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Using A.I. to declare to the world, the 2019 new product conference of HKUST flight 521 was officially held.

2019-05-21 18:25 network Wen Wen

In May 21st, the 2019 new product launch of the Shanghai University World Expo was held. As a pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence, the news conference of HKUST has attracted the attention of many industries and many people. At this press conference, HKUST flew 3 major six new products, namely, the flying interpreter, the intelligent office, the intelligent recording pen, the iFLYOS, and the learning machine. On this special day, A.I. flew to the world to confession.

The two products of the intelligent flying office and the flying voice intelligent pen can realize the functions of intelligent voice transcription and so on. It is a more effective tool for office, media and conference. The function of the flight recorder is also more powerful. It can not only turn the voice into the text accurately, but also support the synchronous production of the scene content with the materials including picture, text and sound.

Compared with the above products, iFLYOS is more like the soul of the voice field. It is an intelligent voice cloud operating system in the cloud. With the maturity of 5G technology, iFLYOS will undoubtedly create more imagination in the AIoT field in the future.

In actual use, many enterprises have the standard of meeting minutes, but this work is very test to record people's attention and generalization ability. Facing the pain point of this industry, the intelligent office office has brought a very good solution. It has the function of real-time transcribing speech, and can record and transcribe all the speech contents in all meetings and speeches. It is called the artifact that records the meeting. We believe that the intelligent office will win the favor of many enterprises.

In addition, the world's First Multilingual A.I. virtual anchor has also become the focus of attention. In the 19 years of the Qilu Spring Festival Gala, the virtual anchor's debut was stunning. It is reported that this technology utilizes the artificial intelligence technology such as speech synthesis, semantic understanding, image processing, Machine Translation and other artificial intelligence technologies to realize multilingual news broadcast, and support the automatic output of text to video. It is the first artificial intelligence multilingual virtual anchor in the world, which shows the strong strength of A.I. in the field.

Founded in 1999, the Limited by Share Ltd is a well-known intelligent voice and artificial intelligence listed company in the Asia Pacific region. In terms of core technologies such as speech and language, natural language understanding, machine learning reasoning and autonomous learning, the level of technology is at the forefront of the world. Moreover, HKUST has won the two international technological progress award and the independent innovation honor of information industry in China.

A series of facts have proved that HKUST has become the leader of A.I. application innovation. I believe we will have more surprises in the future. Next let's wait and see.

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