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With your customers, products Express is your exclusive courier.

2019-05-22 15:41. network Wen Wen

Today is "520". Have you spoken to your lover?

"520" is a very special day for

Since 2014, has come to the user's home every year for user interviews.

This year is the sixth year of "520 user experience day". We should not forget our hearts and hearts, and listen to our customers' hearts.

Today, with the increasing normalization of electricity shopping, apart from the quality of goods, fast, efficient and high-quality logistics services are also the focus of many users' online shopping.

During the interview, a 90 year old mother could not help praising several times, saying, " delivers door-to-door service, and product express delivers door-to-door every time, so that I can take care of the baby very much at home and do not worry about going downstairs to get the express."

A lady in Jiangmen, Guangdong, is a university professor. She feels that is very convenient to return goods. She has never contacted customer service. The return of goods can only be done to the product courier, which saves time and effort, and the refund is still very fast.

During the interview, many loyal users of were satisfied with the logistics service of pin Chun express. Many people knew their products with their own products, and every time they sent them directly to their own hands.

Pin Chun express is self built logistics. Since 2017, it has fully opened up its socialization business. As of now, it has covered 31 provinces and autonomous regions in China, and has adopted the operation mode of full direct operation and no affiliation. 30000 couriers have provided exclusive service to customers such as door-to-door delivery, interview wear, cash on delivery, and door replacement.

Qu Yinghao, a product courier of Donggang station in Dandong, Liaoning, sends her express parcels to the customers every time. He has contacted his clients and jokes that he is "pistachio" because he always wears a warm smile on his face.

There are many empty nesters living in Jinding Longwan, Weihai City, Shandong province. Many of the express parcels in the district are bought by the children who are working outside their homes to the furniture and appliances of their own parents. Jia Xiaowei, a product courier of Rushan Railway Station, insisted on delivering door-to-door upstairs every time. It was a "Superman" in the eyes of the elderly. On one occasion, Jia Xiaowei delivered a washing machine. After telephone contact, he learned that his son and daughter bought it for their parents. Because of the older age and inconvenient mobility, Jia Xiaowei lifted up the washing machine and climbed up to the five floor in one breath. After the service, he found that the old man would not install and move in trouble. He also offered to help the old man catch the water pipe and teach the old man the simple way of using it.

Ms. Tao, Linhai City, Zhejiang, is a construction site worker who has been exposed to the sun and rain throughout the year. On the eve of "520", her husband bought her a set of skin care products. Chen Liang, a courier courier of Duqiao station, served as a sweet courier ambassador, and sent her express to her by the time of Miss Tao's rest. Ms. Tao said, "I am so accustomed to it that I am surprised to receive such a thoughtful gift. Chen Liang always helps me mail my clothes, shoes and school things to my old children. He has become an indispensable part of my emotional transmission."

Every year in May is the season for the open season Cherry Market in the vicinity of Yuncheng, Shanxi province. Yan Bo, a phoenix courier, goes to the fields, picking, packaging, transporting and distributing. The whole process is involved to ensure that the cherry is picked on that day and sent out that day to help local farmers "get out of the countryside" and "go" to the market. Mr. Zhang, a fruit grower, sees that his cherry can be sold to every big city in a timely manner. He is very gratified. "I am an ordinary farmer. It is my greatest motivation to get so many people's recognition and support through Chun Chun express."


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