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Bear U rented 1st Anniversary brand new brand image, further branding strategy

2019-05-22 11:02. network Wen Wen

In May 18, 2019, U held the 1st Anniversary brand day activity of "new and more advanced", and officially released a new brand image. The brand vision recognition design was adjusted and upgraded in an all-round way, and the brand strategy deepened further.

This image upgrading is a key step in the branding strategy. Through a more vivid brand image system, it explains the core value and characteristics of U's rental brand and has a deeper relationship with customers. The new visual identity design of U bears the inspiration from the brand "low cost, high efficiency, high quality and easy to work" core value. It conveys the purest brand concept with the most direct, the most vivid and the most distinctive brand new image. It also reflects the vision and value of U's rent.

LOGO creative source

The new LOGO chooses blackbody as the basic structure, and each "month" character is applied to the design of dissatisfied lattice, which symbolizes a building and highlights the service attributes of the enterprise. The color extends the main color of blue, and adds the blue black auxiliary color which represents the natural and environmental protection green, and represents the technological sense. It matches perfectly with the business layout of "U + rent + recovery + service". Graphics extract U letters to increase uniqueness, highlighting U bear's pursuit of quality, excellence and excellence, and create the ultimate value concept of service.

LOGO standardized cartography

Brand standard color

The new brand image of bear U rented on the whole is more stable and generous, its brand personality is distinct, and it has more cutting-edge technology and fashion sense. Its visually recognizable features have been greatly enhanced, and it has more accurately conveyed the value system of U's rented product system, professional technical strength, extreme service and "let the enterprise easy to work". It has made people feel the brand image change brought by the new VI, and is more in line with the industry status of "U IT rental brand", which is the concentrated visual embodiment of bear U's rental brand.

Auxiliary graphics application

Three view of IP image

IP image 3D map

The release of the new image implies that U's rental is centered on products and services, and it is further on the road of value creation of the empowerment enterprises. At present, U rental is gradually promoting the branding operation of the service. It will create a IT sharing platform for commercial customers through the operation mode of the bear U station, and provide a high quality and efficient "end" service. It will not only allow users to abandon the brand appeal at the device side, but also let the U bear be the only choice for the user at the server side.

Hu Zuoxiong, the founder of U rental and CEO, said that although the threshold of IT office equipment is not high, it is necessary to pay more time and energy to cultivate the market and constantly export its value to customers. Moreover, as the track is verified, more and more players come into the industry, and more and more competitors will be forced to establish brand advantages and be quickly recognized and recognized in the fight.

On the day of the 1st anniversary anniversary of the bear, Jingdong business partners, Jingdong pat, Da Chen venture capital, Li Shi international, good rental network, excellent customer workshop, hunting cloud network, Zhaopin recruitment, hunting net, excellent O+ and so on more than 10 partners in the form of joint poster in the form of interaction with bear U rent, praise U to rent new brand image.

When the new image is launched, Xiao bear U also rented the activities of "first month rent free" for the rental of computers with Jingdong. Today, from May 30th to May 30th, corporate customers will sign up to bear rental platform ( and receive the first month rent free coupon.

The value proposition of U's rental is to make the enterprise easy to work. From business mode innovation, product innovation, service innovation, to brand upgrading, and image upgrading, every innovation and innovation, bear U rental always carries out the brand concept of "let the enterprise easy to work", focusing on the real pain of business office, and empowering every dream. Hu Zuoxiong, founder and CEO of U, said that enterprises are the places to create dreams. In today's China, small and medium-sized enterprises are the places to create the most dreams. Practicing the idea of "making enterprises easy to work" is not only a brand dream to realize the U rent of small bear, but also to help more than 4000 domestic enterprises to realize their dreams.

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