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In the first report, who will fill the leisure time of the Internet users in the emerging market?

2019-05-22 10:48. Yangtze Evening News Network Wen Wen

In May 20, 2019, the new media research center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the interesting headlines jointly released the Research Report on the habit of Internet users in the three and the following emerging markets (hereinafter referred to as the report). A number of experts from the China News Association, the new media research center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the Journalism School of Renmin University of China, Peking University, Communication University of China, the public opinion and public policy research center of the people's website, and the interesting headband Research Institute attended the seminar and discussed the report in depth.

"The report complies with the national development strategy, which is very meaningful," said Tian Yuhong, Secretariat of the China Press Association. The report appeared at the right time and provided solid data support for the development of related work.

The report has unveiled the mystery of the emerging market, and has made a deep research and insight into the behavior of netizens in the three line market. It not only provides a valuable reference for the mobile content platform to expand the emerging market, but also provides a clearer application path for the digital village construction.

Emerging market users have different habits of networking, providing important reference for digital village construction.

People are often blinded by what looks like the same thing. This is also a mistake that many Internet products make. In fact, there is a significant difference between the second tier cities and those below three cities. If there is no clear analysis, it is easy to fall into the trap of "one leaf barrier" and finally lose the opportunity window. This report, as a beacon, points out the effective way to serve emerging market users.

Like a second tier city user, emerging market users have strong demand for mobile content. When browsing, they display similar theme preferences to the users of second tier cities: food, life, music and so on.

The difference is not only reflected in the content theme, but also different from the characteristics of reading and literature in a second tier city. Why do users in cities below three lines show a clear love for easy to understand content? The data of interest headlines research institute show that 77.07% of Internet users in emerging markets only have high school education or below, and because of this, they are more eager for knowledge. More than half of users want to get effective guidance from reading content, such as health, education, disease prevention, and common sense of life.

Then, when do users like to go online in the emerging market? The report says that due to the slower pace of life of users below three lines, and commuting time is shorter than that of a second tier city user, the peak of user login comes earlier, mainly from 18 to 21.

Huang Chuxin, Secretary General of the new media research center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, expressed his affirmation of the research on the user behavior characteristics of emerging markets. He pointed out that the state attaches great importance to netizens in cities below three lines, and we need to know some real situations about their living conditions. The contents reflected in this report provide an important reference for the central authorities in the next step for the rural development strategy and information development strategy.

"In the field of Internet behavior research, there are few reports on rural users as objects of investigation, which is groundbreaking." Wang Jun, Professor of information management at Peking University, said: "there is still much room for further research on user behavior in emerging markets. In this regard, innovative development is needed, such as cooperation with universities and offline activities."

The huge consumption potential of emerging markets is a blue ocean to be opened up.

It is a generally accepted fact that the potential of consumption in the emerging market is huge. But when companies rush to the market, if we want to cut this new consumption cake, we need to have a "right way". We must have a deep insight into the consumer demand characteristics and purchase patterns of this market, and combine with the level of regional economic development and be good at taking advantage of the situation, we can quickly activate the market.

Data show that the monthly active equipment of China Mobile's Internet emerging market reaches 618 million. Taking the most representative interest headlines in mobile content platform as an example, the total number of users of 300 million has more than 100 million people's development space, so it is very necessary to win the market.

Among the 618 million emerging market users, nearly half of the female users are serious "mobile phone control". At the same time, data show that China's "wives' money management" family is about 3 times the "money managed by the husband", which implies that the consumption potential is self-evident, and the content platform can focus on female users to create attractive service models.

Although gender users show great differences in the field of consumption, the impact of "acquaintance economy" on the sexes is equally important in emerging markets. Compared to the KOL recommended by the second tier cities, the "acquaintance economy" has a very high conversion rate in the emerging markets. Among them, the female consumers who are easy to be recommended, the middle-aged and the elderly with better economic capability and the young people with a strong desire for consumption are important indicators to attract capital. This discovery provides different reference paths for exploring new consumer markets.

 Picture 1.png

Graph 1: Acquaintance social networking is downloading funny headlines. APP Contribution ratio in driving

Data source: interest headlines Research Institute (2019.05)

Aiming at the consumption potential of cities below three lines, Professor Kuang Wen Po of Renmin University of China first affirmed the existence of the emerging blue ocean market, and said that because the Internet broke the boundaries of space, the rural economy would be further stimulated, and had broad confidence and expectations for the consumption prospects of emerging markets. In addition, he suggested that as the cities below the three lines of India had many similarities with China, it was suggested that enterprises such as interest and headlines should take a firm stand in India and expand their businesses to find a broader market.

Grasp content and service mode innovation and follow the trend of environmental development

It can be said that the mobile content platform has a broad development space in the emerging market, but the new kinetic energy behind the deep excavation is the innovation ability of the technology and service mode of each platform.

Interest headlines Research Institute data show that 79.21% of the emerging market netizens still feel that their entertainment needs have not yet been fully met when talking about mobile entertainment. In the face of the "unsaturated" land with unlimited possibilities, the platform needs to start with the needs of the emerging market users, and find effective ways of innovation in the service mode and content innovation to fill the vacancies in user entertainment. The key to winning the initiative and dominance of the market is to create new capabilities of mobile content platforms in emerging markets.

How to solve the demand for entertainment should be answered by users' demand for video mode. Interest headlines Research Institute data show that nearly 85% of netizens hope that the video duration will be more than 15 seconds, while 61% of netizens hope to watch entertainment short videos at a time longer than 30 seconds. In addition, the user's interest in short video content is increasingly prominent. In the future, it can still exert strength in short video and even medium long video.

 Picture 21.png

chart 2: When netizens watch short videos of entertainment, they prefer the longer time to occupy.

Data source: interest headlines Research Institute (2019.05)

In order to accurately perceive users' preferences for content, machine algorithm has always been the leader in the field of content recommendation. However, if it is not used properly, it will also bring negative effects. The phenomenon of "title party", polarization of views, and poor quality of content are plaguing some users. In view of these phenomena, the same direction is given in the report: we should combine artificial intelligence technology thinking with humanistic view, add a flow of manual editing and screening, and provide users with more useful and personalized customized reading. Wang Jun, Professor of information management department of Peking University, affirmed that China's Internet development is very fast, but the short board is also very obvious. The average depth and quality of Chinese websites are less than half of that of foreign countries, and lack of diversity. This shows that the platform does not meet users' psychological and recognition needs in depth. In the future, enterprises can cooperate with cultural institutions to integrate and disseminate more high-quality cultural content.

In addition to the application of artificial intelligence and artificial screening, the operation of video content service should focus more on community-based and interactive construction, and properly guide users to enhance reading taste and develop the habit of deep thinking, so as to reflect the social value of enterprises.

Liu Zhihua, deputy director of the public opinion and public policy research center of the people's website, said that excellent corporate social value helps the government to better guide enterprises to exert energy at various levels, and also helps the government to weigh the different values.

Of course, the level of education, information asymmetry and other factors, the development of emerging markets is also facing many uncertainties, but this can not deny the huge growth potential behind. For mobile content platform, we want to seize opportunities. We need both strategy and tactics. We should continue to attach importance to the construction of online content ecology and innovation of technology and service mode combined with our own advantages, so as to serve and protect the overall national strategy of developing digital economy more efficiently. Such mobile content platform is worth our expectation.

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