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The 2019 new product conference of HKUST's flying products is officially held, and the six new products are full of bright spots.

2019-05-21 19:41. network Wen Wen

In May 21st, the 2019 new product conference was held in HKUST. At the press conference, many products left a deep impression on the audience. Here we will introduce the six new products of HKUST.


The practicality of the translator is always clear to friends who travel abroad. The interpreter can carry out multi lingual translation, so that there is no obstacle to cross language communication. The official flight translation machine 3 was officially released on the day of the launch and was put on sale online. On the basis of the previous generation's performance advantages, the technology and innovation of software and hardware have been upgraded, and the translation speed has reached "0.6 seconds flash translation" to achieve clear pickup, resounding and intelligent recognition of polyphonic polysemous words.

Following the A.I. translation function of the first starting industry last year, the translation machine 3 realized the translation of the A.I. industry in seven major fields: financial, medical, foreign trade, computer, law, sports and energy, and 3 also supported Putonghua and Cantonese, Northeastern dialect, Henan dialect, Sichuan dialect, and the mutual translation between Cantonese and English, Uygur and Putonghua, and the translation of Tibetan and Putonghua.

Intelligent recording pen

For students, business people or news practitioners, recording pen can be regarded as an essential product. The newly released intelligent recorder can not only clearly record the voice of the scene, but also can efficiently convert voice into text and display it on the screen to facilitate users to view it on the screen. According to the introduction, the accuracy of the product has reached 98%, greatly improving the editing efficiency in the later stage, and greatly improving the learning efficiency and work efficiency. It is worth mentioning that the flying intelligent recording pen supports both Chinese and English side translation, which meets the needs of a large number of users worldwide.

Intelligent office

In the past, people used to bring notebooks to record words or inspiration. Now, the intelligent office office provides a new choice for everyone. The product is equipped with a 10.3 inch flexible ink screen, which not only can significantly reduce visual fatigue, but also can bring users a very real writing experience, as if it were recorded in notebooks. In addition, the intelligent office office equipped with a noise reduction microphone array, can replace the recording pen, can also automatically transcribe the transcripts into words, greatly improving the user's efficiency.

Flight recorder

The flight recorder is a professional voice to text device. It can quickly recognize speech information and turn it into text in a variety of scenes. It can also synchronize the scene content to produce materials including pictures, texts and sounds, so that users can browse and share on the mobile phone. It can be used in conferences, training, seminars and other scenes. The accuracy rate is over 95%, and has 12 professional audio-video input and output interfaces, basically covering all the scenarios. The emergence of the news transfer machine solves the difficult problem of tidying up the conference content, and also supports translation into English, which is very practical.

Flight learning machine

There are several bright points in the flying learning machine: to solve the problem of mathematics and chemistry, we can clearly show children's learning situation, let children have a clear aim according to their own learning situation, and improve their comprehensive pragmatic competence in English listening, speaking, reading and writing. They can synchronize listening, speaking, reading and writing training, and clearly demonstrate learning situations in the form of radar diagrams. The error function can not only automatically correct the wrong questions on the line and photograph the wrong papers, but also classify the subjects, errors, sources, time, and mastery.

New version of iFLYOS

The new iFLYOS integrates the voice technology research of HKUST's 19 years. It can provide one-stop voice interaction solutions for the third party intelligent devices, and comprehensively optimize the needs of the two sides of the device access side and the skill developer, which can further create a larger imagination for the AI of the device. With the advent of 5G technology, we will enter the AIoT era of interconnected Internet. The newly upgraded iFLYOS provides cloud core integration solutions, integrating AIUI semantic capabilities, and connecting more cooperative content and services, which can help the rapid development of AIoT.

After watching the six new products of the company, is it very tempting? In fact, we have made some achievements in the field of artificial intelligence. We can see the high end technology in many products. We believe that in the future, we will surely bring more excellent products to us. Let's wait and see.

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