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Create the image of China, carry forward the cultural lifeline, and start the princess's dream recording art park.

2019-05-21 19:09. network Wen Wen

In May 18, 2019, the launching ceremony of the "Princess seeking dream art paradise" in the cultural and creative field was unveiled at Jinhai Art Center, Shanghai. More than 100 heavyweight participants, including leaders, leaders in the arts, leaders and partners in the education industry, will be gathered to deliver an important speech to further promote the Chinese culture and create a Chinese paradise with artistic characteristics. The launching ceremony of the princess dream Memorial Art Park was successfully held at the small theatre on the four floor of Shanghai Jinhai Art Center.

People from Pudong New Area Cao Lu town government and leaders and celebrities from all walks of life attended the launching ceremony. Shen Zheng, director of the teaching and research section of the Department of Humanities and art, Career Academy, and the chairman of the drama education expert of the princess's dream seeking, and the presided over ceremony of Shen Zheng.

Wu Gengzhu, founder of princess dream

Tang Naihui, member of the Party committee member of Cao Lu town of Pudong New Area, made a speech on "opening up an international perspective, leading new ideas and helping people's art". Zhou Jianyi, director of Pudong New Area golden sea culture and Art Center, Wu Gengzhu, general manager of Shanghai Yilan media, Hongkong artists, famous director District Cher, creative industry leader, outstanding artist Wu Zhenwei, director of Jilin Provincial People's Congress Standing Committee, Liu Zhaoting, and so on, six guests respectively made the "create Shanghai cultural highland, the characteristic Chinese cultural venues explore the way", "for the whole people to build art life communication platform, princess's dream of Art Park dialogue" and other excellent speeches. Director of the Pudong New Area cultural and arts guidance center, executive chairman of the Federation of Arts and culture, Wang Xi Chang, executive director of the Council of Jinhai culture and Art Center, pressed the fingerprint on the art education park.

Everyone has a dream in his heart. In the community at the gate, we need a place that makes the elderly and children feel magical and interesting. In this way, in order to adapt to the needs of people around the community for artistic life and create a high quality and cultural community living environment, the community actively takes the initiative of the princess's dream seeking art education park, and actively utilizes the government's supporting services and social forces to help them. According to the development concept of "public welfare, education, recycling and creation", with the theme of "enriching the people's cultural life" and taking the "princess's dream paradise" as the core content, the theme art experience area, the theme lighting experience area, the thematic experience zone, the exhibition theme exhibition, the theme Science Laboratory, the theme science and technology innovation area, the theme food area and the theme Ecology Interactive square are set up in the Art Education Park, 11 areas. The core items such as "100 songs and singing", "multi-media art exhibition" and "mass participation in exhibitions" will be launched. People around the community can get tickets through paying old things and participating in labor. They will participate in the cultural exploration of the theme course of Princess seeking dream. They will receive cultural education, carry out art appreciation, immerse themselves in and experience each theme, let people experience devotion and value in practice, understand the connotation of each theme in practice, and deeply feel the Chinese spirit. The community will launch four major theme stories every year. Through a dynasty, a Chinese spirit, a historical allusion and a non relic, participants can experience the charm of historical science in an all-round way. At the same time, artists from all over the world are attracted to entrepreneurship and innovation to provide a platform and stage for them to carry out artistic creation, tap the potential of artistic creation and display art.

Famous director District Cher, Princess visual arts director

The princess dream seeking art education park is an immersive experience scene created by the media of the Yi Peng and the artists who seek the dream of the princess in the background of the princess. They have gone through 3 years. Through continuous exploration, innovation and transcendence, a solid step has finally taken place. In October 2016, more than 1200 primary schools in Shanghai primary schools, kindergartens, Sun Village, small houses and communities were promoted to play drama education. In March 2017, they won the special contribution award for the development of drama culture and the contribution to the spirit of public welfare. In May 2017, they performed at the Shanghai people's grand stage and the drama theater, and were invited to be exhibited by the Edinburgh Drama Festival. In 2017, they became the government procurement project of the Shanghai government, the government procurement project of the Huangpu District government, and the government procurement project in Pudong District, bringing an indispensable spiritual food for the mass culture.

The princess's dream seeking art park will make use of new media, new concepts and new technologies, and strive to create a new height and new bright spot for community cultural life service with high starting points and high standards. The art education park and the government cooperate with the government to take the cooperation of procurement system, and carry out unified management, co operation and cooperation with the institutional enterprises. Providing a new spiritual home for the surrounding residents to enrich the cultural life of the community, enrich the cultural life of the masses around the community, enhance the scientific literacy of Arts and culture, and promote the cooperation and development of public cultural undertakings, will play an invaluable role.

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