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45 years of protection, Conway is still at his heart.

2019-05-21 16:46. network Wen Wen

This week, New Zealand's natural health brand, Conway, welcomed its 45th Anniversary brand birthday. As a leading brand in Manuka honey, Conway has always adhered to the brand idea of "connecting the natural beauty" since its inception. It is committed to guarding pure natural resources and bringing natural and healthy products to the global consumers. 45 years later, Conway's heart is still using high quality standard technology to provide people with pure and natural products.

Ideal collision, germination of initial heart.

In 1974, Claude, a 65 year old Claude Stratford, met Alan, 25, and Alan Bougen. Although the two people live in different backgrounds, they have the same pursuit of natural health. The two people who share the same values and ideals chime in with each other. In a simple way to benefit mankind by producing products that are close to nature, they start their journey to make pure honey in a small village in Paengaroa, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.

In the early years of beekeeping, two people introduced honey, pollen, propolis, cough syrup, honey and skin care products in Claude's narrow basement. Every morning, they use manual extraction equipment to make honey products. In the afternoon, they put cigarette smoke and beehives on trucks and go to remote primitive forests to keep bees. They often go home after sunset. Whether it is to get along with bees or extract honey, Alan and Claude have been deeply aware of the importance of respecting nature from the beginning. Only by making products close to the natural state and reducing processing as much as possible can consumers truly enjoy the essence of nature.

The brand name "Comvita" comes from Latin "com Vita", which means that it is full of life and vitality. Thanks to the market's recognition of Claude's previous business in natural products, Conway quickly entered the narrow and immature health food market in New Zealand. Conway is known for its purity, high quality and its industry integrity.

Guarding the land and bees, Conway's heart is still alive.

According to the founding principle of "let the earth be better than when we first met it", Conway has been working hard to improve the ecosystem of New Zealand. In the year when Claude and Alan first built six hectares of headquarters, Conway planted more than 40 thousand native species that are good for bees. In addition, the brand also planted about 2000000 Manuka seedlings in remote areas of New Zealand and made ecological restoration for all possible areas.

Conway understands the habits of bees, and continues the beekeeping art of founder Claude, whether it is checking the honeycomb on the warm north slope or harvesting honey in the dense jungle of Hawkes Bay, following a series of natural laws. From the use of softly colored wooden beehives, beekeepers in careful packing and slow moving beehives, and using a smoke spray device to pacify bees during honeycomb inspection and harvesting honey, Conway insisted on disturbing bees' natural behavior as little as possible and keeping them happy.

Science and technology assurance, drip transmission

45 years later, he still sticks to the brand's Creed. Conway has the most advanced honeycomb management system in New Zealand, helping the beekeepers track more than 3.5 000 hives nationwide. Each honeycomb has a unique bar recognition code. Beekeepers scan the bar code to record the health and yield, surrounding topography and other information of the honeycomb. And this information will be sent to the database to help brands track honey from the hive to the global consumer group.

Conway only strictly selected the simplest pure land in New Zealand to put honeycomb, and cited the AMS supply chain system to record every step from beekeeping to finished products, to ensure that the product is the most pristine and best quality Manuka honey. More importantly, Conway has its own laboratory and third independent laboratories, using high quality standards and cutting-edge research and analysis technology to detect and analyze raw materials and finished products to ensure that every drop of Luca and honey obtained from the bee farm is strictly controlled by quality.

Convisor embraced the vision of making the world a better place. He will continue to guard this land and use the power of nature to give people a healthier and more energetic life. On the day of May 21st, consumers can take care of Conway's official WeChat and micro-blog accounts and Tmall stores to take part in the brand 45th anniversary special promotion campaign to win a healthy gift for themselves and loved ones.

About Conway

Since its establishment in 1974, Conway has followed the laws of nature. Whether raw materials come from the sea, land or beehives, the way we obtain high-quality natural raw materials comes from our efforts to protect pure natural resources. Then, Conway uses high quality standards and cutting-edge research in the world to maintain product effectiveness.

This is Conway's unique, reliable and natural way of health care. Because when people reconnect with nature, people have all the elements of enjoying healthy, happy and vigorous life.

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