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Moving the world! Cannes Film Festival reproduces the mysterious "little V bottle"

2019-05-22 10:40. Guangming net Wen Wen

The star studded Cannes Film Festival has finally opened the curtain on expectations. This grand and grand Film Festival is the annual event that the fans of the world eagerly look forward to. It is also the best time for the stars to show their personal charm. With a smile and a smile, the temperament and fashion sense are released unreservedly. Every big coffee that goes to the red carpet is dazzling and amazing. It is they who are pushing the Cannes Film Festival to a climax.

The Queen's temperament of Kate Blanchett and Gong Li and Maggie Cheung, Bela Hadid and Li Yuchun, are full of artistic fashion. The beauty, youth, fashion and heroism in the spotlight, all the well prepared beauty are shown in front of the camera by 360 degrees. Under the flash and camera lens of the media, anyone can become the focus of the whole audience and attract the glare of the global audience.

Under the tense rhythm of several days' rotation in Cannes, do you know how stars keep their skin shining and healthy, and show their best side to live in hold and become the brightest and brightest star in the whole field?

Celebrities keep their skin shiny and tender. The Chinese baby and baby fashion spokesperson at the Cannes Film Festival revealed a detail: in fact, at last year's Cannes Film Festival, many celebrities and fashion bloggers shared their secret tips for moisturizing and anti allergy. The famous actors Wang Likun, Li Chun, Ma Su, Qin Fen, supermodel ho Sui, fashion blogger Cheng Xiaoyue, and late evening teacher Xu emphasized the importance of moisturizing in skin conservation in the video behind the scenes.

China's mother and baby fashion spokesperson @ small package of Ma Ma attended the Cannes Film Festival.

Water deficient skin will not only reduce elasticity, accelerate aging, but also easily show its texture, and the luster will disappear. Women stars who are active in front of the screen are more likely to be affected by skin makeup for a long time.

Among the many hyaluronic acid products on the market, what brands are popular among celebrities? @ @ a small package of hemp discovered at the Cannes Film Festival, the product mentioned most is not a familiar brand on the market, but an organic skin care brand from Germany. It is commonly known as the "V bottle" VisHya Wei Shi Hai Ya.

Wei Shi Hai Ya "small V bottle" second times to join the Cannes Film Festival.

Wei Shi Hai Ya, as the official cooperation brand of Cannes Film Festival, has been the second international stage with tens of thousands of stars. As a star behind the screen, bright and moving behind the scenes hero, Wei Shi Hai Ya is efficient and natural, no stimulation characteristics, and at the same time meet the green, ecological, safety, skin care products of the 3 hard core standards, has accumulated considerable fame among many stars, known as "the essence of the glassy acid essence of Hermes", is the stars attending the major occasions of the best choice.

It is said that Dr. Han Han, co-founder of small V bottles, has been devoted to the study of flower extract and plant fermentation in the past 20 years. The function of this kind of hyaluronic acid extract is suspended extraction technology, because its extraction of plant active factors and concentration ratio are exclusive research and development, contact instantly after skin absorption, more effectively maintain skin elasticity, resist photoaging, delay skin aging.

More because the raw materials come from the alpine foot organic dynamic farm, VisHya Wei Shi Hai Ya passed the standard BDIH certification of the strict German natural cosmetics quality inspection agency. In addition, it was also accreditation by a series of international authoritative institutions such as VEGAN (pure plant Promotion Association), POSITIVE BODY IMAGE (positive cognition muscle experience mark), BIO (organic material planting mark), GMO FREE (zero GMO marker), NATURE (natural maintenance product certification mark) and so on. At the very important moment of coming to the red carpet, it avoided the risk of allergies to women.

In order to make the skin better absorb, VisHya Wei Shi Hai Ya research and development personnel continue to carry out technical iteration, through a large number of experiments to verify the effectiveness of the different concentration of the coated hyaluronic acid, finally decided to use the 0.36% hyaluronic acid concentration scheme, combined with the VisHya Homo molecular mode of hyaluronic acid, in the use of the process, the small molecules and ultra small molecules in the essence will go deep into the bottom, repair the network structure, promote collagen regeneration, and the middle molecules form a moist protective barrier on the epidermis, which not only locks the water but also absorbs the moisture of the external environment to help the skin effectively resist the ultraviolet and air pollution.

VisHya Wei Shi Hai Ya's advantage is still on the upper face absorption speed, daily use only gently massage can fully integrate into the skin, applicability is stronger than most of the market beauty products. Even if the skin is oily, there is no need to worry about greasy feeling. If it is dry or desert skin, not only can be directly smeared, but also can be added to cream and other skin care products to enhance absorption, makeup and other cosmetics to enhance the degree of service, so that makeup will no longer play the skin floating powder.

In addition to the best results and reliable safety materials, @ @ VisHya, a small package of Ma Ma, is believed to be one of the reasons why stars choose it. The convenience of carrying and boarding is also very important in the fast-paced modern life. Now, Vic Hai Ya has entered China, and all the major online platforms are sold.

How do you learn how to moisturize your skin and keep your skin healthy in busy and complex work? Do you learn from the women stars who have done enough at the Cannes Film Festival?

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