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Can we really wash our clothes? An art exhibition about the truth of clothes.

2019-05-22 10:47. China economic network Wen Wen

Headline: can we really wash our clothes? An art exhibition about the truth of clothes.

Recently, three special clothes were displayed on the China World Trade Center subway station in Beijing. The clothes were made by special crafts. Surprisingly, only half of the clothes displayed were seen as clothes being corroded. This phenomenon has attracted numerous passers by.

Men's shirts, ladies' skirts and children's sweater were displayed in the subway windows. The three garments were half smooth and half filled with dense words.

"No sterilization. Your clothes are only half washed."

"Don't let bacteria become the children's first friends."

"Don't let your favorite clothes get the bacteria you don't like."

The words carved on the clothes are far more likely to be seen by the dense bacteria attacking the clothes.

The entire green passage in the subway is 60 meters long, and the 16 sides of the channel are mounted with a picture frame. Each sentence is thought-provoking.

Clean clothes do not mean that there is no occupation of bacteria.

Have you washed the bacteria after washing for so many years?

Not thorough fiber sterilization is all about speaking.

It is reported that this is the exhibition of the truth of the clothes held by the British royal family's professional sterilization brand at China World Trade Center subway station in Beijing. Using clothes as paper and bacteria as a word to create a piece of art that can be transmitted to remind people that seemingly clean clothes actually hide a lot of bacteria.

Most Chinese families do not have the habit of using professional clothes to remove germs, so they use the subway art exhibition to convey to the public the concept of decontamination is not equal to sterilization. In order to establish the slogan of "washing clothes and step by step", we should establish awareness of the use of germs from the popularization of bactericidal consciousness to product education.

Through the idea of intensifying sterilization, Dilu has aroused consumers' concern about the demand for clothing sterilization. It has made consumers aware of how terrible the clothes without professional sterilization are. Only by eliminating bacteria hidden in clothing fibers can the health of the whole family be protected. While changing the habits of consumers, we should enhance brand awareness and seize the market of target consumer groups.

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