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Watermelon video creators nine girls boarded CCTV to show the most beautiful family in the new era

2019-05-22 10:45. network Wen Wen

Happy families have the same expression, old people love, husband and wife harmony, children obedient and filial piety, happy home, have the same scenery, bitter together, sweet together, say good and bad together, under a roof heating, three life three destined. After "one of the most beautiful families", the watermelon video creators "9 sisters in charge" joined the nine brothers and sons in their CCTV stage with their moving family stories.

"The most beautiful home" program is sponsored by the National Women's Federation and the central broadcasting and television general platform. The CCTV comprehensive channel is hosted by the CCTV comprehensive channel. The theme is "home is the smallest country and the country is millions." from the nearly 1000 families recommended by the National Women's Federation, the most representative nine "most beautiful family", telling the moving family story.

The new farmer nine sister from Lingshan County of Guangxi is a farmer star who has millions of fans in watermelon video. With the encouragement and support of her husband's nine elder brother, she took a short video of rural life and became popular with watermelon videos, which not only changed her small family life, but also led the whole village to the road of becoming rich.

In May 19, 2017, the nine sisters began recording the first video of watermelon in their lives. She made a son's favorite food, meat and egg tart, and did not want to upload the video to the Internet, and she got 200 thousand of the broadcast.

Later, she uploaded the video about farm work, which attracted more netizens' attention. Netizens have said that the nine sisters' fruit is looking fresh and wants to buy, which opens a new door for her life. Since then, she has started selling fruit from her hometown through watermelon video channels.

The nine sisters sold fruit through the short video platform, not only creating good results, but also actively helping the locals solve the problem of unsalable fruits. Once the mango in the next town was unsalable, after nine girls knew the situation, they took a short video of the watermelon on mango, sold two pounds of mango for two hours, and sold the 150 thousand pounds of unsalable fruit for 24 hours. What the townsman values most is that she not only improves her family living conditions, but also extends her ability from her small family to more families.

In the year 2018, nine brothers and nine sisters helped their hometown sell agricultural and sideline products up to about eight million jin.

"At first, I didn't think that I was able to help others, which made me happy. I used to work outside to understand the feeling of family separation. Because I didn't want my son to be a stay at home child, I chose to go home and start business ten years ago. Living in the countryside, opening up wasteland, planting fruit, and then riding on the Internet to get a free ride, life has improved. Now we plan to promote planting technology, establish agricultural products planting base, and help Guangxi agricultural products go to all parts of the country. "The nine sisters laughed and said," when the fruit is sold, the villagers are willing to return to their hometown, so that they can have fewer empty nesters and left behind children.

Nine elder brothers and nine sisters, by driving the rural economy to bring happiness to the villagers' small families, their behavior is also affecting their sons.

In the program, the host asked his nine sister, Lu Chang ha, in his mind what his father and mother looked like. Lu Chang replied, "Mom and dad are very diligent and brave. No matter what difficulties they encounter in life, they will be brave enough to solve them.

It is said that parents are the best teachers for children. In the nine elder brothers and nine sisters, in this family environment, the nine sisters' sons feel love, diligence and bravery. He will also imagine their parents doing positive and positive energy, which is also the best education that families can give their children.

As a brief introduction of the nine sisters on watermelon video, "transfer positive energy to be a valuable person." She and nine brothers are actually using their actual actions to transmit positive energy to help people around them, and also affect many netizens. They use real family stories to explain what is small family, what is everybody, what is "the most beautiful home".

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