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Bright Dairy industry is hard to see "bright" in the future?

2019-05-21 14:43. beijing evening news TF021

The bright dairy industry is on the way again.

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Recently, Guangming dairy Limited by Share Ltd has received a letter from the Shanghai stock exchange, because the Shanghai Stock Exchange has doubts about the 2018 annual report released by Guangming dairy. In the advisory letter of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, we can find that there are many problems in the 2018 annual report, such as accounts receivable, loss of asset impairment, stock improvement, gross profit margin and so on. We also ask Guangming dairy industry to answer relevant questions before May 18th.

Despite this, Guangming responded on schedule. But behind this storm, it shows the embarrassment and embarrassment of the dairy giant.

In fact, the bright storm has not stopped, "top management turbulence", "financial report data embarrassed", "industry third place is difficult to protect"...... Once the "brother" of the dairy industry, once again put himself in the "slots" of public opinion, and caused the "fans" to send out a deep "save the light" of the helpless, and the industry people frequently sigh out of the "bright future is no longer bright" disappointment.

The light that once grasped the good hand of one hand, but fell to such a light, was really sob, and the present light "ride the span" of self rescue means, also difficult to speak.

Glory no longer

Now we no longer need to compare light with Erie and Mengniu. Take the 2018 earnings report data as an example, Guangming dairy revenue 20 billion 986 million yuan, Erie revenue 79 billion 553 million yuan, Mengniu Dairy revenue 68 billion 977 million yuan. The figures have clearly illustrated everything, and the domestic dairy market has changed from the "three pillars" situation to the "two strong contending tournament".

What's more, the position of Guangming "Lao San" has already been precarious.

It is reported that the new dairy industry, which was only listed in January 25th, is commonly known as the "new hope dairy industry". After continuous trading, the market value rose from 67.02 to 100 million on the first day. As of May 17th, the market value of the new dairy industry was 12 billion 763 million yuan, and the market value of Guangming dairy was only 12 billion 200 million yuan.

More importantly, the strategic focus of the two is in the same word "fresh". "Music is fresh" is regarded as the core value of Guangming dairy brand. Pu Shaohua, chairman of Guangming dairy industry, once said, "Guangming dairy industry will insist on bringing fresh food, deep ploughing and fresh collar, always fresh." The strategy of "leading the fresh" makes Guangming dairy industry adhere to the fresh milk concept of 4 days and 7 days. In contrast, the new hope dairy industry has shown a momentum of "young and promising" in the word "fresh". In fact, the new hope dairy industry has been committed to continuous technological innovation under the guidance of the "fresh strategy". Relying on the ecological layout of technology and industrial chain, the "fresh chain" has been established, bringing the industry revolution of "fresh milk on the day", and the industry's first "overnight fresh milk" named "24 hours fresh milk" named by time has been launched.

Looking back on the past, the bright business origin began in 1911, and has a hundred years of bright light. When it was launched in 2002, it had boundless glory. In the same year, its sales volume, sales revenue, total profits and taxes and market share ranked first in the country. Its operating income reached 5 billion 22 million yuan, even more than that of Erie 4 billion 10 million yuan and Mengniu 459 million yuan.

Now, looking up, the Erie and Mengniu have already run away quickly. They can no longer speak the same language. Looking around, the new forces are flourishing and increasingly surround themselves. The sadness of "the fallen boss" makes everyone feel sorry but also full of "helpless anger". Especially for the "loyal fans" of bright and bright, looking at the declining trend of light, and even the bright base camp in Shanghai area, the "supermarket's distribution has become less and less".

Domestic trouble and foreign invasion

What is the light? Where is the problem?

Executives are volatile. Last August 21st, Guangming dairy announced that Chairman Zhang Chongjian and general manager Zhu Hangming resigned from the company because of their work reasons. Only a week later, the bright semi annual report showed that total business revenue was 10 billion 571 million yuan, down 3.23% compared with the same period last year. Net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 335 million yuan, down 8.58% compared with the same period last year. In September 7th, Pu Shaohua officially became chairman of Guangming dairy industry. It is worth noting that Pu has no experience in the dairy industry. His previous duties were chairman of Shanghai Aquatic Products Group Co., Ltd. Pu Shaohua, who was in danger, was not only faced with the public's doubts about the professionalism of her dairy industry, but also had many internal troubles. In October 29th, shortly after taking office, Guangming dairy released the third quarter announcement in 2018, and the results were still bleak. In the first three quarters, its operating income was 15 billion 564 million yuan, down 5.7% compared with the same period last year. The net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 394 million yuan, down 25.53% compared with the same period last year. And on the day of the three quarter earnings announcement, Guangming released the announcement of director general Wang Wei, deputy general manager and chief financial officer. It is difficult for people to link the bright personnel turbulence with the declining performance of the company. At the same time, the turbulent executives have further aggravated everyone's concern for the light.

