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Three minutes to read the 2019 new product conference of HKUST, releasing a number of heavy products.

2019-05-21 18:22. network Wen Wen

On the afternoon of May 21st, the 2019 new product conference was held in World Expo, Shanghai. Relying on AI technology, HKUST has brought us more useful products.

At this conference, many of the new products were unveiled, the first being the 3. Last year, the 2 A.I. has been translated into three major industries, including medical, financial and computer industries. The flying interpreter 3 has continued to exert its strength in the field of A.I. translation, and has opened up four major fields of law, sports, energy and foreign trade on the basis of 2. The performance of translation language, dialect translation, photo translation and other aspects has been greatly improved. At this point, the company will complete the seven fields, and the translation of the industry vocabulary will be more accurate.

Then came the intelligent flying office, which uses 10.3 inch flexible ink screen, and has excellent handwriting. It supports AI technology such as intelligent speech recognition, intelligent speech synthesis, intelligent handwriting recognition and so on. It can automatically transcribe the recording into text and easily create the meeting record; it also synchronously supports the mobile phone and the cloud end of the computer.

The intelligent voice recorder with high voice is a professional and efficient intelligent recording equipment, which makes the storage, editing, writing and viewing of voice information more intelligent and efficient. The biggest difference between the traditional recording pen and the traditional recording pen is that it can realize real-time voice conversion, greatly improving the recording efficiency of media interviews, learning training, meeting minutes, etc. In the recording process, users can mark the important content and facilitate subsequent search. After the recording is completed, the result can be synchronized in multiple ends for subsequent editing. It can be said that this product has cleared the whole link from recording, transcribing, content searching and editing.

There is also a news transliteration machine, which is an integrated professional voice conversion text device, which can quickly identify all kinds of conference speeches, course training, academic lectures, recording files, accurately turn voice into text, and also generate materials including maps, texts and sounds in the scene to facilitate users to browse and share on the mobile phone.

In addition, HKUST flight has also brought products such as learning aircraft. The flying learning machine mainly attacks the learning field. It can accurately analyze children's learning situation through AI, and teach students in accordance with their aptitude, so that children can get professional guidance after they go home.

We also bring a brand-new iFLYOS to iFLYOS, which is an intelligent voice cloud operating system based on cloud. Relying on AIoT (AI+IOT) technology, the new iFLYOS is more mature. It has the characteristics of extreme interaction, highly integrated, free and open. The foundation function is permanent and free, and provides more powerful empowerment for enterprise products. IFLYOS's R & D team deeply investigates the needs of device access providers and skill developers, optimizes both ends, and provides a lower cost embedding method for device access providers, providing a better development environment for skilled developers.

In addition, the A.I. virtual anchor of HKUST has attracted much attention. It is the first multilingual A.I. virtual anchor in the world. Over the past two years, a dozen media platforms, such as the Shandong University of Finance and technology, the finance, finance, the CCTV and the traffic radio in Shandong, have jointly launched various A.I. virtual hosts, which have been widely recognized and highly valued by the media and the audience.

In general, HKUST's 2019 new products conference is full of surprises. Both hardware and software products are refreshing. It also confirms the theme of "your world, because of A.I.." let's hope that we can produce more and better products and technologies.

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