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The 521 big news A.I. new product launches your world, because of the ability of A.I..

2019-05-21 18:38. network Wen Wen

This is the 521 "sweet festival" of the show. Today, the 2019 new product launch of HKUST is held at Expo Center, Shanghai, China. The theme of this conference is "your world can be A.I.".

Artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence), the English abbreviation is A.I.. The emergence of A.I. makes it impossible for people who can't find objects to worry about loneliness because you will have A.I.'s company. The future is definitely the world of A.I., and the convenience that A.I. brings to people is even more impressive. It is a well-known intelligent voice and artificial intelligence listed company in the Asia Pacific region. It aims to make the machine "able to listen, understand, and think". At this press conference, HKUST flew the following 3 products: its flying machine, iFLYOS, X1, A.I., and so on.

What changes will A.I. bring to our lives? Many people may not know much about it. Let's take the first multilingual A.I. virtual anchor in the world as an example. The news programs we saw in the past were commentary by live anchor. This A.I. virtual anchor can help live anchors to finish the news broadcast, improve the efficiency of anchors and reporters. Multilingual broadcasting has also broadcasted a broader stage for China to spread stories and cultures to the world.

For those friends who often need to go abroad, the emergence of the flying interpreter 3 is definitely an artifact. The 3 of the flight interpreter is officially released on the day of the launch. On the basis of the previous generation's performance advantages, the technology and innovation of software and hardware have been upgraded, and the translation speed has reached "0.6 seconds flash translation" to achieve clear pickup, resounding and intelligent recognition of polyphonic polysemous words.

Following the A.I. translation function of the first industry last year, the company has followed the market demand closely, and has continued to exert its efforts in the field of A.I. translation. Based on the industry of finance, computers and medical treatment, it has opened up four major fields: Law, sports, energy and foreign trade, making the translation of vocabularies more accurate and more professional. Besides, it also supports the translation of Putonghua and Cantonese, northeast dialect, Henan dialect, Sichuan dialect, and the translation of Cantonese and English, the translation of Uighur and Putonghua, Tibetan and Putonghua 3.

The 3 of the company also upgraded the appearance and standby time of the product. The screen expanded and the three color fuselage was made of metal matte texture. The function keys were adjusted to make the operation more ergonomic. Under full power, it can be used for more than 8 hours, and standby for up to 10 days.

This is also the focus of attention. It provides an electronic ink screen that can be written, giving full play to the advantages of pen and paper recording while adding the best voice function. The more powerful part of the intelligent office is the software level experience, which can be directly recorded at any time and anywhere. Just like a real pen and paper, you can write your thoughts in your office books. The system will retain handwritten characters, and handwritten words can also be searched and sorted out. In addition to the most important note taking function, the Intelligent Flight office also supports mail and reading. It can be said that this product is absolutely the favorite of office workers.

In addition, many products such as the flight transfer machine, the flying learning machine and so on are also meeting with you all at this press conference. From these products, we can see that A.I. is not just a technology, but it has infiltrated into our lives unconsciously. And these products are the carrier of A.I.. Through these carriers, people can feel the convenience of intelligence in their daily life. Language is a bridge for people to communicate with each other, and also a channel for people to interact with A.I.. It aims to make people in the world speak different languages and communicate with each other without boundaries, and use AI to build a better world.

At the 2019 new product conference of HKUST, we also saw more A.I. bring us charm. Your world will be able to live with A.I.. We believe that with the accompanying of these products, our life will be more convenient.

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