In fact, the "two embarrassment" of "financial embarrassment" and "top management turbulence" overlapped the bright key points, which also raised questions about their innovative ability. Mention the bright star single product, it is natural to mention Mosley Ann yogurt. In 2008, Guangming dairy brought Mosley Ann's probiotics to China, and developed a bright Mosley an yogurt, which was launched in 2009, and pioneered the domestic yogurt at ambient temperature. It is reported that in the first year of Mosley's appearance, his sales volume amounted to 160 million yuan. However, with the listing of Mengniu Zhen Zhen and Yili Mu Xi, Mosley Ann has been hit hard in the market competition, and sales volume has declined year by year. Now the market situation is very clear. Taking Mu Mu Xi as an example, it set a new record in 2018, and sales exceeded 17 billion yuan. However, according to Guangming dairy's 2018 earnings report, yogurt as the main product of the company, inventory accumulation is the most serious. More importantly, after Mosley lost to his opponent, the light seemed to be no longer recognized by the public as a single star.

In addition, the bright marketing ability has been criticized all the time. As we all know, Mengniu and Erie have been known as "gold masters" for variety shows and sporting events. For example, Erlian Mu has been known as "running brothers", Mengniu Zhen Zhen's name "wonderful flower" and "Mengniu". However, in contrast, the light is obviously dwarfed, and it has to be said that this short board does have an impact on the development of its national market.

Unknown hope

Nevertheless, there is still a glimmer of luck in the light. It has the emotional superiority of consumers who drink light and grow up. The greatest hope of many people for the bright future is that it can succeed in becoming the second "China Lining". But in the latest series of new actions, Guangming often refers to "let the old brand renew new vitality", but its "riding straddle" self-help trick is a bit of a mystery.

At the end of last year, Guangming dairy company acquired 100% stake in Shanghai Yimin Food Factory Co., Ltd., 100% yuan, and vigorously entered the cold drink market. Not long ago, a number of ice cream products were launched, including the "net red" product, Mosley Ann's yogurt ice cream, which was strongly promoted. At the beginning of this year, Guangming worked with box horse to launch the "net red" bright heart milk yellow eight treasure rice and the meat song cheese rice group. It was said that the first batch of 40 thousand pieces of rice with heart milk and yellow eight treasures were killed by consumers. In addition, it is reported that Guangming also hopes to launch a roasting experience shop in the near future, combining dairy products with bread depth, and related technologies are being developed.

It seems that every tentacle is trying hard to create "net red", which is close to young people. But at the same time, in turn, it always brings the impression that the product line is confused and unidentified. In fact, this kind of "riding behavior" may bring short-term beneficial revenue, but on the whole, it will aggravate the tear of the brand, and even gradually lose its brand professional reputation in the "old line" dairy industry. Moreover, the industry itself, such as the cold drink market, is fiercely competitive and has many brands. It is also a market valued by Mengniu and Yili. If we want to really stand out, there will be no less competition. Besides, how long can we keep the fever caused by a "net red" Mo Syn yogurt ice cream? And what is the contribution of this kind of seasonal food to the heart, milk and yellow rice? Besides, if we are always immersed in the pleasures of short term red products, and without effective changes in long-term products and business planning, how long will the bright brand effect last? It is worth noting that these are not the first time that Guangming tried to cross the border. As early as 2003, Shanghai Guangming fruit juice beverage Co., Ltd. was established, but it failed because of competition but Huiyuan and farmer mountain spring.

We hope that Guangming can become the second "China Lining". However, looking at Lining's "counterattack" strategy, we can easily find that after the return of in the year of 2014, three main things were done: straighten out the complicated channels, rebuild the brand, combine Lining with Chinese elements, change the marketing means, conduct fashion week, and pay attention to product innovation, such as cooperation with pioneer designers in joint fashion, and seize the young group with fashion products. It can be said that channels, brands and products are "three pronged", and finally handed out a truly beautiful "report card".

As for the light, there is something like Lining, who was once trapped in a quagmire. It is also faced with many problems such as channels, brands and products. But the brand value still exists, and also has the potential and opportunity of the overturn. Just unlike Lining's self rescue tactics, a series of new movements seem to be farther and farther away from the original intention of the dairy industry.

What more users want is to buy more quality, innovative Bright Dairy products on more dairy shelves, which can continue to be nourished healthily. Such a "trivial matter", why light is so difficult to achieve?


Source: Beijing Evening News

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