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"Thousand schools and thousands of Kong" 2019 university graduates growth plan released for the graduating students to provide "billion" and "ten thousand" welfare.

2019-05-22 11:04. network Wen Wen

In May 21st, the "2019 thousand university graduates" program was held in Beijing. Under the guidance of the Youth Development Department of the League Central Committee, the "thousand schools and ten thousand Gang" college students growth plan sponsored by the future network will provide 10 thousand + jobs for university graduates, especially graduates from poor families, and provide assistance for a billion yuan in rental housing, as well as a series of online training courses for jobs and applications.

Eggshell apartment, Zhaopin recruitment, micro-blog campus as platform support will also provide more help for graduates employment.

(activity site)

Liu Min, director of employment and entrepreneurship department, Youth Development Department of the Youth League development center, Wan Xing Ya, editor in chief of future network, Xin Tianhao, deputy executive editor of future network, Li Qiang, executive vice president of Zhaopin, Xin Tianhao, vice president He Guangjing, chief executive officer, sun Ling, director of Zhaopin Zhaopin, representative of Li Da on campus, representatives of university graduates and media representatives attended the conference.

(Liu Minfayan, director of employment and entrepreneurship department, Youth Development Department)

At the scene of the event, Liu Min, director of the employment and entrepreneurship Department of the Youth Development Department of the Central Youth League, mentioned in his speech that based on the overall situation of the party and state work, the overall situation of "steady employment" and the overall situation of tackling poverty alleviation, the eighteen major projects of the group put forward the three 100 thousand key projects of academic support, employment assistance and entrepreneurial support, and strive to help 100 thousand students complete their studies and help 100 thousand graduates of secondary and technical schools to find jobs in the poverty-stricken population in 2020. At the same time, 100 thousand ambitious young people took root in rural entrepreneurship.

Liu Min said that in order to implement the "employment 100 thousand +" project, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League implemented the "thousand school and ten thousand Gang" secondary school students' precise helping action to help file the employment of the poverty-stricken families. Today, the "thousand school and ten thousand Gang" College Students' growth plan launched by the future network, joint eggshell apartment, Zhaopin recruitment, micro-blog campus and other enterprises, together to help thousands of schools and tens of thousands of posts to help college students get full employment, is of great significance.

Liu Min said that the future will continue to pool social resources such as enterprises, increase the quality of job recommendation efforts, help students take the first step in the good job.

(future editor, Wan Xing Ya)

"Achieving university graduates' scientific concept of employment and value orientation, helping graduates get jobs faster and better integrate into society," as the media in the future, we should focus on the main responsibility of the Communist Youth League. At the event, the future editor in chief of the network, Wan Xing Ya, said that in the 2019 college graduates' growth planning activities, the future network will create new forms. Through the network expression and network activities enjoyed by fresh graduates, the public short videos will be widely disseminated on the new media platform, including social integration, identification of job traps, recognition of renting black intermediaries, etc., so that the graduating students can leave school, succeed in employment and confidently enter the posts, and integrate into society and work more actively, healthily and steadily.

Wan Xingya said that from 2015 onwards, the future network began to help university graduates. Last year, the future network launched the "College Students' growth plan" activities, joint egg shell apartments and other business units, to provide tens of millions of rental benefits for graduates. At the same time, we should give full play to the advantages of the network platform, condense social resources, provide college students with many internship opportunities, many online and offline experience service activities and other benefits, so as to help university graduates integrate into and adapt to society better and achieve a better life.

This year, the number of college graduates is expected to reach 8 million 340 thousand, an increase of 140 thousand compared with 2018 and a record high. At present, the domestic employment boom is under pressure, and the competition for job seekers is becoming increasingly fierce.

According to Zhaopin 2019's Guide to job seeking for college students (hereinafter referred to as the "job search guide"), under the pressure of 8 million 340 thousand competitors, 88.1% of the graduates think that this year's employment is difficult, especially those who are relatively few in resources and have urgent employment and economic pressure.

(speech by Li Qiang, executive vice president of Zhaopin)

Li Qiang, executive vice president of Zhaopin recruitment, said in his speech that during the activity period, Zhaopin will set up a dedicated page on the official website and new media platform for the job seekers' demand for fresh graduates in the University. In the 3 million 500 thousand annual recruitment positions of the whole platform, 10000+ graduates will be selected as the employment posts.

Zhaopin recruitment of "2019 college students' employability report" shows that "too confused, do not know what kind of work you should choose" and "do not meet the requirements of employers" is the main reason for the failure of job seekers.

Li Qiang believes that job seekers need more inspiration and guidance. Aiming at this pain point, Chi Lian has created a series of courses of "thousand schools and ten thousand Gang employment Courses" for college students, and has offered the NET (employability) test to help college students enhance their competitiveness and clear their job hunting objectives, and achieve seamless connection with the needs of employers.

(He Guangjing, vice president of eggshell apartment brand relations)

How can we make a home in the world? From students to workplace people, a stable residence is also a fresh demand for fresh graduates.

"To let young people live in dignity in the city", He Guangjing, vice president of eggshell apartment brand relations, said the eggshell apartment will inject billions of yuan to help rent the graduates in the process of entrepreneurship and employment.

He Guangjing said that eggshell apartments will give full play to their business advantages, provide graduates with a maximum rent of 800 yuan per person, at the same time, aiming at the poor university graduates, on the basis of the original preferential treatment, they will give 200 yuan cash subsidy to achieve precise support.

According to the reporter, in 2016, eggshell apartment launched the public welfare project named "Liang bird program" for the new graduates. So far, the public welfare project has benefited millions of graduates nationwide, and the rent amount is up to tens of millions.

The growth plan of the 2019 university graduates of "1000 schools and ten thousand posts" is aimed at solving the pain demand of graduates from two aspects: seeking employment and living in peace and contentment. Zhang Haoyue, a senior student at Beijing Information Science and Technology University, said that the new journey of life is about to open after graduation. Employment and residence are the common concerns of university graduates.

Zhang Haoyue said, looking back at four years of university life, learning and life experiences are very substantial. It is hoped that with the help of the growth plan of "2019 graduates from a thousand schools and thousands of Posts", we can enter the society smoothly and strive for success.

(Zhang Haoyue, the representative of Beijing Information Science and Technology University graduates)

At the scene, Liu Min, director of employment and entrepreneurship department, Youth Development Department of the Youth League Development Center (right two), Xintian Hao, deputy editor in chief of the future network, left a certificate for eggshell apartment and Zhaopin.

In the "dialogue workplace big coffee" link, executives discuss how graduates plan their careers, how to adjust their mindset into society, and how to solve various problems when they enter the workplace.

Subsequently, Sun Ling, executive director of Zhaopin, shared with the field students the training course of thousand schools and ten thousand posts, and guided the students to set up the correct employment outlook and employment view with the policies of national conditions, employment strategies and youth story models.

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