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The old white garden garden factory has another heavy guest - China's "Olympic gold medal" Xu Haifeng.

2019-05-21 15:23. network Wen Wen

In May 19, 2019, Xu Haifeng, former deputy director of the Olympic gold medal winner of the Chinese Olympic history and the sports fencing management center of the General Administration of sport, was escorted by the vice mayor of Hengshui, Cheng Yuqing, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the Hengshui Municipal Public Security Bureau, deputy director Zhang Jie, the Party committee member of the Hengshui Municipal Public Security Bureau, Guo Qiang, director of the political department, Liu Yanlong, chairman of Hengshui Lailai dry wine group (Group), and Zhao Xudong, general manager of Hengshui Labai dry Marketing Co., Ltd., and visited the national 3A tourist attraction garden garden factory in Hengshui.

The "magic gun" has come to experience the unique cylinder fermentation of Hengshui old white stem.

Around 5 p.m., Xu Haifeng and his party visited several places such as Hengshui Lao Bai Gong 8 brewing workshop, ground floor fermentation workshop, Republic first wine warehouse, Hengshui old white wine bank and other scenic spots, and thoroughly and meticulously understood Lao Bai Gong's traditional brewing culture.

Hengshui's old white dry "harmonious and brewed natural aroma" brewing concept has been perfectly displayed in the garden factory. In Hengshui, Lao Bai Gong No. 8 brewery workshop, arranged in a neat and magnificent ground floor fermentation workshop attracted Miss Xu's eyes. Xu said, "this is a good way to ferment the ground cylinder. Now, paying attention to health is the first requirement of consumers. The wine is pure and easy to win the favor of consumers".

It is understood that unlike the Luzhou flavor liquor and Maotai flavor liquor fermentation process, it is necessary to contact pit mud. The old white dry flavor is made with unique ground VAT to separate the wine from the soil and avoid harmful microbes and miscellaneous flavors. On the basis of this, Hengshui also established a set of strict quality control system, from raw materials, Daqu, process operation to health management, and strictly control the formation of fusel oil, which is the main substance affecting the top of liquor, to ensure the comfort after drinking and reduce the body burden of drinkers.

"Double gold", "Olympic gold medal + gold medal" is a tribute to forty years of great reform.

In the first storehouse of the Republic of Hengshui, Xu Haifeng sealed up an important altar wine in Hengshui, the old white dry altar liquor.

In 1915, the world-famous World Exposition in Panama, Hengshui Laolai, which was called "Zhili Guan Gao sorghum liquor" at that time, won the highest award - the first class gold medal. It represents a world-wide honor on behalf of Chinese brands. In 1946, the liberation of Hengshui town was set up. The first state-owned liquor factory in the country was set up in the year - "Hengshui wine making plant in Southern Hebei Province". In 1984, Hengshui's old white business began to expand its capacity under the care of the party and the government and opened up a wave of reform and opening up.

It was in 1984 that China first participated in the Olympic Games after the reform and opening up. Whether it could win the gold medal became the focus of attention of all Chinese people. Xu Haifeng, 27 years old, as the assistant coach and athlete of the national shooting team, won the Olympic champion in the 60 slow shooting of men's pistol. This is the first gold medal of the Chinese in Olympic history. It has opened the door for Chinese athletes to win gold at the Olympic Games.

At the end of 2018, at the 40th anniversary session of "Celebrating reform and opening up", Xu Haifeng was selected to reform the pioneer 100 list. The "six good" state-level non heritage art brew in Hengshui was introduced into National Museum at the beginning of 2019. The first Olympic gold medal in Hengshui's old white dry seal liquor is a "double gold" joint commentary and a tribute to the great era of forty years of reform and opening up.

The main flavour of the dried palms is the mainstream of the international flavor, and is more easily accepted by high-end consumers.

Hengshui old white stems rely on the advantages of old white dry flavor, and then brand new heights. As we all know, the old white dry flavor is more suitable for the internationalization of the taste, with its own "no head" gene, unique ground fermentation technology, fusel oil content is far lower than the original national standard. Now the trend of healthy drinking is more and more obvious. The old white dry flavor is more easily recognized by the society and consumers.

In 2010, with the approval of relevant organizations of the United Nations, the international information development organization awarded the "Millennium gold medal" of Hengshui Lao Bai. In 2018, the 1915 old gold medals and the best title of the Hengshui used in the Las Vegas world wine competition were awarded the double gold medal and the best title of the whole field. It became a good word for the liquor industry, and also became a strong witness of Hengshui's old white brand. In 2019, on the occasion of the "Sino French diplomatic relations 55th anniversary former French Prime Minister's welcome dinner" and "international leader Beijing night - Sino German economic and trade cooperation dinner", Hengshui's old white dry 1915 was selected as the designated international leader for wine.

Hengshui's old white stems are gaining popularity from the top political and business groups in the world with the mainstream flavor of the world.





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