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AI+ smart applet to achieve a key phone search! Baidu's warmth helps the stray go home.

2019-05-22 11:09. network Wen Wen

Baidu Inc recently announced that the two years' AI search service has been upgraded recently. Relying on Baidu big data user portrait, with the help of "search + information flow", Baidu APP's "Baidu AI search" smart Mini program will be more accurate to touch users who have the need to find users, and help more lost people to reunite with their loved ones as soon as possible.

Baidu's "AI search" is a AI public service launched by Baidu at the end of 2016, such as Baidu's "AI search" platform. The callers do not need to register or register. They only need to upload photos of missing loved ones on the homepage of the website, which can be compared with the lost population information registered by the Ministry of civil affairs. In addition to face recognition, the platform also has a query function. Rescuers can screen information on names, sex, age, region, rescue station and so on.

In April 2017, Fu Gui, who was 6 years old, was successful in finding a loved one after losing 27 years and became the first successful case of Baidu's "AI search" to help his family reunion. Over the past two years, users have used Baidu's AI search service to upload 151912 photos, achieving 6493 successful comparisons.

In the future, this service will be pushed more easily and accurately to the people in need. At present, Baidu APP has already launched the "Baidu AI search" intelligent small program. Users only need to search "AI search" or "Baidu search little program" on Baidu APP. Simply upload a photo, and compare with the tens of thousands of missing population data of the Ministry of Civil Affairs's national rescue network, the system will automatically give the most similar reference results.

It is reported that since Baidu's "AI search" smart Mini program was launched in January 2019, a total of 80640 people have been looking for people here, and 87444 photos have been uploaded.

Not only that, Baidu will also make the Baidu AI search small intelligent program to reach the needs of the people with the help of the user, and carry out accurate information push to help more potential people understand and obtain the search service.

In recent years, driven by Baidu, Internet technology companies including Tencent and Microsoft have joined the ranks of "AI search". AI technology is playing an unprecedented role in the field of corporate social responsibility. During the two sessions of the National People's Congress in 2017, Baidu CEO Robin Li proposed the proposal of "using AI and big data technology to help solve the problem of missing children", which is widely concerned by the media and the public.

Without the technology of face recognition, thousands of missing people will have a long way home. It can be predicted that Baidu's "AI search" upgrade will increase the efficiency and success rate of searching for relatives and shorten the reunion time of discrete families.

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