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Asian Food Festival: Geoff and his friends bring innovation and technology to "Asian culture heritage".

2019-05-22 10:43. network Wen Wen

In May 16th, as an important supporting event of the Asian civilizations dialogue conference, the Asian Food Festival opened in Beijing Olympic Park, and the three places of Guangzhou, Chengdu and Hangzhou were also linked together.

The Asian Food Festival has adopted 8 main theme pavilions in the main venue of Beijing, one of which is "one main, multiple support, multi-point linkage, online and offline". Among them, the most popular Asian characteristic restaurant is jointly promoted by 300 offline outlets and 2000 online Asian food restaurants. Consumers can eat all kinds of food in Asian countries and understand Asian multiculturalism without leaving the country.

In addition, the exhibition of "Catering Technology and inheritance" and "modern wisdom catering life" has also become a highlight of food festival. Participants can enjoy the intelligent experience of the catering industry through VR and AI, and enjoy the new experience of dynamic scenes.

Using technology to "dialogue" delicious food, new transmission of Asian food culture

Geoff and friends, as exhibitors of the Asian Food Festival, in the exhibition hall of the "food science and technology heritage" exhibition hall in Beijing, through the dynamic menu, net red interactive background wall, festival food scene and other plates, a new display of high-tech food products, the Asian countries cuisine in a new perspective, new ways, creatively projected on the wall, attracting people to pick up the phone to take pictures.

From time to time, some people scan the two-dimensional code on the wall, make barrage comments, recommend and chat. If this can be used to create a dining atmosphere in a restaurant, it is best.

On the spot

In the exhibition area of "Catering Technology and heritage", the first thing is the dynamic wall of "Asian food tour". The designer seems to be the soul painting hand. He represents the 6 countries' representatives and food with simple strokes, and outlines the symbols of every country, and the special food that can "speak".

There are Chinese Tiananmen and delicious Chinese food, Tokyo tower and delicious sushi, hanbok little sister and Korean cuisine, Thailand Jade Buddha and hot and sour Thai food, Vietnamese boat rower with cone cap and Vietnamese spring rolls, Singapore's 50 meter tall concrete tree and classic nautical dish.

"Asia Food Tour" Geoff and friends design J1 presentation

As the picture turns, the Southeast Asian food is on the wall, such as the most typical winter Yung Gong soup in Thailand. The so-called "winter Yin" is the meaning of sour and spicy, while "Gong" means shrimp, and winter Yin Gong is sour and spicy shrimp soup.

Under the projection of light and shadow, the attractive color of the prawn and the mouth watering soup can be presented clearly on the wall, allowing the guests to immerse themselves in the scene and fully feel the elegant demeanor of Asian cuisine.

Southeast Asian cuisine Geoff and friend J1 present

Then the instant picture switches, the Japanese fried dishes, the rhythmic wall, "sashimi platter", "sushi", "tempura" and "sake". The Japanese dynamic cuisine on the wall is far more than a gourmet brochure that makes people want to know the food culture of Japan.

Japanese cuisine

Of course, as the home of Asian Food Festival, how can we lose Chinese cuisine? When the staff ordered a few on the phone, the wall showed the "rice noodle crossing" in Yunnan and the "mixed noodles" in Chongqing.

Chinese cuisine

Dining into interactive areas, dynamic scenes of Technology

The Asian Food Culture Festival is a feast of delicious food and visual technology. Besides the delicious food, the interactive scene of science and technology has also aroused many people's hearts.

Geoff and friends in the "Catering Technology and heritage" exhibition, in addition to the food wall, but also created "unicorn red wall", "small monster", "butterfly wings" and other interactive scenes, full of lovely cartoon, rhythmic "invitation" to participate in the festival to take pictures together.

Unicorn red walls

The interactive wall of "little monster"

"Rainbow bubbles" Interactive Wall

These new and changeable dynamic scenes can satisfy customers' freshness to the dining environment, while the massive marketing materials of Geoff and friends J1 help catering companies to do a good job in store marketing activities.

Inheriting the catering culture and sharing the visual age of science and technology

Based on this Asian Food Culture Festival, food has become a cultural exchange bridge across the country, and a new visual presentation method helps to better express its characteristics and promote cultural heritage and communication.

I believe that the food culture in the future will continue to grow and expand in the exchange and integration of world civilization. Geoff and friends will also continue to give full play to their advantages, keep improving and keeping pace with technological innovation, and help catering enterprises to operate intelligently, so that more stores will have a qualitative leap.

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