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Using A.I. to smart your life, the 2019 new conference of HKUST news flash is bright.

2019-05-21 18:39. network Wen Wen

In the field of science and technology, its focus on many practical and good products has been very high. In May 21st, a 2019 new product conference was held in Shanghai, the theme of which is "your world is able to be A.I.". HKUST's A.I. has been ploughing for 20 years, and its achievements in A.I. have also been shown in products.

The 2019 new product launch of HKUST has brought a lot of new products, as well as many new upgraded products. It is reported that the conference has released six new products, namely, the flying interpreter 3, the flying intelligent office, the flying intelligent recording pen, the fly writing machine, the iFLYOS, and the flying learning machine.

For business people, journalists and young people who like to travel abroad, they are very popular. The official flight translation machine 3 was officially released on the day of the launch and was put on sale online. On the basis of the previous generation's performance advantages, the technology and innovation of software and hardware have been upgraded, and the translation speed has reached "0.6 seconds flash translation" to achieve clear pickup, resounding and intelligent recognition of polyphonic polysemous words.

Following the A.I. translation function of the first starting industry last year, the translation machine 3 realized the translation of the A.I. industry in seven major fields: financial, medical, foreign trade, computer, law, sports and energy, and 3 also supported Putonghua and Cantonese, Northeastern dialect, Henan dialect, Sichuan dialect, and the mutual translation between Cantonese and English, Uygur and Putonghua, and the translation of Tibetan and Putonghua.

The 3 of the company also upgraded the appearance and standby time of the product. The screen expanded and the three color fuselage was made of metal matte texture. The function keys were adjusted to make the operation more ergonomic. Under full power, it can be used for more than 8 hours, and standby for up to 10 days.

Lectures and meetings are essential for recording. This is a professional, efficient intelligent recording equipment, which enables the storage, editing, writing and viewing of voice information more intelligent and efficient. The biggest difference between the traditional recording pen and the traditional recording pen is that it can realize real-time voice conversion, greatly improving the recording efficiency of media interviews, learning training, meeting minutes, etc. In the recording process, users can mark the important content and facilitate subsequent search. After the recording is completed, the result can be synchronized in multiple ends for subsequent editing. It can be said that this product has cleared the whole link from recording, transcribing, content searching and editing.

For office workers, maybe the intelligent office is a good choice. Based on intelligent artificial intelligence technology such as intelligent speech recognition, intelligent speech synthesis, intelligent handwriting recognition, a 10.3 inch flexible ink screen is adopted to avoid asthenopia. The important thing is that because of the design of the noise reduction microphone and the voice transfer technology, the recording can be automatically transcribed into words, without manual recording, and the efficiency is improved. In addition, there is no need to worry that the data will be lost because of the synchronization of the cloud on the cell phone and computer terminals. Thanks to the iFLYOS function of the flight, no matter how long the data can be easily found.

In this press conference, A.I. virtual anchor of HKUST is also a highlight of everyone's attention. This is the major achievement of science and technology and AI in HKUST. Using the artificial intelligence technology such as speech synthesis, semantic understanding, image processing, Machine Translation and other artificial intelligence technologies to realize multilingual news broadcast and support text to video automatic output, it is the first artificial intelligence multilingual virtual anchor in the world. Compared with before, we believe that the A.I. virtual anchor of HKUST will have a technological upgrading, not only in terms of language, but also in the integration of technology and AI.

It can be seen that on the way of enterprise development, HKUST has always adhered to cultural innovation and controlled the quality of its products with high standards. That's why we can bring these excellent products to us.

In view of this, the 2019 new conference of HKUST's flying products is indeed a bright spot. The important thing is that there are many practical technology products. Let's hope that the HKUST will bring more surprises to us in the future.

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