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How can online education help reduce burden and increase efficiency?

2019-05-21 17:29. network Wen Wen

The problem of education burden reduction, which is attracting much attention, will usher in a new situation under the promotion of online education.

In May 19th, the new media communication research center of Beijing Normal University, the largest K12 online education platform in China, released the first national online learning report on primary and secondary school students (burden reduction and efficiency enhancement) in China. Based on massive data, the report studied the educational level of online education platform for primary and secondary school students to reduce burdens and increase efficiency. The report shows that online education platform has achieved remarkable results in implementing and promoting "reducing burdens and increasing efficiency" among primary and secondary school students, which can lighten students' learning pressure, improve their interest in learning, and improve their learning level to a certain extent.

As the first special research on how to focus on online education to boost burdens and synergies, it has brought an authoritative conclusion: "Internet +" is bringing new features and ecology to the traditional and ancient industry of education. Technology is making education burden reduction and universal benefit business a reality.

Reinventing learning experience: artificial intelligence and learning to relieve academic pressure

All along, the burden reduction problem of primary and secondary school students has been the focus of attention from all walks of life. In essence, the imbalance between supply and demand of educational resources and the progressive selection mode are the factors contributing to the current situation.

According to the survey data from the Ministry of education, in the 2012-2016 years, the rate of matriculation was 56.4%, and the rate of admission was 49.5%. Finally, only about 1/4 of students entered the undergraduate course successfully. Compared with developed countries such as Europe and the United States, the proportion of undergraduate students in China is obviously low.

Due to the pressure of higher education and the shortage of high-quality educational resources, off campus training and extra-curricular tutoring become the main choice to improve academic performance. However, the excessive increase in off campus training has increased the burden on primary and secondary school students. Some extracurricular institutions, in order to fight for students, take the form of manufacturing anxiety and superclass learning. Parents and students are overwhelmed under the training of abnormal training.

According to the national survey of primary and middle school students' learning pressure, students in China are generally staying up late. Uneven education resources and fierce competition are the main factors for Chinese students to stay up late. In less developed areas of education, although students study harder, they can not really solve problems, and students' learning time is not directly proportional to their achievements.

In fact, in order to help Chinese students reduce their burdens, China has successively introduced 35 policy of reducing burdens, including 11 special policies for reducing burdens, 24 related policies to reduce burdens. At the thirteen session of the National People's Congress held in March 5, 2018, Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council clearly pointed out in the "government work report" that we should strive to solve the problem of heavy burden on primary and secondary school students. But in addition to the policy, the problem of solving the problem of student burden also needs to be made use of technical means.

The report points out that compared with the traditional tutorial class, the flexibility of online education platform in use time can meet students' demands for learning anywhere and anywhere, and save a lot of time and energy. More importantly, online education platform provides rich and personalized courses, which can solve academic problems more pertinent. On the service side, online education platform provides assistant teaching services and other accompanying teaching methods. It not only helps primary and secondary school students solve academic problems, but also helps to improve children's interest in learning.

Zhang Hongzhong, director of new media communication research center, Beijing Normal University

The K12 online education platform, represented by homework teams, brings a new mode of reinventing learning experience with internet means: through big data and artificial intelligence technology, homework helps develop "intelligent AI teachers" who are fully associated with learning and understand students' learning situation. According to each student's knowledge and weak links, he provides highly effective and targeted learning plans, including diversified problem-solving ideas and steps, complete knowledge analysis, and video exercises and exercises. This intelligent learning method of "1000 faces and thousands of faces" can guide students to solve "small problems" in time, and develop a good habit of not knowing what to ask, eventually forming a suitable learning method for individual students, effectively reducing the pressure of students in all aspects.

The new mode of online education has indeed improved the mindset of students in the face of learning, and at the same time has greatly dispelled the weariness of some students. 55.8% of students believe that online education platform can save students' time; 65.2% of students believe that online education platform can relieve psychological pressure; meanwhile, 58.2% of students believe that online education improves their interest in learning.

It can be seen that online education helps students "reduce burdens and increase efficiency", which has become one of the effective ways to reduce the burden of education in the new situation. Using technology to improve learning efficiency is also the consistent intention of practitioners in this industry.

Promoting universal education: let more families get rid of the burden of Education

In addition, the low cost of online education platform has also lightened the burden on underdeveloped areas and families.

The Institute of Chinese education and finance, Peking University, published the results of the 2017 household survey on education finance in China, and introduced the general situation of family education expenditure in China. The survey shows that there are large differences between urban and rural areas in the level of family education expenditure in China. Among them, the first tier cities and the northeast region are the highest, and the three or four line cities are only half of the first tier cities.

Specifically, the overall participation rate of off school students in primary and secondary schools is 47.2%, and the average cost of students participating in extracurricular education is about 5616 yuan. According to the size of the students in each academic section, the overall scale of the education industry outside the country has reached about 458000000000 yuan. The average number of primary and secondary school students in the country is 5021 yuan. The primary school cost is 4139 yuan, the junior middle school is 5426 yuan, the high school is 6288 yuan. The rural cost is 1580 yuan, and the town is 5762 yuan.

Behind such data, many low-income families are already overwhelmed. More and more families are turning to online education. According to the survey, the cost of online learning is roughly the same as that of 30%-50% on the spot, but the learning effect is almost the same.

Su Jing, vice president of Operations Assistant

Take the operation team as an example, its VIP membership fee is 20 yuan per month, and the annual discount price is 198 yuan. Just 20 yuan per month, you can use topics such as video explanation, special exercises, synchronizing classes in the college entrance examination, explaining the video in the middle school entrance examination, explaining the videos in real time, and doing visual learning, which is equivalent to having a portable classroom. It is also possible to enter the special training knowledge points through the "one practice" section after the study, consolidate the high frequency test points and practice the error prone questions, display the knowledge points contained in the package, and update the contents in stages. One user

Unlike the one to one tutoring, cram school, etc., the average price per hour is several hundred yuan to hundreds of yuan under the guidance of different lines, such Internet education services for parents and students have brought convenience and help, greatly reducing the difficulty of ordinary families to obtain high-quality educational resources.

It is precisely because of the strong impetus of online education to educational Pratt and Whitney, and other platforms such as homework help provide educational resources for more than three lines and the following areas. From 2016 to September 2018, there was also a significant increase in the proportion of urban users outside three lines. As of September 2018, the number of active users in three and below cities increased from 65% in 2016 to 73% in 2018.

According to the monitoring data, the provinces that used TOP10 per capita were Yunnan, Ningxia, Qinghai, Jiangxi, Shandong, Gansu, Anhui, Xinjiang, Hainan, Shanxi, 8 provinces in the central and western regions and remote provinces. The average usage time of users in all provinces exceeded 10 minutes a day, and the average time was 13 minutes per day.

Through the advanced educational philosophy and technology, homework helps more students achieve the balance between learning progress and academic pressure, avoid wasting and burdens of time and energy, reduce economic pressure for more families, promote educational benefits and reduce educational burden.

The online education platform is recognized by students and parents. In essence, it is the embodiment of its social value. Internet technology means it is possible for students to teach students in accordance with their aptitude, and the combination of education and the Internet will open new ideas for reducing education burden.

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