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Playing jadeite and signing Wang Gang as spokesperson for brand image

2019-05-21 15:23. network Wen Wen

In May 12th, Ruili Dacheng Jewelry Co., Ltd., playing the signing ceremony of the brand image of Mr. Wang Gang of jade APP&, was held in Beijing. Mr. Zou Cheng, the founder of jade, and the representatives of both sides attended the signing ceremony. This marks Mr. Wang Gang's official role as a spokesman for jade brand image.

 Playing jadeite, signing Wang Gang for the brand image spokesperson rolling first pieces

At the signing site, Wang Gang specially wrote calligraphy works "playing with jade" as a gift to the jade brand. Wang Gang's vigorous and powerful character was praised by the audience. The four words "playing with jadeite jade" not only symbolize the friendship and cooperation between the two sides, but also reflect the wonderful vision of Wang Gang and his work together with jade makers to create the future together.

 Playing jadeite, signing Wang Gang for the brand image spokesperson rolling second pieces

This time, playing with the jade brand and launching a new cooperation with Mr. Wang Gang is also the perfect match between the two sides in the jadeite culture idea. With the influence of teacher Wang Gang, more jade lovers can understand the reliable purchase platform of jade, and help to make fun of the new era of jadeite.

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