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2019-05-21 16:46. network Wen Wen

Beijing, as the capital of our country, has a long history and the old Beijing story penetrating into the brick wall and tile gap. It is so great that it is unique to the royal the Imperial Palace, Tiananmen and Wangfujing. Every year, holidays and festivals will greet a large number of tourists in Beijing. Xiaobian, as an old Beijing who grew up in the Hutong, is often visited by friends asking where to play and where to eat. The most important feature of Beijing is summed up in one sentence: visiting the palace and eating alley.

In the early old Beijing City, the palace is a Hutong. In today's Beijing, it is also vaguely able to find this vein. Palace need not be said more, only the the Imperial Palace is exclusive, and the alley "North view Houhai, south view front door". Therefore, there is a classic tour route in Beijing, which is to visit the Imperial Palace and Tiananmen in the morning and eat the front door in the afternoon. "A front door, half a China." Behind its memory is the historical sentiments and cultural veins of the whole nation, and it also carries the most pristine flavor of Beijing. Whether it is the old Beijing yogurt rich in Hutong mouth, the iced sugar coated gourd on the street, or the famous Quanjude roast duck, the "rising star" four seasons folk welfare and the high-end Dadong Roast Duck, it is a good place to eat out.

Beijing's "eating" and roast duck's reputation are naturally boiled mutton. Charcoal pot, fresh mutton, stick to a genuine "sesame sauce", nothing can be solved by mutton mutton. Beijing's old Beijing restaurant has many restaurants, and the most famous one is Dong Lai Shun Restaurant, which has a long history and a small scale. But if we really want to find the "authentic" flavor of white smoke in the alley, we have to go to the front door and live in Shabu meat and Niujie's source of treasure.

There are not many of them in Niujie. In addition to instant boiled mutton, there are also genuine baked pancake and sauce beef. However, it is very special to remind you that you have to go early because you are far away from the front door. Unlike the front door, you can eat half an hour or 1 hours. There is usually no 2-3 hours in Niujie.

And Xi Yuan, who lives in old Beijing, is located at the two floor of the building of the Republic of China, next to the Tiananmen square. It is very close to Tiananmen square, Tiananmen, Qianmen, Wangfujing and Wangfujing. The route is very convenient. The special little lamb is now available. There is almost no sheep and mutton, the exclusive brand of sesame sauce. The courtyard courtyard style decoration has a price per capita of about 150, and its price performance is high.

Xiaobian was first taken by friends to stay in the old shop. The old shop originally opened in the alley of the deep gate. Although the shop was small, many stars secretly went to the shop to enjoy it. Later, the shop was too small to sit down, and the boss chose the whole store beside the front gate building.

"When you were young, you could always find the smell of instant meat in the alley. When you put on a table and put on a copper pot in the quadrangles of old Beijing, the smell of meat and small mixture always made me unable to extricate myself." The boss of Xi Yuan lived in the original intention of opening his shop. By virtue of the smells of thousands of thousands of shops in Beijing, and the recipe of the four neighbours and eight homes in the alley, the source of the meat was opened. When the shop opened, it became a restaurant in the Hutong without waiting for the boss to open up.

In the past, there were countless celebrities and celebrities who had been in the city of Yuxi. Now, Xi Yuan Ju also greeted eight guests with the same taste taste. The boss said that the taste of Shabu mutton in his memory in the hutong is worth more people's memory, and this is the mission of Yuxi. Xiaobian thinks that instant mutton is one of the most delicious foods in Beijing. It carries the culture of old Beijing. For tourists, it can be found in the whole country, but the culture of instant mutton in Hutong is only in Beijing.

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