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Beijing's top show Jinshi district outside the main road shed was cleared up in these areas.

2019-05-22 13:50. beijing evening news TF011

Earlier, the residents of the Fengtai District Jinxiu Jinshi residential area reflected that the selling vegetable shed near the residential area had blocked people's sidewalks and affected the trip. At that time, the vegetable shed was located outside the west gate, not only occupying roads, but also affecting pedestrian traffic. According to nearby residents, the booth has been here for more than half a month.

Recently, during the return visit, the reporter saw that the greenhouse has been cleaned up. It is understood that in response to the problem of residents, Nanyuan Township banned the vegetable shed in accordance with the law, and ordered the head of the greenhouse to clean up the scene. In addition, arrange personnel to strengthen supervision and control of the site at irregular intervals, consolidate the effect of law enforcement and prevent the problem from rebounding.

This column also reported that after the road was widened, the stone blocks on the sidewalk were blocked, which caused inconvenience to pedestrians. In an earlier interview, the reporter saw at the scene that on the sidewalk near the west side of the Shijingshan amusement park and on the west side of the octagonal East Street, after the overhaul project was completed, a rectangular stone pier was left in the middle of the sidewalk, leaving only a narrow gap for pedestrians to pass through. After the report, the relevant departments of Shijingshan District immediately organized personnel to solve the problem, and removed the huge stone and completed the laying of the trail.

At the end of March, some residents reported to the 12345 hotline that there was a 400 meter long road on the south side of the intersection of Chaoyang District golden cicada road and the FA Dao road. The road was slightly surplus, but it was crowded by 5 zombies on the roadside. After the report, the "zombie car" blocking the road has been removed. Reporters learned from the relevant departments, after the management of the traffic control department, the roadside "zombie car" was towed away from the scene, and the middle of the road was also equipped with an isolation barrier, which ensured the orderly and smooth passage of the road.



Source: Jing Yiming, a reporter for the Beijing Evening News

Process editor: tf011

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