a comprehensive solution for fresh lemon, cloud, network and end. On the basis of fresh lemon, relying on intelligent chemical plant, has completed some parts and objects connection, when the advent of 5G, fresh lemon image transmission will be more rapid and efficient. This will form a very important driving value for consumers' perception of use and the importance of privacy for the whole society.

Li Peng, who has cooperated with Tiger color for many years, said that HP, as a strategic partner of tiger for many years, will continue to provide the best technology, equipment, solutions and market share support.

Star Xu Haiqiao endorsed the fresh lemon, the value of the face is the guarantee of quality.

At the press conference, fresh lemon also officially announced the signing of the famous actor Xu Haiqiao as the brand spokesperson.

Xu Haiqiao has been well known by the audience for playing the role of "Meng Qian Long" in the TV drama "flower bone". In recent years, she has participated in many TV shows and variety shows. Her popularity has increased year by year. At present, she has tens of millions of fans in the major social media, and 78% of her fans are female, which is quite matched with the users who are positioned by the fresh lemon. The combination of fresh lemon and the star that is consistent with the brand image will not only be an important starting point for the further transmission of brand value, but also leverage the image market dominated by young female user groups.

The essence of image is to retain memory and convey beauty. So far, it has not only satisfied the basic needs of consumers. The tiger brand is dedicated to create a fresh lemon brand and launch a new video service and product consumption mode. Apart from mining the image industry, it is more likely to open up a new industry blue ocean market, which is also of great significance to reshape the industry image and consumer confidence, and promote the development of a more healthy and standardized image consumer market. Tiger painted the fresh lemon as the first step in the 30th anniversary transformation. It can be seen that it has made full preparations for the arrival of the Internet era.

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