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Beijing Unicom 5G eco Cooperation Conference partner recruitment order

2019-05-21 15:16. network Wen Wen

5G is the key technology to guide the country's future technological innovation, industrial transformation and upgrading, and promote economic development. China Unicom has officially released the "5Gn" brand as the main force in promoting the national informatization construction and the leader in the communications industry, and will unswervingly implement the 5G national strategy and promote the development of 5G.

Beijing Unicom plans to hold the "5 new UniCom G wisdom future" 5G Ecological Cooperation Conference in the National Conference Center in May 30th. As an exclusive provider of Beijing Telecom's 5G communication service in 2019, Beijing Unicom's 5G ecological cooperation conference will also be held as one of the important forums for the 2019 Beijing rendezvous main venue. Beijing Unicom's "5G future" exhibition hall will also appear at the main venue of Beijing rendezvous on May 28th 1 -6.

Beijing Unicom has fully opened 5G demonstration applications in various industries. This opportunity to invite friends from all walks of life to join us as our partners. In this regard, we sincerely welcome old friends to explore the new era of 5G, and eagerly look forward to sharing with all new friends in different fields, cross boundary symbiosis and unbounded cooperation. We will recruit four major sectors:

1) terminal chip module

2) vertical industry application

3) connectivity enabling platform

4) 5G ecological content

Among them, the "vertical industry application" module includes twelve vertical cooperation areas: "new media, industrial Internet, intelligent transportation, smart city, smart medicine, public safety, ubiquitous low altitude, intelligent sports, intelligent education, intelligent energy, smart finance, Intelligent Tourism".

Beijing Unicom has high quality technology network, excellent customer resources and strong operational capability. As long as your company has corresponding professional strength and mature solutions in the corresponding sector, Beijing Unicom welcomes you to seize 5G business opportunities, expand 5G market and share 5G bonus.

"5 new Unicom, G wisdom future" unbounded cooperation, what are you waiting for?

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