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Aojo join hands with one foundation to keep moving forward for public interest activities.

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On the morning of May 19th, the 1st fund sounded the assembly number for the 2019 public welfare hiking activities in the eastern overseas Chinese town of Shenzhen. 1330 public teams and nearly 4000 players challenged the 40 km hiking route within a day to raise funds for the one child care and development project and help the difficult children to improve their living conditions. Aojo life glasses as a fund invites the corporate love partners to participate in the activities, and actively help the one fund public welfare project.

Zero distance for public interests

At the scene of the event, aojo employees, apart from their personal participation in the hiking activity, are also providing the peripheral products for the hikers at the scene. For 7 consecutive years, they have been awarded aojo sunglasses for the "five-star walkers" who love their peers. They ensure that the hikers keep a clear view on the way, and do not fear the wind and rain and go forward bravely.

In addition, aojo employees are actively promoting the concept of public welfare, raising public welfare funds, inspiring every participant to enjoy the pleasure brought by sports and teamwork, and practicing the concept of "doing everything I can and everyone is public good".

EYE love FEEL GOOD, let love circulate.

This year is the seventh year of the one foundation for the charity industry. It is also the second year of cooperation between aojo and one foundation. As one of the fund's corporate love partners, aojo is committed to providing users with the most comfortable and comfortable visual experience. It also focuses on technology, professionalism, service, efficiency and humanistic care, organizing public welfare activities and experiencing public welfare.

2018 aojo has worked with the one foundation to carry out the "mirror I can, drip water purification" public welfare plan, sold 2579 pairs of cooperative products, and donated 128950 yuan to the Shenzhen One Foundation Charity Foundation.

This year, aojo will carry out more in-depth cooperation with the one foundation. In addition to participating in this and upcoming public welfare hiking activities in Chengdu, it will also focus on the one fund water purification plan and the warm package plan, and create the theme of "love EYE FEEL GOOD" jointly packaged and launched the public welfare joint products. At the same time, the public welfare idea will be passed to more people. At the same time, they will sell a joint product to each other, donate 50 yuan to this public welfare project, and send a cup of clean and safe drinking water to the children affected by drought. Ultimately, the money raised will be used to provide water purification equipment, washing stand and other hardware for the project schools in rural areas, and warmed the children in the affected areas through warm packs to help hardship children improve their living conditions.

Walking for love

All along, the "return society" is a part of the aojo life glasses development mission. It is brave to shoulder social responsibilities and is active in many public welfare activities. In addition to joining the one foundation for the hike of public welfare projects, aojo has joined hands with Lions Clubs to test thousands of school teachers and students in two middle schools in Shangrao, Jiangxi, and donated nearly a thousand pairs of glasses to carry out "bright eye activities". It has also entered Shenzhen's "Tong Ge Bo Er" for free public welfare activities. To practice public welfare as an important cultural activity of enterprises, aojo will continue to do its best in public welfare undertakings. We should not forget our hearts, transmit love and warmth, and forge ahead in the road of public welfare.

Aojo brand introduction

Aojo life glasses, founded in 2013, is a famous brand of spectacles in China. It has glasses, sunglasses, blue lens and presbyopia glasses. Break through the industry tradition, take 399-799 yuan as the main price range, and fully open independent shopping mode to provide users with a full range of high-quality visual experience.

By the end of 2018, more than 500 stores had been opened in 187 cities across the country, and successfully entered overseas markets, opening up new businesses in Southeast Asia, and making continuous efforts towards the world-class brand of life glasses. For more information on aojo life glasses, you can go to the official website of aojo life glasses / WeChat public / micro-blog (all search aojo life glasses) to learn more.


Source: China Youth Network

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